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What Are The Different Types of Pleats? (Box vs Knife Pleats)

When you want to spice up your look, you can always go to pleats. These little design features may take a little time in creating but once they are done, your fashion look would enhance your figure and

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20 Different Types of Scarves (Shapes, Winter, Guys, Muslim)

The number does not matter... That is because there are so many different types of scarves, that different websites leave too many types off their lists or count some twice. The safest thing to say is

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30 Different Types of Belt Buckles (Western, Adjustable…)

They can be small or they can be large. Either way, a belt buckle influences your fashion style. No matter their size, these accessories can make or break your look. The good news is that there are so

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Are Belts In Style? (11 Types of Men’s and Women’s Belts)

The term has many applications but generally when it is used it is referring to a fashion accessory that can make or break any outfit you own. Using the right belt and you can be seen as fashion-forward.

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A Line Skirt vs Pencil Skirt vs Straight Skirt: How to Choose

If there's a more divisive garment than a skirt, it's yet to be found.Some women love them so much, they're rarely found out of them. Others hate them with a vengeance. For women who fall into the second

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Checkered Pattern Names: The Ultimate Check Pattern List

Whether they’re used in the home or in the wardrobe, checkered patterns add a dash of sartorial flair that we could all do with a little more of.You've probably seen a fair few different types of checkered

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Different Shapes and Types of Hips: What Type Do I Have?

Hips… we all have them, we all use them, but what exactly are they? Shapes and Types of Hips Where are Your Hips?How Many Types of Hips are There?What are The Different Types of hips?What Type of

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Different Types Of Shirts and Their Names (The Ultimate List)

There is a shirt for all occasions. That is one thing you do not have to worry about. In fact, there are so many shirt categories and styles that you can be creative and think outside the box then wear

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Difference Between Button-up and Button-down Shirt (Tips)

As one fashion person put it, button-up shirts are not necessarily button-down shirts but button-down shirts are button-up shirts. Some times the different fashion terms just do not accurately describe

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The Ultimate Types of Shorts List (Denim, for Men, Ladies)

Daisy Dukes are shorts. They may be too immodest for some but they qualify for the shorts category. You will find that there are probably more shorts styles than there are fabrics to make them. At least

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