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The Most Quiet Sewing Machine (How To Quiet a Noisy Machine)

I’m picking up good vibrations. This may be a romantic Beach Boys song lyric but when your sewing machine is making a lot of noise it may be due to all the vibrations it is sending. Or it may be due

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How to Sharpen a Serger Blade (Serger Blade Sharpening Tips)

Serger blades are not scissor blades. There is a precision to them that needs to be maintained for the serger cutter to work like it is supposed to. many sewers get frustrated as serger blades are not

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Needle Keeps Falling Out of Sewing Machine (How To Fix)

Needles can be the cause for a large portion of your common sewing ills. When the needle is not placed correctly or is the wrong one, your sewing time is hampered creating a lot of frustration. Sometimes

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How to Set Up a Sewing Machine Step-by-step For Beginners

While it is second nature for experienced sewers to set up a sewing machine and get working right away, it can be a little tough for beginners. They may not always have the right information and need a

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How to Adjust Sewing Machine Settings (Quilting, Cotton…)

When you need to cut the tension in a room, you tell a joke. Usually, the joke helps and things return to normal. But when you need to cut the tension, or add to it, in sewing, there could be a problem.

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Troubleshooting a Singer 9410: Tension and Bobbin Problems

The more things change the more they stay the same. As technological upgrades come to sewing machines, it seems that the same problems that plagued the original models still give the newer sewing machines

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Sewing Machine Reverse Stitch Problem (Loose, Stuck…)

The reverse stitch feature is not universal. Some sewing machines can only sew forward and never can go back. This is a minor inconvenience except when your machine has the reverse stitch and it does not

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Will Singer Needles Fit a Kenmore Sewing Machine? (Guide)

Sewing machine manufacturers prefer that you didn’t use alternative brands of sewing needles. It is not that they won’t fit or will harm their machines but more along the financial end of things. Most

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Why Is My Sewing Machine Sewing Upside Down? (Stitch)

Have you ever thought that you were in a time warp when you see your top-of-the-line sewing machine sew upside down? It is not a good feeling as you just spent thousands of dollars on the sewing machine

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Sewing Machine Buttonhole Troubleshooting (Singer, Janome…)

When problems in sewing arise, troubleshooting is the first step to getting back on your sewing track. Sometimes this is easy to do while other times you wish you hadn’t even tried. The repair bill confirms

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