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How To Alter Tulle On a Dress Easily (Shorten and Hem Tulle)

Tulle is a light, airy netting fabric that's a popular choice for wedding dresses, bridal veils, and anyone who wants to re-discover their inner Carrie Bradshaw. Although working with tulle can present

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Sewing Clips vs Pins: Are Sewing Clips Better Than Pins?

Sewing supplies are always needed. This is not limited to just thread and needles. Sometimes you need other accessories to get that project done with a minimum of frustration and loss of time. The key

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Buying T-shirt Neck Ribbing (How Do You Make Ribbing?)

Being casual takes a little ribbing. Not the funny ha ha style but the fabric style. Yet when you are making your T-shirts, you may find that the stores do not carry any ribbing. That situation puts you

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Eyelet vs Grommet: Difference Between Eyelets and Grommets

The eyes have it of maybe not. The beauty of sewing is not that there are so many wonderful things you can create. But that there are so many similar items you can use to finish your sewing project and

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5 Easy Ways to Cut Fleece (Cutting Fleece With Rotary Cutter)

When you have a large amount of fabric that needs to be cut down to size, just any old cutter will not do. There is just too much fabric to get to the right size and that cutting can take a lot of work

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What is and How to Use a Skirt Marker (Singer, Dritz, Pin It)

When it comes to making a good dress or shirt, it pays to mark your fabric. This way you can sew between the lines and have whatever you are making turn out looking like a professional sewed.What is a

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How to Make a Sewing Box From a Shoebox or Wood (9 Steps)

Being a DIY person comes in handy. You can save a lot of money and build exactly what you want. Your creativity is unleashed and you can come up with some pretty good designs that will wow your family

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What to Put in a Sewing Box: 11 Must-Have Items

Fashion issues do arise. Usually, they arise at the wrong time. That is why having a stocked sewing basket on hand can solve your fashion issue quickly and without a lot of hassle. Having a sewing box

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