How to Hem Chiffon (With Tape, Serger or Sewing Machine)

When things get difficult their beauty seems to diminish. That seems to be the way it is with some really nice fabrics. The harder they are to work with the enthusiasm for the fabric drains away. Not every fabric can be like cotton.

How to hem chiffon: One way to sew chiffon is by hand and you should just sew normally giving yourself a 1/4 inch hem allowance to put the first stitches in. Then fold the raw edge in and pick up a strand or two of the fabric fiber and the initial stitch and sew the hem again.

To learn other methods of sewing a hem on to chiffon outfits, just continue to read our article. It has the information you want if you want to work with chiffon and make your own elegant outfits.

Can Chiffon be Hemmed?

Yes, it can be hemmed. It may take some doing as you know chiffon is a very slick and slippery fabric. The construction of chiffon makes it a difficult fabric to work with. That difficulty can lead to a lot of frustration and remove the beauty of the fabric fro your eyes.

There are two basic ways to hem chiffon materials. First, is by hand and if you have a lot of time on your hands this may be a good way to go about hemming the fabric. The second is by using your sewing machine.

The second way is a lot easier and you have several choices as to how to hem chiffon clothing. The trick is to keep the material from slipping and sliding all over the place when using your machine.

Do You Have to Hem Chiffon?


Nothing we have found states that chiffon can go unhemmed. Every article talking about chiffon talks about how to hem it properly. There is nothing about chiffon that says that fabric looks good without a hem.

The best way to handle the fabric is to hem it. That way you can be free from snags, loose ends that may fray or unravel, and so on. One of the tricks to hemming chiffon is using a good nylon or fabric tape.

These adhesives help keep the fabric in place while you hem away. They should cut down on the slipping and sliding while you work. That translates into less frustration for you.

But to answer the question, yes it should be hemmed. If not just for appearance sake. A good hem makes any outfit look neat, tidy, and beautiful.

How to Finish Chiffon Edges

One method would be to use a rolled hem presser foot. The advantage of this tool is that it makes handling edges a lot easier. Also, it is easy to put on your sewing machine. Then you can use multiple stitches to get the task done correctly.

The disadvantages may be narrowed down to a couple. It takes practice sewing with chiffon so this is not the answer if you do not have experience. Also, you may have to go out and buy a hem presser foot which you may not have room in your sewing budget.

Another method would be using fabric tape. This is a simple way to corral chiffon fabric and get it to listen to your commands. The positive aspects are that the tape is easy to use, goes on nicely, and doesn't ruin the fabric.

The negative aspect is that you may have to sew some tape options in place first before it can be e=used effectively. It can also ruin the look of your outfit if you are not careful.

How do You Hem Chiffon With a Sewing Machine?


The first step is to sew a basting line about 1/4 of an inch inside the raw edge. Next, you fold the fabric in towards the wrong side stopping at the basting line. Then you press the fold with an iron.

Once that is done, go in about 1/8 of an inch from the edge and sew another set of stitches. Now trim the raw edge as close to this new stitch line as possible without undermining the integrity of the stitches.

Fold once again and do the third round of stitching using either a straight or edge stitch. Now press the last fold and you are done.

The Rolled Hem On Chiffon

First, you attach a rolled hem presser foot to your sewing machine. Follow the instructions exactly when you do this so there are no problems later on. Second, lower the presser foot into place without feeding the material into the guide. Now sew a basting stitch 1/4 in from the edge.

As you stitch feed the material into the presser foot guide. You need to bend the raw edge over from one side and under the opposite side. Now sew slowly and carefully and go around the hem.

Finally, press into place when you have completed the hem. Then you are done. The rolled hem presser foot should make all the difference and make the rolled hem a lot easier to do.

The Narrow Hem On Chiffon

  • Step 1: mark your hemline first. Then using a short stitch length sew a line about 1/8 of an inch below that mark.
  • Step 2: Next, fold the fabric over along that stitch line and sew another one as close to the fold as possible.
  • Step 3: Now trim off the excess fabric with very sharp scissors. Go as close to the second stitch line as possible without cutting it.
  • Step 4: Now fold the hem up again and cover the raw edge. Sew a third stitch line on top of the second one and get ready to iron.
  • Step 5: Iron the hemline so that it looks nice and will stay in place. Once that is completed your task is done.

