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Is Wool Breathable? (Can You Wear Wool in The Summer?)

Finding the right outfit can have a person standing in front of their closets for a long time and yelling that they have nothing to wear. Finding a breathable fabric on a hot day can be tough especially

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What-Does-Polyester-Feel-Like-(Is-Polyester-Soft-and Shiny)

What Does Polyester Feel Like? (Is Polyester Soft and Shiny)

To some, it is all in the touch. Not only when it comes to romance over casual dating but also in what fabrics they wear and when they wear them. The soft cozy feeling at night helps one relax and release

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How Many Yards On a Bolt of Fabric? (Fabric Bolt Dimensions)

If you have ever been to a fabric store, then you must have seen fabrics being sold in bolts. Generally, the stores separate the fabrics by solids, patterns, felts, wool, silks, laces, and so on. It is

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How Is Fabric Weight Measured? (GSM Fabric Weight Chart)

It does get confusing. The fabric world isn’t always clear when it uses certain terms. Fabric weight does not necessarily mean how much an item weighs but that the cloth for that item came from a piece

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How To Dye Polyester With Acrylic Paint, Rit, Dylon, Food…

Something stained your favorite polyester outfit or it sat out in the sun too long and faded and so on. No matter what color change took place, it is sometimes cheaper to dye or paint the polyester fabric

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Is Polyester Breathable? (Good For Summer vs Sweaty)

When hot temperatures arrive everyone reaches for those clothes designed to keep the body cool. There are a lot of fabrics to choose from as breathability is essential in today’s fashion market. The

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Is Neoprene Warm For Winter? (5mm vs 2mm vs Wool)

You will be acting like a pirate when the temperatures drop down to colder levels. You will be saying shiver me timbers if you are not wearing the right material to keep yourself warm. Then you will be

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Is Neoprene Breathable? (Does Neoprene Make You Sweat?)

Not everything has to be breathable unless you live in one of those one-season areas of the world. Then every fabric you wear should be breathable. Breathability is just one criteria upon which to judge

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Does Neoprene Stretch Over Time or When Wet? (How To Do It)

There are those situations where you haven’t worn a pair of pants for a while and when you put them on and stretch a little you hear the sound of a rip in the wrong spot. Some stretch is okay but stretchy

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Is Modal Fabric Breathable? (Modal Fabric Pros and Cons)

The hot weather doesn’t always stop at the end of August. For some people, the need to wear breathable fabrics continues for another month. Finding the most comfortable and appealing material that breathes

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