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Are Brother and Babylock the Same? (Comparison and Review)

You need a scorecard to keep track of all the players in the sewing industry. While you may think there are a lot of independent sewing machine manufacturers making unique sewing machines, that is not

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Are Janome and Elna the Same Company? (Janome vs Elna)

There was a time when there were a plethora of sewing machine manufacturers. Just about every nation had its own sewing machine company. Then time and troubles took over and only the good, the strong and

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Compare Bernina and Janome Sewing Machines (1008 vs HD3000)

In the comparison game, there are always going to be both sides of the story. One group will like one sewing machine company while another likes a different one. When it comes to Bernina and Janome, both

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What is The Best Dressmakers Carbon Paper? (Helpful Guide)

Making your mark in the sewing world can take on many forms. One of the best ways to make your mark on your fabric is to use a good dressmaker’s carbon paper. It comes in a variety of colors and allows

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What is the Best Felting Machine? Embellisher Machine Reviews

It is a matter of time and efficiency. Hand sewing or even using a regular sewing machine to do felting is a time-consuming practice. That may use up time you do not have. To be efficient you need the

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Kai vs Gingher vs Fiskars: Best Scissors for Cutting Fabric 

Hamlet once said to be or not to be. For the sewer the question is to cut or not cut and which scissors should I use. The scissor plays a large role in sewing as its blades make sure you get a precision

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Vintage Morse Zig Zag Sewing Machine Review (And History)

It just isn’t like the old days. Today sewing machines are made from plastic and their longevity can be questioned on an almost daily basis. The old machines were made from metal parts and even after

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What Is The Best All Metal Sewing Machine? (7 Options)

The modern age is not doing sewers any favors. The sewing machine manufacturers have switched to cheaper construction materials so your sewing experience is not always pleasant. The machines do not last

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How Much Does a Babylock Crescendo Cost? (Is It Worth It)

Every year it seems that the prices for sewing machines keep going up. The reason behind that rise in cost is that sewing machines are becoming more and more sophisticated. The better the machine, the

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Where Can I Buy The Ultimate Sewing Box? (Price and Reviews)

People who work in different industries all have their dream desk, furniture design and so on. For those who do a lot of sewing, they are not an exception to the rule. They know what they want and how

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