What Is a Blanket Stitch? (How To Blanket Stitch Tutorial)

Without the blanket stitch, a blanket would just look like another blanket. Dull, drab, and without a nice decorative touch to spice up its looks.What is a blanket stitch? In essence, a blanket stitch

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How to Sew On a Patch By Hand or Machine (Jeans, Shirt, Etc)

There was a time when patches were all the rage. If you didn’t have a patch on your jeans, you just weren’t cool. The kind of patch you had was sort of a status symbol, not just any patch would do.

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What Are The Different Types of Pleats? (Box vs Knife Pleats)

When you want to spice up your look, you can always go to pleats. These little design features may take a little time in creating but once they are done, your fashion look would enhance your figure and

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What Is Chenille Made of? Is Chenille Soft? (Helpful Guide)

You can’t tell the players without a scorecard. That is the exact same attitude for fabrics as it is for athletes. In order to know fabrics and how to use them you do need a scorecard at times to tell

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Finding a Butterfly Sleeve Pattern (Butterfly Sleeve Guide)

When it comes to sewing and fashion, you can make just about any design you want out of the material. That way you can create your own look, be fashion-forward and look good all at the same time. Butterfly

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What Is Stay Stitching? (How To Stay Stitch And What Length)

The word stay has the same general meaning no matter which context you put it in. You want something like a dog to remain in one place while you go and do other activities. Unlike the dog, usually, the

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5 Types of Mesh Fabric (How to Sew Netting Fabric)

The list may not be as long here as it is with other fabric types. That lack of mesh fabrics is due more to the limited number of applications mesh has to work with. Many people call cargo and fishing

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7+ Different Types of Nylon (Uses and Properties)

Nylon is not new. It was one of the first plastics that was produced and the initial production of this material was somewhere in the 1930s, give or take a few years. Over the past 90 years, it has found

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List of Synthetic Fabric Types (Strongest, Most Common, etc)

Synthetic fabrics are those materials that are made through chemical synthesis and processes. They are designed to mimic natural fibers and fabrics and are made not from natural processes but from chemicals

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11 Types-of-Knit-Fabrics-Examples-of-Knit-Fabrics-and-Names

11 Types of Knit Fabrics (Examples of Knit Fabrics and Names)

For some, the name of the material means very little, unless they happen to be a fashion designer. For others, the name represents beautiful clothing while for still others, the names of fabrics tell them

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