Where Can I Buy The Ultimate Sewing Box? (Price and Reviews)

People who work in different industries all have their dream desk, furniture design and so on. For those who do a lot of sewing, they are not an exception to the rule. They know what they want and how ideal sewing box is supposed to look.

Where can I buy the Ultimate Sewing Box? One of the best places to find the Ultimate Sewing Box is at The original ScrapBox website. It is priced at about $2,000. The website has a lot of reviews talking about how good this piece of furniture is.

To learn more about the Ultimate Sewing Box just continue to read our article. It fills you in on reviews, details and more costs of what may be one of the best sewing boxes you can buy.

Where to Buy The Ultimate Sewing Box


It seems that the original Scrapbox company is the only place where you can find the Ultimate Sewing Box. After an exhaustive search, no alternative came up. We checked Amazon and they only had a photo of an inferior sewing cabinet but that product was unavailable at this time.

There are a lot of copies on the market. These different versions can be found at different outlets around the country and the internet. If your heart is set on getting the Ultimate Sewing Box for your sewing room then you can check it out at this location.

That web page gives you a comparison of two other products competing with the Ultimate Sewing Box and lets you see first hand why it is the better option when you want a good sewing box.

The Ultimate Sewing Box should have every feature you should need as an experienced sewer.

How Much is The Ultimate Sewing Box?


The bad news is that the Ultimate Sewing Box is like a Bernina sewing machine. It is made from top quality materials and has lots of bells and whistles. Those features make it the best sewing box you could own.

Unfortunately, the Ultimate Sewing Box is priced at the ScrapBox at $1,995, which is also similar to the Bernina sewing machine. When you want bells, whistles and lots of convenient features, you are going to pay for it.

The Ultimate Sewing Box does have lots of great features that are designed to make your sewing time move smoothly without too many interruptions. Plus, you can organize your sewing supplies to make sure you get quick access to those items and fabrics you use the most.

We found no other price for this sewing cabinet anywhere on the internet so you should do some saving before you make your purchase.

Are you in a budget? Here is a big sewing box alternative from Amazon >>

Is The Cost of The Ultimate Sewing Box Worth It?


In our view, it is easy to see why the Ultimate Sewing Box is worth the cost. It has places to store an extra sewing machine, 3 tables to work on and a host of cabinets, nooks, crannies, and totes you can use to stay organized and find what you need fast.

The cabinet is almost 6 feet tall as well as being over 3 feet wide when closed. Once you open it up your sewing cabinet reaches 9 feet wide and has 40-inch lengths in its different cabinets.

The 3 tables give you plenty of legroom underneath as they measure about 28 inches high. Then their tabletops provide you with lots of sewing space. Each table has different measurements and two of them are roughly 28 by 16 inches long and wide.

The above and below table cabinet sections make sure that your supplies are within easy reach. Each one has plenty of shelf space that should meet your sewing needs with ease.

Without a doubt, this sewing cabinet is well worth the asking price if you are a serious sewer who has a lot of sewing supplies that need organizing and a place to keep them.

What makes this sewing box special is that it folds up nice and small when you are not needing to use your sewing machine. It stands against the wall looking like a normal cabinet.

Once you open it up, you should impress your friends with what is hidden inside this top sewing box.

Ultimate Sewing Box Reviews


There are a lot of reviews about this nice sewing cabinet. Because it is the dream sewing box for many sewers there is a multitude of good reports about it and its design.

One reviewer was thrilled to have this sewing box in her home as it helped her get organized and save her a lot of space. She also liked the ease of assembly as the Ultimate Sewing Cabinet went together quite well without frustrating issues.

Another reviewer loved the space inside this top cabinet. They were amazed at how much there was and how she could organize her spools of thread. She also couldn’t get over the many storage boxes that were included in her purchase. Being able to store a lot of little sewing items was a big plus for her.

Then a third reviewer remarked about how good the instructions and the included video were. She and her husband were impressed by the quality of construction materials as well as how clear the directions were. The other fact that impressed her was that all her sewing materials, tools, etc., were clearly visible.

A final positive reviewer was overjoyed at the folding table that is included. She never realized before how much space her old sewing table took. Now that she can fold the table up she is really happy. Plus, the folding cabinet doors made sure that her thread supply remained close at hand.

