Sequin Chafing: How to Prevent Sequins From Irritating Skin

Liberace had this problem. He was quite a showman and in his concerts, he wore a variety of sequin outfits. Every time he sat down to play the piano he had to make adjustments to avoid this problem. Sequins can be quite a problem when you wear these decorative embellishments in your costumes.

It may not sound like a very attractive move but you can put cooking oil spray, deodorant, or some other type of lubricant on the beads. This will have them slide over your skin instead of getting stuck to it. Or coat the beads with nail polish to make them smoother.

To learn more about handling this problem just continue to read our article. It has the information you need to handle this issue correctly. Take a few minutes to see if the solutions will work for you

The Many Uses of Sequins

The-Many-Uses-of -Sequins

These little fashion embellishments have been around for a very long time. Their origins are in the Middle East and the Mediterranean Sea area and women used to use coins as sequins. This was a display of the family’s wealth as well as help raise the status of the woman.

The word sequin comes from the Arabic word sikka which in turn means coin. From there, the Italians used the word zecchin, and then the French turned it into sequin. Coins are no longer used as sequins but these little items when used correctly can add richness to the outfit you have on.

The sequins now come in a variety of sizes and have a flat or slightly curved design to them. Also, some varieties are faceted to make sure light is reflected in a myriad of directions at the same time.

Then these little items can be finished with different types of colors and coatings to create different rich looks as well as create a depth to the fabric that would not normally be there without the sequins.

With the many different sizes, the sewer has an unlimited amount of design options and uses. These little items open up a lot of creative avenues that help you enhance your outfits and make you look more sophisticated or fun-loving, depending on the purpose of the outfit.

It is possible to mix and match sequins all you have to do is lay them out and see which ones look the best together.

How to Prevent Sequins From Irritating Skin

As you know this is a fairly common problem whenever someone wears a dress, skirt, or blouse filled with sequins. These little embellishments look great when applied to fabric in the right way. It is possible to go too far when using sequins to spice up a dress or t-shirt.

When you do use these little decorative pieces, you run the risk of irritating your skin. Sitting on them can be quite painful and annoying as well. There are steps you can take to avoid being chaffed or have your skin irritated by sequins.

One measure would be to put a coating of deodorant on the sequins to make them slicker. When the sequins are slick, they won’t chafe or stick to your skin. Or you can apply lotions or oils to your skin directly on the spots where the sequins will touch.

If you do not like the idea of being covered in a cooking spray or oil, you may want to consider removing the sequins from those spots that will directly touch your body. While this is a common problem, not everyone experiences it. The reason for that may be that the sequins are properly placed on their outfits so they never run into it.

Stop Sequin Dress From Scratching


Scratching is another issue that comes with wearing outfits loaded with sequins. Liberace had to spend a moment or two before he started playing to adjust the sequins on his outfit so they would not scratch or poke him. That may not be an option for some people due to the situation they are in.

One option that you can use, is the same as an option in the previous section. Find some type of lubricant to cover the sequins with so that they do not stay in one spot and scratch you.

Or you can coat the edges in nail polish so that their sharp edges are now dulled and not able to cut you. You can try clear nail polish and coat all the sequins completely and this won’t ruin the purpose of those little items. They will still reflect the light, etc.

Then you can try wearing a lightweight undergarment that will cover those areas that will come in direct contact with your skin. But sometimes even fabric is not enough to stop sharp edges from cutting and get sliced as well.

Also, some people never found a good solution other than trying to keep their bare arms away from their dress at all times. This can get awkward and may not always be convenient or possible to do.

Rash From Sequin Dress

Usually, rashes will occur at points wear the dress, etc., will come in direct contact with the skin. The normal places for these rashes to appear are under the arm and around the neck.

Aside from putting lotion in those places, you may be left with the only option of either removing the sequins yourself or enlisting the aid of a tailor or seamstress. This may cost you a little money but the problem will be rectified and you will not lose the look or the integrity of the outfit. Plus, the fit will look professional.

You can also have those sequins lowered so that they will not come in direct contact with your skin. If these two solutions are not what you want to do, consider adding a liner to the outfit and cover those spots where the sequins will cause a rash.

