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Singer Sewing Machine no 127 and 128 Value, History, Review

It is a well-known brand. In fact, probably more people have heard about Singer and its sewing machines than they have heard of Ford cars and trucks. Two models stand out from the huge Singer sewing machine

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Recycle or Repurpose Sewing Machine Cabinet, Table, Motor

Old sewing machines never die. They just get reused in another format. When you upgrade or decide your older or vintage sewing machine is past its prime, forget tossing it into the landfill. Try to find

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The Vintage Veritas Sewing Machine (History, Price, Review)

Around the world there are many interesting sewing machine stories. These machines were made by different people who all thought they could build a better model than the one they saw in another country.

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The Antique Union Special Sewing Machine (Company, Price)

There is more to sewing than just residential projects. There are a lot of people who do not know how to sew and they still require clothing items so they look good, can get dirty, or have a lot of fun

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Universal-Sewing-Machine–Serial Numbers-Manual-History

Universal Sewing Machine – Serial Numbers, Manual, History

The Japanese used a lot of common words when they were building their original sewing machines back after the war. This has led to a lot of confusion as to who made those sewing machines as well as misleading

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The Riccar Sewing Machine (Models, Company, Value, Review)

It may a good machine that you never heard of. Riccar sewing machines have actually been around for about 80 years but it is not as well known as other Japanese sewing machine manufacturers. This company

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Are Toyota Sewing Machines Good? (Models, History, Review)

Sometimes the name can fool you. When one hears the name Toyota most people automatically think of cars. That is the product the company is famous for making. You can find a Toyota car in almost every

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The Vintage Visetti Sewing Machine (History, Models, Manual)

Traveling the world allows you to see that there is more to the sewing machine world than Singer, Pfaff, Viking, and Bernina. There are some great sewing machines made by lesser-known companies in different

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The Vintage Zenith Sewing Machine (Company, Price, and Review)

One of the first things you have to do is to put any thought out of your mind that the Zenith sewing machine was made by the famous Zenith television company. There is nothing in the historical records

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The Old Royal Sewing Machine (Company, Value, Models)

The trouble with history is that the names of old companies may be so similar that they are often lumped together even though those companies may not be the same. This is the issue with Old Royal and Royal.

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