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How To Use Fabric Glue Instead of Sewing (10 Helpful Tips)

It is a time saver. There are certain areas where fabric glue can help you cut down on your sewing time. But the sad fact is, it is not a replacement for sewing. Even though you can use fabric glue in

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Use of Side Zip in Dresses: How to Put a Zipper in a Dress

We all know the feeling. You buy a dress that looks beautiful on the rail, but as soon as you try it on at home, you realize there’s something not quite right about the fit. If you’ve got a closet

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Easy Organ Pleats Tutorial: How to Make Organ Pleats

Support is always important. No matter what you do you need good support if you are going to succeed in life. The same goes for sewing if you want your organ pleats to be successful then you have to focus

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How to Make an Illusion Neckline: Sewing Illusion Fabric Tips

Flexibility is always good. You can find a lot of flexibility in different sewing projects if you do the right techniques. Plus, you can go strapless if you use the right neckline. Accessories are also

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Serging Thick Layers: How Do You Serge Thick Fabric?

Not every sewing machine is the same. Some with serge thick fabrics and others will not. This fact may have you rethinking your sewing project. That may not be the correct move to make as only a few adjustments

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How Do You Measure Back Waist Length Easily? (6 Tips)

Getting measurements is not always a simple task. The human body is not designed for you to take measurements alone. You do need help somewhere along the line. That is the first tip in getting your back

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How to Stop Frayed Jeans From Fraying (Cut Without Fraying)

Denim is very durable. It is a very tough fabric and can withstand a lot of rough treatment. That is why it was used during the gold rush days. Miners needed a tough fabric to last them a long time. But

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How to Attach Beaded Applique to Fabric (Sew or Iron On)

What makes sewing so interesting is that the number of creative options you have is limitless. There is always something new, risque, or innovative you can try. That makes sewing fun as well especially

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How to Make Low Rise Jeans Into High Waisted (Helpful Guide)

What looks good on one woman may not look that great on another. When all you can find are those jeans that do not look good on your body, then some alteration action is called for. Change those jeans

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Back Yoke of a Shirt: Easy Tips to Make it Perfect

Everyone needs a little reinforcement. That reinforcement is what helps people achieve great objectives and overcome difficult situations. The same goes for the yoke. It reinforces the shirt so you can

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