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How To Sew On Shoulder Pads Into Jacket (Helpful Guide)

If you remember the 80s, you'll remember the shoulder pad. They were bold, they were brazen, and most of all, they were big.But they were more than just a fashion statement. Women were barreling into

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Can You Remove a Pocket From a Shirt? Remove Pocket Stitching

Some people like the streamlined look. They feel that the pocket on a man’s shirt ruins their lines and makes them look average. While pockets on shirts serve a good purpose, they are not always necessary.

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How to Alter a Hoodie That’s Too Big or Small (Helpful Tips)

A hoodie is a sweatshirt with a hood, but it is so much more than just that. It is a favorite piece of clothing for nearly everyone. It remains in the closet when beachwear takes over in the summers. Come

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How to Alter a Blouse to Make It Bigger or Smaller Easily

A blouse that’s too big, too small, too wide, or too narrow is no friend to man nor beast. But providing you have a few hours to spare and know your way around a sewing needle (or better still, have

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Is Your Cardigan Too Big? How To Make a Cardigan Smaller

T-shirt, sweaters, skirts… all of these can be easily shortened, narrowed, let out or even lengthened. But what about cardigans? Can you tailor a cardigan? Finding a cardigan that fits like a dream

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Can You Alter a Bra? (How to Alter a Bra Cup, Band, Straps)

In an ideal world, we’d all know our exact bra size and manufactures would make lingerie in styles, shapes, and sizes to fit real women’s bodies. But this isn’t an ideal world. Even if we know our

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How to Alter a Swimsuit That is Too Big or Small (Easy Tips)

If you’ve bought a fancy new swimsuit only to find it doesn’t fit, don’t panic. If you’re at all handy with a needle and thread, it shouldn’t be too much off a drama to turn that ill-fitting

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How To Alter a T-Shirt That’s Too Small or Big (Easy Tips)

If your t-shirt is too big, too small, too long, or too wide, don’t consign it to the charity box just yet. Can you alter t-shirts? Altering a t-shirt at home is remarkably simple, even for those with

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How to Alter a Blazer That is Too Big or Small (Easy Tips)

If you’ve lost weight, gained weight, or inherited a blazer intended for a different body shape altogether, don’t give up on that poorly-fitting blazer just yet.Regardless of whether it’s a formal

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How to Alter a Sweater That Is Too Long or Small (Easy Tips)

T-shirts and shirts are all easy enough to alter, but what about sweaters? With most off-the-hanger options seeming to cater to the type of ‘average’ body that, in reality, is anything but average,

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