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How to Sew Nylon Webbing By Hand (Size Needle and Thread)

Just because there are sewing machines, doesn't mean that sewing by hand is obsolete. Sometimes hand sewing is the best way to go as there is nothing to break down and you do not normally lose your thread.

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How to Sew Suede By Hand Or Machine (9 Sewing Suede Tips)

With sewing fabrics you do get a lot of choices. One of those choices has you deciding between sewing by hand or by machine. Hand sewing is nice when you have the time and the patience but machine sewing

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How to Sew Silk Without Puckering (Thread, Needle, and Tips)

Sewing may seem easy to the untrained eye at least. But the reality is sewing has a lot of pitfalls and fabric dangers that could ruin any sewing project. Learning how to avoid those pitfalls is the smart

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How to Sew Chiffon Without Puckering (11 Sewing Chiffon Tips)

There are so many things that can go wrong when working with different fabrics. When you concentrate on one problem another will pop up just to annoy you. There are steps you can take to solve many sewing

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How to Hem Chiffon (With Tape, Serger or Sewing Machine)

When things get difficult their beauty seems to diminish. That seems to be the way it is with some really nice fabrics. The harder they are to work with the enthusiasm for the fabric drains away. Not every

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Hemming Satin Fabric: How to Hem Satin Pants, Ribbon, Dress

Satin – with its gorgeous drape, its silky touch, and its glossy finish, it’s a dream of a fabric. Until you come to work with it. At which point, it can quickly turn from a dream to a nightmare. Not

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How To Use Fabric Glue Instead of Sewing (10 Helpful Tips)

It is a time saver. There are certain areas where fabric glue can help you cut down on your sewing time. But the sad fact is, it is not a replacement for sewing. Even though you can use fabric glue in

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Use of Side Zip in Dresses: How to Put a Zipper in a Dress

We all know the feeling. You buy a dress that looks beautiful on the rail, but as soon as you try it on at home, you realize there’s something not quite right about the fit. If you’ve got a closet

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Easy Organ Pleats Tutorial: How to Make Organ Pleats

Support is always important. No matter what you do you need good support if you are going to succeed in life. The same goes for sewing if you want your organ pleats to be successful then you have to focus

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How to Make an Illusion Neckline: Sewing Illusion Fabric Tips

Flexibility is always good. You can find a lot of flexibility in different sewing projects if you do the right techniques. Plus, you can go strapless if you use the right neckline. Accessories are also

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