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How to Fix a Hole in Suit Pants (Sew a Small Hole in Pants)

Keys, fingernails, nails, all of these items and more can cause a pair of suit pants a lot of problems. They are sharp enough to snag the fabric and create a nice hole. The good news is that fixing these

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What Fabric to Line a Silk Dress? (8 Best Options)

Getting the lining right is one of the more important aspects of making a nice dress. That is because it is the lining that the wearer will feel every time you or she take a step. Also, the lining helps

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How to Finish Sleeve Seams Easily (5 Helpful Tips)

To serge or not to serge? That is the question when it comes to finishing sleeve seams. A serger machine is the best possible option when it comes to completing this task. But if you do not have one of

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How to Sew Elastic Band on Wig Easily (Frontal or Full Lace)

These days, wigs and hairpieces come in almost every style, length, color, and shade under the sun. The real difference between pieces, however, usually boils down to how they’re made, and what they’re

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