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What is and How to Use a Skirt Marker (Singer, Dritz, Pin It)

When it comes to making a good dress or shirt, it pays to mark your fabric. This way you can sew between the lines and have whatever you are making turn out looking like a professional sewed.What is a

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How to Make a Sewing Box From a Shoebox or Wood (9 Steps)

Being a DIY person comes in handy. You can save a lot of money and build exactly what you want. Your creativity is unleashed and you can come up with some pretty good designs that will wow your family

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What to Put in a Sewing Box: 11 Must-Have Items

Fashion issues do arise. Usually, they arise at the wrong time. That is why having a stocked sewing basket on hand can solve your fashion issue quickly and without a lot of hassle. Having a sewing box

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