Working with Chiffon will take some patience and time. You never know when it will slip out of place so go slowly when ever sewing chiffon. Even if it is not a hemline you are doing.

How to Hem Chiffon With a Serger


Before you do anything else, remove the thread from the left needle. This procedure is for both the narrow and rolled hemlines when using a serger sewing machine.

Now lower your stitch length and width keeping the length just a touch above the smallest setting you can use.

After that, decrease your upper looper tension and increase your lower looper tension. Next, begin serging with the material right side up. That is how to do those two hemlines. With a serger sewing machine.

For a blind hem, fold the fabric at the hemline towards the wrong side of the fabric and press. Next, fold again but to the right side of the fabric leaving a little space around the fold area.

After that, remove the right needle and set up 3 threads on your serger. Your tensions should be needle tension set at 0-2; upper tension set at 5 to 7, and the lower tension set at 2-4.

Now insert the fabric so the needle is just barely inside the fabric and do this with the material wrong side up. Sew away and when you are done pull the edge and the fold in opposite directions and you should be done.

How to Hem Chiffon by Hand

This is going to take a lot of patience as you have a very slippery fabric to work with. But it can be done if you have the time. Start by threading your needle with a lightweight thread that matches the color of the chiffon fabric.

Next, sew a stitch line about 1/4 inside the raw edge. Next, fold the material up to that stitch line towards the wrong side and start by picking up fibers of the fabric and one stitch. Then sew a second line following that method.

Do that till you have completed the hem and then iron.

How to Hem a Chiffon Dress Without Sewing


Like all other hemming attempts, you need to first decide where the hem will go. This requires putting the dress on and getting the length where you want it. Then add in your hem allowance to make sure you have enough material to work with.

Now get out your hemming or fusible tape and cut it to the size you need. Place the tape on the dress or skirt where you want the hem to be and fold the hem into position. You can pin it into place if you want.

Once the iron is hot enough just press with the iron and you should have an instant hem. Make sure to follow all the instructions that come with the fusible tape. Also, use a pressing cloth so direct heat does not damage the chiffon

Can You Hem Chiffon With Tape?

Yes, you can and if you are pressed for time, it is the easiest way to get the hem in place. Of course, hemming or fusible tape should be seen as a temporary adjustment and not a permanent one.

The process of using the tape is quite simple and all you need are pins, scissors, and your iron. Also, use a pressing cloth to prevent further harm to your chiffon outfit. Keep the fabric wrong side up to also protect the exterior of the outfit from any harm.

In only a few minutes your hem should be ready and you can wear the outfit right away.

How to Hem Chiffon With Tape


The key is to get the tape to the right length. This is not as hard as it may sound and once you cut the tape your hemming project should be a lot easier to complete. When the tape is cut, place it along with your hem allowance and fold the allowance to the wrong side.

Heat your iron to low or the chiffon setting and press the garment. Cover the chiffon material with a pressing cloth so you do not have direct heat hitting the material. Once you have finished ironing you should be done. Just let the outfit cool before wearing.

Hemming a Chiffon Dress

This should not be a difficult task if you are going to use tape or your sewing machine. The serger sewing machine option is almost as easy as the fusible tape option. Your keys are to get the length of the dress first and giving yourself enough hem allowance to work with.

The amount of work you have to do will depend on the type of hem you want to use on the dress. Use any of the methods already described above to get the right process to hemming a dress made with chiffon materials.

Keep in mind that wedding dresses and similar outfits are a lot tougher to hem.

Hemming a Chiffon Scarf

First, you have to cut the fabric to size. Make sure to cut enough for the hem allowance which is generally around 1 inch. Second, fold the hem allowance under creating the first fold. Then about 1/8 to 1/4 of an inch to the right of the first fold make a second fold. Pin both in place.

Third, sew the first fold all the way around. Now trim any excess material then fold the corners so that they are neat and tidy. Pin and sew the second fold all the way around. Then press.

Some Final Words

If you have the patience you should be able to work with chiffon on your next sewing project. It takes time to add hems to chiffon outfits so you need to work slowly and carefully.

The biggest concern when sewing with chiffon is keeping it still. That slippery fabric will move on you so you will have to devise safe ways to hold the material while you work. But once you get it done the chiffon outfit should look great.

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