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How to Clean Olefin Fabric (Olefin Fabric Care Helpful Guide)

If there was a perfect fabric it would not need cleaning. Dirt, grease, grass stains would just slide right off and harmlessly fall to the ground. Unfortunately, there is no perfect fabric, and learning

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Does Pima Cotton Shrink? (How to Wash Pima Cotton Guide)

Natural fibers will shrink. This is a fact of laundry life and everyone simply needs to accept the fact that cotton materials will get smaller if laundered in the wrong way. Pima cotton is not immune to

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How to Shrink Underwear Guide (Lace, Cotton, Sports, Nylon)

There's nothing quite so sad as saggy, baggy underwear. When your favorite piece of underwear loses its shape, it's tempting to throw it in the trash and start hunting down a replacement. But do you really

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What Does It Mean Fabric May Crock? (Stop Fabric Crocking)

What a load of crock. In some regions of the world, that word means the person talking is lying. For fabrics, that word has an altogether different meaning. But it can refer to the fact that the manufacturer

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Does Poplin Shrink? (How To Wash and Iron Cotton Poplin)

Washing fabrics can be a guessing game at times. You know what you have been told about these materials and their vulnerabilities. yet, you see different instructions coming from the manufacturer. Sometimes

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What Is Abaca Fabric? (Price and Where To Buy Abaca Fabric)

While everyone is aware of natural fibers like cotton, bamboo, linen, silk, and wool, other fabrics are made from natural fibers found in exotic and tropical regions of the world. These fibers are as good

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Can You Iron Corduroy? (How to Wash Corduroy Helpful Guide)

You may ask. Do people still wear corduroy? And yes some people find it to be a great fabric especially when it gets cooler out. Plus, corduroy in some instances has a very good look making the wearer

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How to Shrink a Jacket Easily (Nylon, Leather, Wool, Denim)

One way to know that your diet worked is the fact you have to shrink your favorite clothing items to make them fit again. Shrinking is the go-to option when one finds their clothing too large. It is either

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12 Shiny Fabric Names and Types (Helpful Guide and Tips)

They look good but they may be hard to work with as shiny fabrics can also be slippery materials. it will depend on the type of shiny fabric that you chose as to the degree of difficulty you will have

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Can You Shrink a Windbreaker? (How to Shrink a Windbreaker)

When the day isn't too cool and not too hot, light jackets are the perfect clothing item to wear, especially when you need pockets. These jackets add a nice casual touch to your look and you can do just

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