How Many 5 Inch Squares Does It Take To Make a Quilt?

Square size matters when you're making a quilt the first size that matters is how big will it be. The next important question will be how many squares do I need to complete the quilt. Once those two questions are answered your project should go smoother.

How many 5 inch squares does it take to make a quilt? For a good queen size blanket 361 squares. For a throw quilt, the number is just under half that amount. Those numbers are not fixed in stone as quilt sizes are not always firm.

To learn more about how many squares you need in a quilt just continue to read our article. The information it has will help you plan your next quilting project and hopefully save on wasted material.

How Many 5 Inch Squares Does it Take to Make a Quilt?

This number will vary due to the different sizes that quilts come in. The first decision you have to make is to determine how big or small you want your quilt. Then you have to determine who the quilt is for. Not everyone likes a small blanket on their bed.

For a queen-size bed, the minimum number of 5-inch squares will be 336. That number differs from the above number because not all quilters use the same measurements for their queen-sized quilts.

How Many 5 Squares to Make a Queen Size Quilt


We have given you two figures already. Depending on how you measure queen size you can expect to use between 336 and 361 5” squares. If you use more than that don’t worry, it is probably still a queen size quilt.

The design of the quilt will play a role in how many squares you use, no matter the size of the blanket.

5-Inch Squares for King Size Quilt

One of the problems in finding the total number of 5” squares to use in a King size or other sized quilt is that all the charts do not agree with each other. One chart claims you only need 256 5” squares while another chart claims you need 342.

In other words, there is not going to be one magic number that fits all king size quilts. Keep in mind you will need a seam allowance.

5-Inch Squares for a Lap Quilt

The figures we give are not set in stone and you may find that you will use fewer or more squares than we recommend. For a lap quilt you are looking at using about 125 squares, give or take a few depending on the size of the lap the quilt is made for.

How Many 5 Inch Squares for a Throw Quilt


Keep in mind that everyone has a different idea about the size of a lap or throw quilt. They may agree or disagree with the figures we put here. But to give you an idea, you are looking at using roughly 145 squares for this option.

If you add frills, borders, etc., the number will change to make sure you meet your overall target size.

5-Inch Squares for a Baby Quilt

Some people call this crib size and again the charts do not agree. One says you will need only 45 5” squares while another says you need 81. The smaller size will be good if you are not making the quilt large enough to cover the crib mattress.

If you want to cover the crib mattress then go with the larger number of squares.

How Many 5-Inch Squares in a Fat Quarter

How-Many-5-Inch-Squares-in a-Fat-Quarter

No matter how you slice it, a fat quarter is at least 18 by 21 inches in size. That means you should be able to get 12 5” squares from one fat quarter. The size of the fat quarter has changed over the years and you will find some patterns calling for 18 by 22 1/2 inch fat squares. Double-check your pattern to make sure you have the right size.

5-Inch Squares in a Charm Pack

The standard charm pack contains 42 5” squares. If you are making a smallish queen-sized quilt then you will need approx. 8 charm packs to get the job done. This is the standard charm pack and you may be able to find other quantities depending on the company that makes these items.

The number of charm packs you will need will depend on the size of the quilt.

How Many 5 Inch Squares in a Yard


The actual number of 5” squares you can get from a yard of fabric will depend on how wide that fabric is. For a 40” width, you can get 56 5” squares. As you know the wider the fabric the more squares you can get. The narrower the fabric the fewer squares you will get.

A 36 by 56-inch piece of cloth should produce about 80 5” squares. A 60-inch width should give you roughly 86.

5-Inch Squares In a 1/2 Yard

You would think that you could merely divide the total number of 5” squares from a yard by 2 and get your answer. But for some reason fabrics do not always work that way. For 1/2 yard of 40-inch material, you are looking at getting 27 5” squares.

Some Final Words

One good thing about sewing is that you get to use your math taught you in high school. The numbers we have provides are approx. and your results may differ. The key to this is that you have an idea of how many 5” inch squares are needed to make your quilt.

Plan accordingly as you will need to factor in seam allowances, frills, and other sewing techniques you may use.

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