Will Singer Needles Fit a Kenmore Sewing Machine? (Guide)

Sewing machine manufacturers prefer that you didn’t use alternative brands of sewing needles. It is not that they won’t fit or will harm their machines but more along the financial end of things. Most needle brands will fit most other machines if they are the right size.

Will Singer needles fit a Kenmore sewing machine? Yes, Singer needles should fit Kenmore sewing machines. That is if they are the right size and shape. While most sewing machine needle brands can be used in different machines, there may be some that are not made in the right shape to fit different sewing machine brands.

To learn more about this topic, just continue to read our article. It has the information you need to know about so you can make the right needle purchase. Take a few minutes to get up to speed on this important topic.

Can You Use Singer Needles in a Kenmore Sewing Machine?


It seems that you can use a Singer needle in a Kenmore sewing machine. As long as the Singer needle is the right size and meets the Kenmore criteria, there should be no problem.

To be sure, you should check the Kenmore manual to see what needle sizes they recommend. Then go to a sewing machine needle chart to see what other brands are compatible with your sewing machine.

Those charts are great guides and help you find the matching needle from another brand. They also help you pick out some cheaper options so you can save some money.

Two of the keys to needle use are not the brand name but how you insert them and where the eye is located. Proper insertion is vital as your machine may not sew right if you insert the needle the wrong way.

Also, sewing machine needles come in two measurements. One is American and the other is European. These measurements all point to the same size of needle but that size is expressed in two different ways.

What kind of Needles do I Need for a Kenmore Sewing Machine?

You can use the Sears or Kenmore brand of needles and if you check the owner’s manual it may specifically state that you should stick with their brand of needle. That is common for most sewing machine companies.

But in today’s world, there are lots of companies manufacturing or selling what is called universal needles. This variation tells you that they can be used in all sewing machine brands.

Then if you ask your friends, they should tell you that they use different brands of needles in their Kenmore or Pfaff and so on. That is because it is not the brand that is important when it comes to needles.

What is important is the size of the needle and if that size will fit your particular sewing machine. Your owner’s manual will tell you the sizes of needles that will fit that particular model of sewing machine.

On the front pages, there should be a chart with a list of all the needle sizes that will work, the type of needles that can be inserted into your machine, and the fabrics that those needles are best suited. Stick to the chart.

Kenmore Sewing Machine Needles


Even though Sears may be on the ropes business-wise, you can still get Kenmore needles if you are one of those sewers that like to use the same brand-name needles with their sewing machine.

These needles are available everywhere still as you will find them on Amazon, Etsy, eBay, and many other outlets. If you can’t find the specific Kenmore brand, do not worry. There are companies out there producing universal needles that will fit and work well with your Kenmore sewing machine.

Then, if you still want to use Kenmore sewing needles in your machine, you can always contact Sears Direct, type those words in your search box, and that website will have a list of models they still have parts for. Those parts should include needles.

On top of that, you can also find vintage Kenmore needles if you search hard enough. Many are on sale at eBay and you should be able to find other online outlets that carry those needles as well.

Kenmore Needles Color

Sears and Singer have gone to a color code system. They use color so you can tell at a glance the size of the needle without having to read the package. But the only problem is that the needles may have more than one color on them.

This means you have to know the different color codes and what size or purpose they indicate. For example, the yellow color on a needle will tell you that the needle works on stretch material and is a size 110/18 (the first number is European and the second is American needle sizes).

Blue color indicates a needle size between 70 to 110 and works on jeans, denim, and other heavy fabrics. Keep in mind that the larger the number the larger the needle. So you do not want to use a 110/18 on sheer fabric. The needle hole would just be too big.

Knowing the color-coding may be important as not all needles are sold in labeled packs or they get tossed into a box or put into a pincushion and so on. The color coding will help you find the needle you want when no labels are around.

Kenmore 6021 Needles


Knowing the sewing machine model will help you find the right needles that includes when you are going to buy Kenmore branded needles as well. The model number is a helpful guide when you do not have your owner’s manual handy.

When you do a search for needles for a Kenmore 6021 you may find actual Kenmore needles for sale and they should indicate which sewing machine model they work with. But your owner’s manual chart will have the needle size in it making your needle finding chore easier.

