How Long Does Fabric Paint Take to Dry? Tips to Dry Quickly

Although you may not be in a hurry you want fabric and other paints to dry fast. That way they are less prone to be damaged and your artwork remains in better shape. Unfortunately, it is not always good

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Can You Use Fabric Paint on Canvas? (How To Paint on Canvas)

Finding new fabrics to express your creative talent is not going to be that difficult. Fabric paint goes on a majority of fabrics if it is made for that specific material. The key to using fabric paint

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How to Take Pleats Out Of a Skirt, Dress, or Pants Easily

Pleats.. some people love them, some people hate them. If you fall into the second category, you've probably abandoned more than just a few items of pleated clothing to the back of your closet.But is it

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How To Alter Tulle On a Dress Easily (Shorten and Hem Tulle)

Tulle is a light, airy netting fabric that's a popular choice for wedding dresses, bridal veils, and anyone who wants to re-discover their inner Carrie Bradshaw. Although working with tulle can present

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Does Hydrogen Peroxide Stain Clothes? (How to Bleach Fabric)

Bleach is a risky cleaning agent. It is powerful, does not work with a large number of fabrics, and can be dangerous to your health. But stains need to come out when you want to make the best first impression

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Quick Dry Fabrics: What Fabric Dries the Fastest? (9 Tips)

You want to wear quick-drying clothing when you get caught in a rainstorm with no extra clothes around to change into. Having fabrics that dry quickly is an advantage and helps keep you on schedule. Plus,

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Static Electricity On Bed Sheets: Why Do My Bed Sheets Spark?

When you want to shock someone, just rub your feet on the carpet or your hands on some nice static electricity producing fabric. After you do that you should have a fun moment until someone does it back

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What Fabrics Shrink vs What Fabric Doesn’t Shrink (The List)

This may be a long list for one category over the other as most fabrics do shrink in some way. While many fabrics are treated to resist shrinking, those treatments are not given to all the fabrics all

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What Is Terylene Cotton Material? (Uses, Mixture, and Tips)

It may be old but Terylene fibers are still useful. By old we mean that the fabric has been around since World War 2 and has been marketed under a different name. Dacron is what this material used to be

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What Does Dri Fit Mean? What Is Dri Fit Made of? Helpful Tips

They may not be the manufacturer, but Nike is the driving force behind their new brand called Dri Fit. It makes sense for sporting goods companies to start having their own clothing lines made as they

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