Buying T-shirt Neck Ribbing (How Do You Make Ribbing?)

Being casual takes a little ribbing. Not the funny ha ha style but the fabric style. Yet when you are making your T-shirts, you may find that the stores do not carry any ribbing. That situation puts you on a quest to find a suitable substitute and sometimes self-fabric will come to your rescue.

You would think that buying a T-shirt ribbing was simple and easy. The sad fact is that not all stores have it in stock at the time you need it. Going to the national chain fabric stores should help you find what you need.

To learn more about where to buy T-shirt ribbing just continue to read our article. It will tell you where you can shop and how to sew ribbing on to shirts and sleeves. Getting the right directions first will save you a lot of time.

What is Ribbing Fabric?

This kind of fabric is woven in such a way that there is a foundation surface of the fabric and then raised lines that usually run vertically in direction. Some ribbing fabrics are great for the waistband on underwear as they are tough and durable.

That durability works well when you are making a nice T-shirt for your spouse of children. The cost is done by the inch at some fabric outlets. One store is charging 49 cents per inch so if you need a lot then you may be a lot more than you wanted.

Ribbed fabric is popular for different activities as it can form a nice barrier between synthetic clothes and the skin. Also, if it is made of a cotton fiber then the ribbed fabric moves well and easily. You do not lose any breathability when using a cotton ribbed fabric.

What Does it Mean When a Shirt is Ribbed?


It means that the fabric used to make the shirt has a very flat surface with raised lines running vertically up and down the shirt. The raised ribs provide an element or durability without sacrificing any comfort.

Also, the ribbed shirt should breathe well without losing any of its warmth factors. A good ribbed sweater remains nice and warm while letting your body breathe well. What it also means is that you have a shirt that moves well. (check the types of shirts for men)

You can make just about any move you want and the shirt should move with you without restricting arms or shoulders. Then the ribbed shirt wears well. By that, it is meant that the shirt should last without fading of the colors if taken care of properly.

Finally, it means that you have a shirt that is easy to keep clean. Water should flow through the fabric getting all the dirt out.

What is a Ribbed Neckline?

A ribbed neckline is the edge of the T-shirt running around the collar area. It is made from ribbed fabric and if done right it will look very professional and not handmade.

Also, the ribbed neckline allows you to add a fashionable decorative touch that helps the wearer remain in style and look good at the same time. With its unique stretch and texture, you are not losing any comfort even when the style seems a little too fashion-forward.

Then a ribbed neckline provides a nice classic look that should upgrade any fabric you use whether it is for a T-shirt, sweater or sweatshirt. Putting a ribbed neckline on is not difficult and should only take a few minutes of your time to get it just right.

The key will be in using the right stitch making it strong enough to handle daily wear and tear.

Why are Undershirts Ribbed?


There are several reasons why ribbed fabrics are used for undershirts. First, they provide a very comfortable feel next to the skin. One can go about their day in total comfort no matter what they are wearing over the top of it.

Second, the ribbed undershirt creates a barrier from the different chemicals use din creating synthetic fabrics used to create outerwear. That barrier can keep you healthier as the chemicals can’t leech through to your skin.

A third reason is that the ribbed undershirt moves well. This extra freedom makes it possible to do different activities without hurting yourself, chaffing or feeling uncomfortable.

A final reason why undershirts are made with ribbed fabrics is that your body can still breathe when wearing one. You should not overheat and stay calm, cool and collected even though the day’s temperatures are rising.

What Does Ribbed top Mean?

It could mean several things depending n the type of top you are wearing at the time. For athletic workouts, a ribbed top means you remain more comfortable and can move more freely when you are doing your different exercises.

Also, you can lift weights, run on the machines, and do different exercises without restricting your movement. A ribbed tank top makes sure your body breathes as you work out and makes sure you have a good time exercising with few interruptions.

When wearing a regular top, you know you will have comfort, style and warmth rolled into one article of clothing. You remain stylish and can go out looking like a million dollars even though your bank account is nowhere near that amount.

In other words, ribbed tops are not cheap looking. They are professionally made so you always look like you are current in today’s fashions.

Where to Buy Ribbing Fabric


Like a lot of other fabric varieties, locations to buy ribbed fabrics are almost unlimited. The only difficulty you may face is whether you went to the store at the time they have it in stock or not.