When you get a listing for universal needles, the ads or the packaging should state which models they work with. For example, the Schmetz 70/10 is listed as working on the Kenmore 6021. Those needles also work on the 6552, 6702, 9569, and 15 x 1 sewing machine models.

What this means is that even if you have an older Kenmore sewing machine, you do not have to worry. Some needles will fit it.

Needles for Kenmore 385

One thing is for sure, you will find needles for your Kenmore 385 in the most unlikeliest of places. Singer online has needles for this sewing machine model. That is one of the good things about the internet, when you are stuck you can always find an outlet that has what you need.

Or you can go to Sears Direct and see what parts they have on sale including needles for your 385 sewing machine. According to the manual, the 385 takes a size 11, 14, 16, and 18 and each size will work with different types of fabrics.

Remember the smaller the size the smaller the needle and the better for those fabrics that are stretch or sheer. The size 18 will work with heavier fabrics as well as topstitching those same materials.

Each needle comes with its own color although the 11 comes in blue and orange telling you that one needle will work with stretch materials while the other works with lightweight fabrics. The manual will tell you the rest of the color code for the needles that work in this machine.

Kenmore 6702 Needles


As we have said, many companies are making universal needles to fit all sewing machines. These companies strive to save you money as branded needles may cost a bit more. Organ is one such company and they make a universal needle that fits the 6702.

Unfortunately, this needle may be in a group of 50 needles and hopefully, all these needles will fit that model of Kenmore sewing machine. Then you should be able to go to Sears and find the needles you need.

Schmetz is another company that will have needles for this model of sewing machine. Keep in mind that it is not about the brand name. Needles need to have the right shape and be the right size in order to work.

Color coding is just an aid to help you find the right needle quickly. Read the packaging to double-check the size and look at the shape to make sure. We have noticed that on one color chart there are two shades of blue and each one goes to a different size and material.

Where Can I Buy Kenmore Sewing Machine Needles?

We kind of jumped the gun on this section as we have listed some outlets already. Amazon, eBay, Etsy are all good locations to do your search. You should find both branded and universal needle companies listed on their pages.

But the online sources do not stop with those three companies. Sears Direct and Singer Online have needles for sale and those needles should fit the Kenmore model you own.

Then there are the many sewing machine parts stores that sell all sorts of vintage and modern sewing machine parts and needles. These companies are too numerous to list here but they will pop up when you conduct a good search for sewing machine needles.

Some carry different brands and others will have universal needles that will fit your sewing machine. Then do not forget your local stores. The mall department stores and the local sewing accessory shops in your area should have a good supply of sewing machine needles.

They do not take up a lot of space on the shelves. Or you can go to the box stores that sell fabrics and sewing supplies. Hobby Lobby, Michael’s, Joann’s, and so on should also have a good supply of needles to fit your sewing machine.

Your options seem endless when it comes to needles as everyone who sews needs needles and it is a good business decision to keep them in stock.

Can You Use Kenmore Needles in a Singer Sewing Machine?


Generally, it stands to reason that if the Kenmore needle is the same size and shape as a Singer needle then yes you can use it in a Singer sewing machine. Sewing machine needles are interchangeable for the most part.

Maybe not 100% interchangeable and some people have said they have had problems when they have tried to fit a Kenmore needle in a Singer sewing machine. Not everyone has those problems though.

That means you should do this on a trial and error basis and see for yourself if your Kenmore needles will fit on your Singer sewing machine. We have written a very detailed article on sewing machine needles and you can get all the information you need on our complete Guide to Sewing Machine Needles (Types, Colors, Sizes).

It has the color-coding, the charts, the sizes of different needles, and the fabrics they work on. That article should answer all of your questions when it comes to needles and where to use them.

The key is that your best friend may be the universal needle as it will be made by a lot of companies and the prices should be very competitive.

Some Final Words

To make a long article short, yes you can use a Singer needle in a Kenmore sewing machine. You just have to make sure the needle is the right size and shape. Or you can go with one of the many universal needles that are on sale everywhere.

They are not sewing machine brands which should keep the cost down for you. Needles are one of the most flexible aspects of sewing and that flexibility should ease some stress.

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