We do not have the space to put more positive reviews in this article. You get the idea that a lot of owners are happy with their purchase and wouldn’t get rid of it for the world.

But since nothing is perfect and no one is the same some people do not like this Ultimate sewing Box. Here are some of their comments.

One person was not happy with the over the table cabinet. Their preference was having all the cabinets under the sewing tables as she did not like to reach over the top of her sewing machine t get something she needed.

Another person found that the lack of fabric storage space was a negative she could live without. She also did not like the fact that the Ultimate Sewing Box took up a lot of wall space. Some of her points were a bit unrealistic and missed the point of owning the Ultimate Sewing Box.

A final negative review to be looked at here deals with the sewing tables. She thought that they were too narrow and did not provide enough sewing space for the owner. Not every sewer needs wide tables to make their beautiful creations.

For us, this is a great sewing box that the majority of sewers can benefit from. It helps them stay organized, makes sure small items do not get lost and it is a great looking piece of furniture.

Any of the negatives pointed out can easily be solved with minor adjustments and a little thinking. They are not deal breakers and this Ultimate Sewing Box is not for everyone.

We just can’t say enough good things about it although the price is a bit of a concern.

The Ultimate Sewing Box Plans


If you want to make your Ultimate Sewing Box and save a little money, it is possible to find the plans somewhere on the internet. The ScrapBox is not forthcoming with its specific plans but there are ways to circumvent their security.

One way is to look at a friend’s cabinet and take down measurements, make your drawings and do your calculations. Of course, this means you need to be a master carpenter to use this method.

This is not an easy way to do it. Then the dimensions are made public at both the ScrapBox website and other places on the internet and this will save you a little time. But if your woodworking skills are not that great, then you will have trouble doing this project.

The best alternative is to buy the Ultimate Sewing Box and follow the instructions in putting it together. You can make copies of each piece, fill in their dimensions and again do the work yourself if you want to build one for another person.

But that would require having a lot of experience with woodworking and furniture building tools. Getting the hinges right would take some time. That is the other drawback to building your own.

You may not have the time to put in to construct this complicated yet elegant piece of furniture.

Ultimate Sewing Box Dimensions


Obtaining the dimensions for the Ultimate Sewing Box is one of the easier aspects of this piece of furniture. Scrapbox places the dimensions right on their website in their comparison with other products they make and sell.

You can see those dimensions at the link already posted above. Just scroll down the web page to get to them. But for those who do not have the time to do that, the closed dimensions measure in at 3’ 1 1/4” wide by 5’ 11” high.

The depth of the cabinet is not exactly square as the top measurement is between 16 3/4” and 18 1/4’. Those measurements cover the opening doors and stationary shelving. They are two different measurements.

On the bottom, you are looking at 2’ 11” total. The open dimensions are a lot more complicated as the stationary shelving reaches just over 35 inches in width. Each door measures approx. 32 inches wide and is further subdivided into 2 sections splitting that overall measurement.

The shelving under the tables is approx. 72 inches wide and they too are subdivided because of their folding capability. The table dimensions were also given above and are approx. only.

Ultimate Sewing Box Opening In Real-Time


If you are thinking that it will take a lot of time t open up the Ultimate Sewing Box then think again. Although many parts need to be unfolded, you are looking at spending roughly just over a minute to open the cabinet up all the way.

The fold-down tables have two locks each that need to be undone before you can move them into place but those only take a second or two to unlock. The cabinets do not take any time at all to open up and each shelf is ready for you to select an item from them.

Folding the sewing box back up takes about as long as it does to open the Ultimate Sewing Box. There is nothing complicated or difficult about using this cabinet. Speed is not important here.

The amount of time it takes to open and close this sewing box is minimal and does not interfere or delay your sewing time. If you want to see a video of how it is opened and closed, then just check the video below.

One unique item that has not been mentioned so far that is built into this sewing box, is the overhead light. It is found in the stationary ‘roof’ of the cabinet and lights up your sewing area well.

Some Final Words

The Ultimate Sewing Box may be a dream piece of furniture for most sewers and there are good reasons for them having that dream. It is a great cabinet that organizes your sewing time and supplies.

When you are a serious sewer buying this cabinet is worth considering because it will make your life a little easier to live. It also adds a touch of class to your sewing room.

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