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The Singer Commercial Sewing Machine Model 241-12 Review

Not all sewing machines are for residential or home use. There are many models out there that are designed for high output industrial work. Those machines are built well, have solid parts, and can sew

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The Singer 306k: Value, Review and How to Thread and Use

Not everything Singer made was golden or their best effort. The company made its share of turkeys over the years and some of them still seem to be in existence today. Just make sure you avoid the bad sewing

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The Singer Athena 2000 Sewing Machine (Review and History)

Sewing manufacturers made a lot of machines. Not only did Singer, but so did just about every other manufacturer who thought they could succeed at making and selling sewing machines. Not all were great

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Wrap And Zap Batting: What Is And How to Use (Helpful Guide)

Sewers find a way to help make baking potatoes in a microwave better and easier. They combine some batting with some fabric and viola! The potatoes are baked more evenly and you can even get better tasting

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Love-Sew Reviews: Are Love Sew Wool Pressing Mats Any Good?

When the company is a mystery. By that we mean if you cannot find out anything about a company then you may want to hesitate before buying their products. Let your radar be your guide to make sure you

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The Singer Touch and Sew 600E Review (Problems, Value)

It goes by many nicknames. There is ‘touch and throw’, ‘touchy and sew’ as well as ‘touch and swear’ and these nicknames are all well earned over the 50+ years this sewing machine has been

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How Much Does a Janome Continental M7 Cost? (Is It Worth It?)

When you look at the original sewing machines from the 19th century, you can see the simplicity and a grand design along with a lot of care given to their creation. While expensive for their time, they

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Husqvarna Viking Mega Quilter Review, Price, and Problems

When you only have one machine to use to quilt, you are stuck with all the nuances, the problems, and other issues that come with that specific machine. But when you have a larger selection to choose from,

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The Necchi Supernova Ultra Sewing Machine (Review, Price)

2019 was a special year for Necchi as the company celebrated its 100th anniversary. The company was started partially because of a wife’s request and partially because Italy had to import all sewing

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What Sewing Machines Have Automatic Thread Cutter (12 Options)

As technology advances so do the many features of sewing machines. In the old days, people were happy with a vibrating shuttle. Today, after a myriad of technological upgrades the only thing missing from

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