Kai vs Gingher vs Fiskars: Best Scissors for Cutting Fabric 

Hamlet once said to be or not to be. For the sewer the question is to cut or not cut and which scissors should I use. The scissor plays a large role in sewing as its blades make sure you get a precision

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How to Remove Thread From Sewing Machine (Stuck or Tangled)

It is a basic task, yet some people never seem to know how to get it done. That is what makes sewing so unique. Even the basic tasks have a correct way and a wrong way to remove a thread from a sewing

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Borax vs Clorox vs Clorox 2: Is Clorox and Borax The Same?

It is always a battle to get the dirt and grime out of fabrics. What one bleach does for one fabric may not be safe for another. It is all in the ingredients and there are some differences you should be

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The Sewing Machine Blue Book: Used Machines Depreciation

When it comes to used machines, it is usually what the market will bear when it comes to pricing used machines. Sentimental value may mean something to you but it does little to encourage buyers to spend

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Feathers in Hats: Why and How to Attach Feather to Hat Band

They haven’t died out yet. Feathers in hats still seem to find a place in the fashion world whether they are for costumes or avant-garde designs. The good part about feather son hats is that they can

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Serging Thick Layers: How Do You Serge Thick Fabric?

Not every sewing machine is the same. Some with serge thick fabrics and others will not. This fact may have you rethinking your sewing project. That may not be the correct move to make as only a few adjustments

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Vintage Morse Zig Zag Sewing Machine Review (And History)

It just isn’t like the old days. Today sewing machines are made from plastic and their longevity can be questioned on an almost daily basis. The old machines were made from metal parts and even after

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DIY Pounce Powder: How to Use and How to Make a Pounce Pad

Practice makes perfect. That is the rule of thumb if you are trying to use anew item in your sewing projects. Do not expect to apply different chalks and powders like an expert on your first try. It will

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5 Easy Ways to Cut Fleece (Cutting Fleece With Rotary Cutter)

When you have a large amount of fabric that needs to be cut down to size, just any old cutter will not do. There is just too much fabric to get to the right size and that cutting can take a lot of work

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Knitting With Embroidery Floss (Helpful Guide and Tips)

It may be thinking outside of the box. The idea to knit with embroidery floss may seem like a crazy idea but some people are trying to get it done. This technique is not just for the free thinkers of the

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