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What Does Denim Feel Like? (Why do Jeans Feel Uncomfortable)

Softness and comfort are two of the words often used to describe the feeling one gets when they slip into their old jeans. Those are the reasons many people wear denim over other fabrics. It is true, once

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Does Denim Fade in The Sun? (How To Make Denim Fade Faster)

The dreaded sun. It is life helping and it brings light, warmth, and a secure feeling but sometimes the sun is not always the friend of humans or fabric. Its hot rays can burn the skin or fade clothing

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How Much Does Raw Denim Stretch? How To Stretch Denim Waist

Knowing the fabrics you use is a vital part of sewing. You need to know the fabrics you are working with to get the cut, the dimensions, and the fit just right. Not knowing the key characteristics of any

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Can You Dye Denim Black? (How to Dye Denim Any Color Easily)

Paint brightens up a home or a room covering past mistakes with ease. Dyes can hide a multitude of fabric sins just like paint covers those home sins. Choosing the right dye for the fabric is another issue.

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Does Denim Shrink in The Wash? (How to Shrink Denim Easily)

Getting smaller is a good idea. You feel better about yourself and look better. Plus, you get a lot more compliments from friends and strangers when your body shrinks in size. But not all shrinkage is

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Will Bleach Ruin Denim? How to Bleach Denim Jacket or Jeans

Bleach is the go-to lightener. It works well when you want to make a dark color and lighten it up a little. The problem is that bleach may also ruin your clothing if you are not careful. The key is in

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Can You Dye Cashmere? (How to Dye Cashmere With Rit, Dylon)

Cashmere may be many things. It’s luxuriously soft, gorgeously breathable, warm when it needs to be and cool when it doesn’t. But can you dye it? The short answer is yes. The long answer is a little

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Can You Dry Cashmere in the Dryer? 12 Drying Cashmere Tips

Cashmere is as expensive as it is precious. You want to be as careful as possible while washing and drying it so that you don't ruin your cashmere wearable. The soft luxury wool is commonly used for making

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Does Cashmere Fray When Cut? (How to Hem a Cashmere Sweater)

Cashmere, one of the most expensive fabrics are made from the wool of a goat, which is believed to grow a coat to protect it from the cold of the mountains. The origin of cashmere fabric takes us to the

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Does Cashmere Pill? (How to Prevent Cashmere Pilling)

The extremely soft wool commonly used in shawls, scarfs, cardigans, jumpers, and more, cashmere is an expensive animal fabric that is considered a luxury. The material gets its name from the species of

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