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DIY Ripped Jeans: How to Rip Jeans and Leave The White Thread

Jeans are very comfortable. That may be stating the obvious but they are. One way people make them even more comfortable is by ripping the denim themselves. This is not hard to do and helps people bring

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10 T-shirt Neckline Cutting Ideas (V Neck, Off Shoulder, 80s)

There's no doubt that t-shirts are a wardrobe staple for most of us. There's also no doubt that after a while, all those crew necks start getting boring. So, what do you do when your t-shirt collection

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How to Remove a Cowl Neck From a Sweater (Alter a Neckline)

The name does not always match the beauty of the design of the outfit. But unless you change it you are going to be stuck with explaining what a cowl neck really is.The important step is to look at the

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How to Cut The Sleeves of a T-shirt (5+ Cute Ways And Ideas)

T-shirts are very comfortable. They are usually made to be a relaxed fit so you can move more freely than you would with a dress shirt. Plus, t-shirts can be cute especially when you do some customizing

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How to Remove Lining From Pants (Can You Cut Lining Out?)

Polyester can make you sweat, especially if it is used as a lining for your pants. The polyester material doesn't breathe and those gorgeous pants with their cute design and great color end up making you

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How to Sew Non-stretch Trim to Stretch Fabric (Sewing Fringe)

This may not be a project you will want to do. While sewing is great as you get those times where out-of-the-box thinking creates something wonderful, the process is not always worth the effort. There

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How to Alter a Boat Neckline (Cut, Sew, Make It Smaller)

Movie star influenced. It does happen as movie stars do display new fashions and their name or the name of the movie gets attached to the fashion design. In this case, it was the movie Sabrina that got

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How to Raise the Crotch in a Pair of Pants (Take-Up Guide)

Adjustments are always needed. You'll find that with many sewing projects, the patterns just don't do it. The results leave you with ill-fitting or uncomfortable clothing. That means you need to either

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Knee Reinforcement Patches: How to Reinforce Knees on Jeans

Forget the crotch. It is the knees that you have to watch out for. One day the jeans look new and the next, they look like someone took a knife and cut holes in them. The knees take the worst of the treatment

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How to Take Pleats Out Of a Skirt, Dress, or Pants Easily

Pleats.. some people love them, some people hate them. If you fall into the second category, you've probably abandoned more than just a few items of pleated clothing to the back of your closet.But is it

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