Can You Dye Chiffon? (How to Dye a Chiffon Dress Easily)

Not all materials can be dyed and if you are trying to get rid of that black color, give up before you start. That color cannot be covered by a new color tone.Can you dye chiffon? Yes, you can dye chiffon

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Can You Shrink Chiffon? (How to Shrink Chiffon Fabric)

If only your body would shrink as fast as some fabrics do. Then you could drop 6 pounds in a day or two and in time for your high school reunion. But unfortunately, bodies don't react to water as some

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Can You Wash Chiffon? (How to Wash Chiffon Dress or Blouse)

Keeping it clean. That is a hard task to do sometimes. When your kids are young, keeping their clothes clean is almost impossible. That is why some fabrics like chiffon are reserved for adult events and

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Can You Iron Chiffon? (How to Iron Chiffon Dress Easily)

Different fabrics, different cleaning techniques. Not all fabrics can handle ironing so make sure you check the cleaning label first before thinking you can iron your favorite blouse or dress. Some fabrics

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How Old Is My Necchi Sewing Machine? (Vintage Necchi Review)

Usually old age means things do not work as well as they used to. As your grandparents about that. But with certain machines, age actually can mean extra value. It also means an easier way of doing things.How

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Troubleshooting Pfaff Sewing Machine (Fix & Repair Guide)

It’s that time again. Your sewing machine doesn’t sew or you are having a hard time getting the stitches right. These things happen from time to time and knowing how to find and fix the problem is

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Does Chiffon Stretch? (How to Stretch a Chiffon Dress)

Sometimes it is an impossible task. Knowing which fabric does what when is sometimes hard to keep straight. It is important to know the differences when you spend a lot of money on that gown or outfit

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Who Made Damascus Sewing Machines? (History and How-To Date)

Even when sewing machines are massed produced, sewing machine makers still come out with a grand machine that appeals to almost everyone. These machines are given special care as there is rarely another

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Vintage Chandler Sewing Machine History (Company and Models)

It isn’t just history that is unkind to sewing machine companies. Sometimes it is just the nature of the business world that puts an end to an upstanding sewing machine company. When that happens the

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Who Made Arrow Sewing Machines? (Company and History)

Have you heard of the statement your guess is as good as mine? That is because, for the many vintage sewing machines out there, it is anyone’s guess as to who made and what kind of history the maker

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