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What Is a Blanket Stitch? (How To Blanket Stitch Tutorial)

Without the blanket stitch, a blanket would just look like another blanket. Dull, drab, and without a nice decorative touch to spice up its looks.What is a blanket stitch? In essence, a blanket stitch

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What Is Stay Stitching? (How To Stay Stitch And What Length)

The word stay has the same general meaning no matter which context you put it in. You want something like a dog to remain in one place while you go and do other activities. Unlike the dog, usually, the

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How to Straight Stitch On a Sewing Machine (Settings Guide)

When sewing machines were first invented, they could only do 1 stitch. Over the years technology has been able to create sewing machines with hundreds of stitch patterns. Sometimes it is good to get back

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How to Sew Vinyl By Hand or With a Regular Sewing Machine

It is the texture of the material that will cause you the most trouble. Vinyl will not be an easy sewing option when done either by hand or by machine. There is so much to watch out for when handling vinyl

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How To Sew Buttonholes By Hand or Without a Buttonhole Foot

There is nothing wrong with old-school sewing. Even with all the modern technological upgrades sewing by hand has not lost its luster. While it is nice to use a computerized sewing machine, one of those

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Crotch Seam: Sewing Inseam On Pants (How To Guide And Tips)

Sewing the crotch on a new pair of pants may be difficult to do. There are so many seams to match up and the fit has to be just right or you may have to do it again. Thankfully, there are a variety of

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How to Sew Nylon Webbing By Hand (Size Needle and Thread)

Just because there are sewing machines, doesn't mean that sewing by hand is obsolete. Sometimes hand sewing is the best way to go as there is nothing to break down and you do not normally lose your thread.

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How to Sew Suede By Hand Or Machine (9 Sewing Suede Tips)

With sewing fabrics you do get a lot of choices. One of those choices has you deciding between sewing by hand or by machine. Hand sewing is nice when you have the time and the patience but machine sewing

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How to Sew Silk Without Puckering (Thread, Needle, and Tips)

Sewing may seem easy to the untrained eye at least. But the reality is sewing has a lot of pitfalls and fabric dangers that could ruin any sewing project. Learning how to avoid those pitfalls is the smart

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How to Sew Chiffon Without Puckering (11 Sewing Chiffon Tips)

There are so many things that can go wrong when working with different fabrics. When you concentrate on one problem another will pop up just to annoy you. There are steps you can take to solve many sewing

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