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What Year Was The Singer 9410 Made? (Reviews, Price, Parts)

A serial number is going to be the most important piece of information when it comes to dating your sewing machine. Some people have a receipt dated to one year, yet the serial number shows their sewing

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The Antique Martha Washington Sewing Cabinet Value – History

When kept in good shape a sewing cabinet can last as long or even longer than a good sewing machine. Plus, they can add a level of elegance to any room they are placed. When they come with a rich history

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The Vintage Minnesota Sewing Machine (Value, History, Models)

Delving into history turns up a lot of interesting facts and bits of information. For example, the Minnesota sewing machine was not the name of the sewing machine company that produced or sold those sewing

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The Singer 401A Sewing Machine Value, History and Review

No one made sewing machines like Singer did back in the old days. Their sewing machine models were some of the most copied ones around. All over the world, the different smaller sewing machine companies

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The Antique Pfaff 130 Sewing Machine (History, Value, Review)

Beautiful machines exist in the most unique places and always impress experienced sewers with their fine lines. The most amazing part is that they are still sewing up a storm 50 to 70 years later. Sometimes

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The Antique Domestic Rotary Sewing Machine 153 and 151

If you do not worry about the dates, you can learn a lot of facts, including the stories behind the different sewing machines. The Domestic story is interesting because it involves brothers with one being

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The Sears Kenmore Sewing Machine Model 5186 (Review, Manual)

Tracking down vintage sewing machine models is not an easy task. It is often like trying to solve a mystery and you have to be like Sherlock Holmes very sharp, observant, and know what to look for. In

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The Antique Wizard Sewing Machine (History, Models, Value)

Finding old sewing machines is like finding a time tunnel. it lets you go back in time and see what a simpler era was all about. While the old vintage and antique sewing machines were simple in construction,

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Singer vs Butterfly Sewing Machine (Review, Company, Cost)

Singer was always copied. That is the way it is with the early sewing machine industry. It found a model that was superior to the rest and different companies had it copied. This process saves the copier

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The Vintage Bel Air Sewing Machine: Company, History, Manual

The wonderful thing about sewing machines is that the industry is full of history. Most of the different brands have unique stories about the men who created those machines and what they went through trying

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