How to Clean Olefin Fabric (Olefin Fabric Care Helpful Guide)

If there was a perfect fabric it would not need cleaning. Dirt, grease, grass stains would just slide right off and harmlessly fall to the ground. Unfortunately, there is no perfect fabric, and learning

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19 Different Types of Weave Patterns (How Many Are There?)

Like the many different types of fabrics, there are categories and sub-categories of weave patterns. And if you search the internet for this topic, you will find that not everyone agrees on the total number.

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What Fabric Is Similar to Silk? (6 Silk Alternatives)

Silk is the top of the fabric ladder, at least in some people’s eyes. Efforts are always made to create a fabric that resembles silk without costing as much as that natural material. Fabrics that are

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What Is Silk Used For? (12 Uses of Silk Today)

One of the best fabrics in the world comes from some of the smallest creatures known to man. They are also some of the hardest working insects you can find. Not only is that a surprise to some people so

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Dobby Weave Characteristics and Uses (How Can You Tell?)

Looms need special equipment added to them. It may be a nuisance but if you want a unique fabric and an innovative look, then these little pieces need to be invented. The special device for the dobby weave

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How To Make a Cape Easy (Free DIY Cape Pattern and Fabric)

Movies have fueled the trend. You can see capes in many different movies these days. most often in the superhero genre. The movies are helping to bring back this fashion style and it is a good thing this

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What Fabric Has The Tightest Weave? (6 Tight Weave Fabrics)

It isn't so much the fabric, but the weave style that produces the tightest weaves. Most fabrics can be woven tightly but there are always exceptions to the rule. If you want the tightest weave look at

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20 Types of Cotton Weave Patterns (How to Weave Cotton)

One thing about cotton fabric is that it is very versatile. This versatility makes it a very popular fabric to work with. There seems to be an unlimited number of ways to weave the fibers that make up

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What Is The Texture of Silk? (Silk Texture Seamless)

What Is The Texture of Silk? (Silk Texture Seamless)

When you are looking for the best fabric to use in any sewing project, the word is silk. 4 letters is all it takes to bring the mental picture of class, royalty, sophistication to a person’s mind. It

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Polyester vs Olefin Fabric vs Sunbrella (Olefin Fabric Cons)

3 sides to the same coin. While in reality, this may seem to be an impossibility when it comes to fabrics just about anything is possible. These fabrics are touted as the next best thing and perfect for

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