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How Many Jelly Rolls to Make a Quilt (Lap, Queen, King, Rug)

Fabrics come in different sizes. The reason for that is that these different sizes make sewing projects a little easier to do. Instead of buying a full yard of material you can buy packs of fat quarters

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T-Shirt Quilt Pattern With Different Size Blocks (Guide)

It would be nice if all the fabric pieces were the same size, but if they were, quilting would become boring and predictable. That is why t-shirt quilts are so enjoyable. They are not boring and they are

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Hexagon Measurements: How to Measure a Hexagon For Quilting

Odd sizes, no problem. Even though odd-sized shapes like hexagons can be confusing, it really is not hard to measure them. The trick is to make sure you measure the right points and you are done. A little

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Quilt Pattern Maker: Finding a Patchwork Pattern Generator

Being creative can take a lot of work, especially when you begin to run out of ideas. Finding the right pattern to create in a quilt can be difficult unless you have help from a pattern generator. But

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What Is a Summer Quilt? (How to Make a Lightweight Quilt)

When you hear the word quilt you may think of a nice, soft, comfortable blanket that keeps you warm on those cold winter nights. Or you may have warm memories of your grandmother making one for you flood

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How Many 5 Inch Squares Does It Take To Make a Quilt?

Square size matters when you're making a quilt the first size that matters is how big will it be. The next important question will be how many squares do I need to complete the quilt. Once those two questions

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What Is Slow Stitching? (Slow Stitch Tutorial and Projects)

If you haven't yet heard about slow stitching, then you're about to. After spending the past couple of years building up a quiet following, slow stitching is set to go mainstream.What is slow stitching?

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Extra Thick Quilt Batting: How Thick Is High Loft Batting

When you want soft and comfortable you need to look past the exterior fabric and concentrate on the quilt fill. That is where you will find the real softness of any quilt. That is one of the good things

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Royalty-Free vs Public Domain Quilt Patterns (Copyright Law)

Can you or can’t you. That is the question when you are looking at different quilt designs to use for your own quilting project. When you come across a pretty fabric design you should check to see if

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Do You Need Batting in a Quilt? (Quilt Without Batting Guide)

Sewing is flexible. While certain techniques and fabric parts are always needed, not everyone is mandatory. Even when doing the same project. One sewer can add those optional aspects while another will

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