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Icons and Stitch Symbols Sewing Machine – Serger (Full List)

When sewing machine companies use symbols it is usually because there is not enough room on the sewing machine for all the words needed.It will be impossible to create a full list of serger stitch symbols

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Sequin Chafing: How to Prevent Sequins From Irritating Skin

Liberace had this problem. He was quite a showman and in his concerts, he wore a variety of sequin outfits. Every time he sat down to play the piano he had to make adjustments to avoid this problem. Sequins

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Merrow Stitch and Finish Guide (What Is a Merrow Machine?)

With 177 years of experience. That's what you have going for you when you use a Merrow sewing machine. Over those many years, this company has helped different companies improve their products through

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How To Clean a Fabric Dress Form (Recover a Cloth Mannequin)

When you don't have a friend or you don't want anyone to know your measurements, the dress form comes to your rescue. It will help you create your clothes while keeping your measurements like it was a

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Reverse Stitch: How Do I Make My Sewing Machine Go in Reverse?

Cars do it all the time. Going in reverse can be a strategic move when you need to get to your destination. The same principle applies to sewing. Going in reverse makes sure your sewing destination is

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Sewing Through Hard Plastic: Can a Sewing Machine Sew Plastic?

No matter what industry you are in, the right tools are always needed to make any task go easier and a lot smoother. Even when you are tackling difficult projects, the right tools are needed to ease the

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How to Backstitch on Sewing Machine (With or Without Reverse)

One thing about backstitching is that you don't have to do it constantly nor do you need to do it to win a race. It is just another sewing technique to make sure your clothing items are kept in stitches.

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How to Fix a Torn Buttonhole On Jeans (Frayed or Loose)

Sometimes the machine won’t co-operate. That is one of the problems you may encounter when you have a modern, automatic, or computerized sewing machine. It just won’t tackle the problem and you may

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Reuse Jeans Button: How to Remove Two-Part Buttons (Attach)

One of the good things about jean buttons is that they are usually made from metal and can be reused. There are not hard to remove nor are they hard to attach. You just need some brute force and a little

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Red Appliance Paint: What Paint Do You Use on Appliances?

Paint is a great way to cover up dings, scratches, and stains. However, not all paints work on all surfaces and they do not always come in a wide range of colors. Tinting white paint is helpful but then

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