If you are taking the time to look on the internet before heading out to your local stores then you will find almost 1000 options on Etsy to choose from. Then Rockywoods has the fabric on sale for about 49 cents per inch.

But those are not the only places you can turn to during your internet search. There is also eBay, harts fabrics and Amazon. These online outlets should have a good selection and if they don’t you can try Mood fabrics and similar internet stores.

If you want to get a little fresh air. Your local fabric stores should have some. And as usual, if they don’t they either have leads or can order some in for you. Boosting the local economy is always a good gesture to make.

Next on the list will be your local department store’s fabric section or you can skip the crowds and go straight to Hobby Lobby, Joann’s. Michaels and Hancocks. Whether the fabric is in stock or not is another question.

But overall you have quite a few good options to use when you need ribbed fabrics.

How do You Make the Ribbing

Probably the best way to create your ribbing is through knitting. Adding ribbing to a knitted garment adds more stretch. Learning how to add ribbing to your knitting is easy. If you know how to purl then you can learn how to add a rib stitch.

The simple lesson is to learn how to do a knit stitch and then a purl stitch. To add the ribbing, just alternate the two styles. Of course, there are several other steps you need to learn to do to make the rib stitch come out just right.

  • Step one - prepare your needles and pull out a little thread from the yarn ball.
  • Step two - pull a little yarn out of the ball and hang it from your thumb and forefinger. The thumb should have the end piece and you should have about a foot of yarn hanging over it. To know if you have done it right, your thumb, forefinger, and needle should form a triangle.
  • Step three - do what is called cast on. This is taking the yarn from both your thumb and forefinger. Then secure the yarn to the needle.
  • Step four - create as many stitches in this style as you want following step two repeatedly
  • Step five - identify the working yarn and the tail yarn. The former is still attached to the ball and the latter is hanging over your thumb.

At this point, you now do your knit and purl stitches. Alternate the two so you create the ribbing you want to see. You do the alternating until you reached the end of your row. This is where you start all over again until your garment is ready.

How do You Sew a Ribbing On a Shirt


This is not really that difficult to do. Your toughest choice will be to decide if you want to match colors or mix them up a little. The first step is to hold the ribbing ribbon around the user’s head and mark it.

You will need to fold the ribbing in half so make the width twice as wide as called for. When this is done cut at the mark and sew the two ends together, right sides facing each other. (Click cut tshirt neck to learn more)

At this juncture, it is best to double-check and make sure the tube will stretch far enough so the user can get it over their heads easily. Now fold in half with the wrong sides facing each other. Then mark the center back.

After all that is done, make sure your bodice piece has the shoulders sewn into place and if so, pin the tube to the right side of the bodice. Pin it all the way around matching up the front, back, and side points.

Now is the time to sew. You do not have to start at any particular spot but if it helps you sew better try starting at the center back. As you sew stretch the ribbing to match the neck size.

Turn the seam to the inside and do a top stitch after you have finished the exterior. When you make a complete loop, you are done. Secure your thread and let the person it is intended to wear it.

How to Add Ribbing to a Sleeve


There are a lot of decisions you need to make before you start sewing. First, you need to know your wrist size and if you want the fit to be loose or snug. Next, you have to decide how long you want the ribbed cuff to be. Finally, what color you are going to use is the next decision.

After all, that is done take your wrist measurement, add 1 inch and then double the total. That gives you the width of the cuff. Next decide if you want 3 or 5-inch cuffs, then double that number and add an inch for seam allowance.

Remember you need two cuffs so you need to make sure you cut enough fabric for both cuffs at the same measurements. Now you cut your fabric into rectangles that will match the width and length you require.

You will have to decide which is the right and wrong side and make your marks on the latter side. Next, fold the fabric and sew the two sides together using your seam allowance.

Quarter your sleeves and pin together. Next, sew the quartered pieces with the right side out. Next, sew the cuff onto your sleeve and finish the raw edges. When that is completed you are done.

Some Final Words

Ribbed fabrics are a great addition to a variety of clothing items. Not only does it stretch well, but you can also use a variety of colors to make your garment sparkle. Also, the ribbed fabric is very flexible moving as you move without making you uncomfortable when you do move.

Adding ribbing to a shirt is not hard to do and any experienced sewer can get it done quickly and with a professional look.

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