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Can You Varnish Fabric? How to Seal Acrylic Paint on Fabric

Preserving works of art. At least in the view of some people that is what painting on fabric is called. Once that work of art is done, you will want to preserve it for posterity and for future archaeologists

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Can You Put Detergent In The Fabric Softener Dispenser?

In the old days, you had to know when to add the soap, bleach, and fabric softener if there was any invented at the time. Nowadays the washing machine will do it all for you if you let it. The only thing

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Dyeing Acrylic: How to Dye Acrylic Yarn Without Ruining It

Unfortunately, there is no automatic color change when it comes to fabrics. You have to be hands-on and watch every step of the process and even if you do that you may not have a successful result.The

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Can You Bleach Acrylic Yarn? How To Bleach Acrylic Fabric

Not everyone is happy with the colors on some fabrics. Their go-to method to get rid of that color is to use chlorine bleach. Chlorine bleach is not for every fabric and can cause some damage if you are

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Can You Iron Acrylic Yarn? How to Get Wrinkles Out of Acrylic

Do you really want to... After all, you just spent a large portion of your day doing laundry, and adding another task to your already long list may not seem like a fun thing to do. Ironing is one of those

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Does Acrylic Shrink? How to Shrink an Acrylic Sweater Easily

When you get smaller you would like your clothing items to get smaller with you. That means you have to practice the art of shrinking material without ruining it. This is not always easy as some fabrics

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Does Acrylic Stretch? How to Stretch Acrylic Sweater Easily

There are different holiday seasons throughout the year. Those special occasions allow for people to eat more than they should. When that happens clothes begin to shrink on them and stretching them back

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Can You Microwave Fabric? (List of Microwave Safe Fabrics)

Unfortunately, the makers of microwave ovens were not thinking like some of us, and putting your clothing in one is not the smartest idea you can have. Easier and simpler are not the best answers all the

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Does Wool Burn? Cotton and Polyester? Fabric Burn Test Chart

Fire is a two-edged sword. It can bring positive things like heat, light and allows one to cook their food. But there is another, darker side to fire that also destroys everything in its path. Needless

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Can You Iron Velvet? How to Get Wrinkles Out of Velvet Easily

Velvet is a unique fabric. It comes with a unique pile while holding a luxurious texture when you touch it. Once made exclusively from silk, it is now made from a variety of fibers including cotton, linen,

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