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The Old Remington Sewing Machine (Models, History, Value)

The fun that history brings is in learning about how different people and companies got their start in life and other details. What you learn may be good for winning trivia games but it is still fun to

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The Rex Sewing Machine (Company, History, Cost, Review)

Some sewing machine companies seem to fly under the radar. That is because they are not seeking attention but paying attention to the quality of their product. Or because they focus a lot of their attention

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Dating a Raymond Sewing Machine (Company History and Value)

If you want beauty you may have to look for an old Raymond sewing machine. They were a work of art and hand-painted to separate those models from the competition. They were also designed in a very exquisite

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Riccar Sewing Machine Troubleshooting (Fix And Repair Guide)

If you have never heard of this brand, it's because it is a Japanese company that has gone through many transformations over the decades. The company changed its name to Riccar in 1949 but be careful,

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The Monarch Sewing Machine (History, Value, Models, Review)

History can be cruel. Even with famous name brands, history can hide the existence or make it difficult to find any information on different brands of sewing machines. Monarch is one of those unfortunate

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How Old Is My New Home Sewing Machine? (Models, Value)

One of the keys to finding out how old is your sewing machine is to check to see if the manufacturing company is still in business today. It is then you stand a good chance of finding the date your machine

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How Old Is My Janome Sewing Machine? (Models, History, Value)

You may be tempted to say Janome, but the actual pronunciation of the term is ja-no-mey. The ‘e’ is not silent in this name and sometimes western English speakers have a hard time remembering that

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Who Made Domestic Sewing Machines? (Company History, Dating)

Don’t be confused by the term. The word domestic does mean that the product was made in one’s native country. But it can also be used as a name for a company selling sewing machines. That is the case

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How Old Is My Vickers Sewing Machine? (History, Value, Date)

The written word is not always true. As much as one would like to believe that what is written on the internet is true, that is not always, or even mostly, the case. It seems that a lot of false information

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How Old Is My Juki Sewing Machine? (History, Price, Date)

Just because they are big and famous doesn't mean that a lot of information is written about them. Howard Hughes was a household name yet very few people knew that much about him. Even big and famous sewing

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