How to Remove Lining From Pants (Can You Cut Lining Out?)

Polyester can make you sweat, especially if it is used as a lining for your pants. The polyester material doesn't breathe and those gorgeous pants with their cute design and great color end up making you feel like you are in a sauna or the Arizona desert during mid-summer.

Can you cut lining out from pants? One way to remove the lining from your pants is to simply cut them out. They are stitched in and stitches can be cut in order to remove that lining you do not care for. It shouldn’t take that long to cut the lining out.

To learn more about removing the lining from your nice pants, just continue to read our article. It has the information you want to know about before you get too involved in the lining removal process. Take a few minutes to see if removing the lining is what you really want to do.

A Few Words of Caution Before you Remove the Lining

Before we get started in bringing you the information on how to remove the lining from your pants, there are some issues you need to consider first. These issues may help you remove the lining while not damaging the pants:

  • The pants won’t look as good.
  • There may not be that trouser crispness to the construction.
  • The integrity of the pants may be compromised.
  • The seams may not be finished correctly and won't handle the weight of the fabric or the stress of use.
  • The pants become a see-through pair instead of a modest pair of pants.
  • The pants may not hang right and become bunchy in the wrong areas.

These are just some of the issues you will have to consider before you get tired of the lining and want to remove them. While some linings are not breathable and make you hot, other linings do breathe well and should be left alone.

The look of the pants after you have removed the lining may not be very good so you may want to simply replace the non-breathable lining with a nice breathable fabric that will keep the integrity of the pants and other issues away.

What Does it Mean When Pants are Lined?


One of the first benefits you get from having lined pants is that they are easier to put on. Your legs will slide easily through the leg and not feel any friction. Then, when you walk, you will not feel any roughness from the wrong side of the exterior material. Your comfort level will be enhanced with every step you take.

Next, the linen or other exterior material lasts longer and does not wear out in the wrong places any time soon. The lining helps reduce rub and wear so the seams do not split or fray.

Also, you look better when you wear lined pants. The style of the pants will complement your figure and not highlight those areas you wish to hide. Finally, you do not have to wash lined pants as often. This saves on energy and possibly your electric bill if you are not hand washing your pants.

You add all these benefits up and what lined pants mean is that you get a better clothing experience that should help your day go a little bit better. The only problem you should encounter is if you wear the lined pants on a hot day and they are lined with non-breathable materials.

Can You Cut the Lining Out of Pants?


Yes, you can but you have to be careful when you take this step. If you read the first section of this article, you should be well aware of some of the problems that can arise if you cut the material in the wrong way.

One person cuts the lining at the waistband but she could not cut it all out as the lining was incorporated into the fly front construction. You may also have difficulties with any built-in pockets. Those pockets may be made from the lining.

There is a good reason why some women cut the lining out of their pants. The lining may not be top-quality fabric and when washed, it can wrinkle or shrink on you. When that happens the look f your pants may not be what they once were and it may be hard to return the pants to their original look.

Another good reason for cutting the lining out is that the lining may not be breathable and you end up feeling like you are walking in a portable sauna everywhere you go. That is not a comfortable feeling to have which can ruin your day or make it feel worse.

How to Remove the Lining From Pants


The first step is to pick the right cutting tool. Rotary cutters are sharp and very good at getting close to the edge. However if you cannot arrange the lining appropriately to use one, you may end up slicing the exterior fabric.

Scissors will be your best bet but if the material is prone to fraying, you need to use pinking shears. That way you can delay any fraying that may take place. When the lining won’t fray, regular scissors should do the trick.

The second step is deciding where you want to cut. This may be a difficult choice as to how much you cut may affect the integrity of the pants and ruin the look. The rule of thumb is to cut as close to the edge as possible.

Then the third step is to be patient and cut slowly. You have to be careful of how you cut as accidents do happen and you can make an error that runs everything. Take your time and if there is not enough time in your schedule to do it, wait till there is. Cutting lining out is not hard, it just can get a little tricky.

Remove Lining From Leather Pants


The purpose of lining in leather pants or jackets is to help [preserve the shape of the leather. Leather materials can stretch on you and the lining is there to prevent it from stretching too far and looking bad.

This purpose should make you think twice before removing the lining. While you may not move as easily with a lined leather pant leg, that lining does protect your wallet from unneeded expenses. Overstretched leather doesn’t get worn that much.

To remove the lining you can use pinking shears or you can use a seam ripper to the stitches out. If the lining is torn, you have to remove the stitches anyways so a seam ripper may do the trick for you.

You will want to remove as much of the lining as possible as any leftover material may tickle your leg as you walk. Then you may want to think twice about removing the lining, as that material prevents fabric color bleed from the inside.

Also, the major cost of your leather pants is related to installing the lining in the first place. This is another good reason why you may not want to remove the lining, you would be wasting a lot of money in the process.

What do You Wear Under Unlined Pants?


Women have far more options than men do when it comes to this decision. They have nylons, leggings, special underwear that reach down to the thighs, and other fashion options that make them look and feel good.

In winter, the options are easier for men as they can wear long johns underneath unlined pants. Women can add that option in with the leggings, nylons, and so on. There are also skimmies that women can wear and men could go to extra-long boxer shorts but those only deal with the upper part of the lower body.

Tights are another option and those may be the same as nylons or leggings. One person suggested commando control top tights as a good solution. The non-control top option may fall off some women.

Then both men and women could wear knee-high socks to cover the lower portion of the lower part of the body. The only drawback is that the fabrics those socks are made from may not breathe that well. Good for winter, not so good for summer when the material is wrong.

Your local department store may have more options available to help you solve this issue and keep you comfortable all day long.

Some Final Words

Cutting the lining out of your pants sounds like a good idea when you are hot but when you are cold, you should think twice. After cutting the lining out, the next problem will be deciding what you should wear underneath.

That is not always an easy problem to solve considering the expense of those items.

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