The problem with using lotions and other lubricants is that the sequins may not respond as you hoped and they will cut through that lubrication and still create a rash. Not everyone finds that perfect solution and you may have to rethink your wardrobe decision to avoid the problem in the future.

How to Make Sequin Dress Less Scratchy


We have already covered almost all of the solutions to this issue. If you really don't want that oily feeling when you walk, go to a movie, or enjoying a romantic dinner, then lotions, sprays, and nail polish may be out of the question.

For most dresses, skirts and even blouses, etc., a liner is probably your best solution. It may protect your skin without adding too much weight or bulk to the garments you are wearing. Just find the right liner material that will look good with the exterior fabric and not ruin the look you want to present to the world.

The other solution would be either to lower the sequins or remove them. We know you bought the dress for a specific purpose but that purpose should not cause you to harm yourself in the process. You can look just as good with fewer sequins as you would without removing them.

The choice will be yours to make as you are the one wearing the dress and having to endure the risks that come with having a dress filled with sequins.

Wedding Dress Rubbing Under Arms

Your wedding day and you want everything to go perfectly. However, your dream wedding gown comes with sequins that did not bother you at the fitting. But for some reason, now that you have the dress on and are moving about, those pretty sequins are not doing attractive things to your body.

If you still have the time, you can always get the dressmaker to make alterations to the dress sleeves so that the sequins will not scratch your arms. Or have her remove those items so you can be comfortable and enjoy your day without harming yourself.

Another solution would be to put sheer tulle fabric over the beads and sequins. This material is said to prevent any rubbing or scratching as you move from your home to the church to your reception area.

This tulle fabric can be placed on the back of your dress as well. That position prevents your hair from being caught in the sequins as you go about your wedding activities.

Some wedding shops may not be so accommodating as they may tell you to rub paraffin wax over the beads so that your skin will glide over the sequins and not get scratched.

Also, the fit and design of the dress may not be right and a little adjustment may be to avoid this problem as well. You won’t be looking beautiful if you are in pain.

Sequin Applications and Uses


Despite all the risks you take when using sequins, they do add a little elegant touch to your outfit. if you can create a solution for the ills mentioned above, sequins will really enhance your look and help you stand out from the crowd.

Here are some uses for these little embellishments that when placed properly may still avoid those ills already talked about:

1. Used as trim for flowing veils, scarves, belts, and even skirts.

2. Help make your costumes look ten times better than they would if you left the sequins off.

3. Adds an element of glitter to embroidery and needlepoint projects.

4. Helps embellish wedding gowns, formal gowns, shoes, formal gloves and elevates their look to a new level if done right.

5. Adds something special to Christmas stockings, gifts, candles as well as tree mats, table cloths, table runners, and other Christmas decorations.

6. Can be used as embellishments for hair accessories like barrettes, headbands, and hats.

7. Makes performance costumes and uniforms look better.

8. Adds a nice decorative touch when used as trimming for purses, curtain ties, towels as well as scrapbook pages and homemade cards, etc.

9. Great when using them to create unique and innovative artwork.

Tips and Warnings When Using Sequins

  • 1. Gaps will take place and are inevitable. instead of going for perfection or for nice and decorative.
  • 2. Use secure fastening agents like glue, pins, and even tough stitches to make sure the sequins remain where you put them. Pins work for styrofoam projects and flue may be best for papercrafts.
  • 3. When you want to see a lot of glitter and light reflection, attach the sequins loosely so they can turn. But you do not want them so loose that they come off easily.
  • 4. If you do not want to attach the sequins one by one, they are available by the yard. This may make the use of the sequins more durable.
  • 5. Pick the right sequin style for the purpose you have in mind. Metallic options are best when your purpose is to reflect the light. This style is best for performance fabrics.
  • 6. Start small. You can always add more if you wish or if the outfit could use more. But do not do any more work than you have to.

The good news is that you have lots of styles and finishes to work with. You can mix and match or use one style only. How your outfits look will be up to you so plan carefully and see what types of sequins are available.

The concept of ‘less is more’ works for sequin use as well.

Some Final Words

Sequin scratches, irritations, and rashes are par for the course when wearing outfits with sequins on them. The solutions are limited so think through their use before you add them to your dress. Watch where you place them as well as the wrong location creates those sequin issues.

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