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What Interfacing to Use for Hats (Sun Hat Brim, Bucket)

It all depends. Those are 3 words many people get tired of hearing. But that is the way it is in the sewing world. What item you use, how much of it and when to use it, all depends on the sewing project,

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Where To Buy Belt Backing by The Yard (Helpful Guide)

It seems that finding backing for belts is something like a treasure hunt now that the main supplier seems to have disappeared from the store shelves. Just when you have found what you need, it goes away

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Fleece vs Flannel: 9 Differences Between Fleece and Flannel

​Staying warm according to some is a matter of your state of mind. if you think you are warm then you feel warmer. If you think you are cold then you feel colder. The good news is that there are fabrics

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Cotton vs Muslin: 8 Differences Between Cotton and Muslin

There are basic fabrics and then there are those fabric families that have multiple versions of the same fiber. Cotton is both a basic fabric and it has multiple versions of it. These different versions

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Sherpa vs Fleece: 8 Differences Between Sherpa and Fleece

The cool weather is coming. One thing you want to do is stay warm without spending too much money on wool winter garments. One way to do both is to consider wearing fleece this winter. This material was

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Cotton vs Nylon: 15 Differences Between Cotton and Nylon

Cotton has been around since the beginning of time and it has proven its worth time and again. Nylon has not been around as long but many people prefer to have that fabric on when doing certain activities.

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Cotton vs Silk: 12 Differences Between Cotton and Silk

If there is a fabric hierarchy, then both cotton and silk, along with wool, would fill the top tiers of the fabric kingdom. There is nothing that beats natural fibers and when woven into clothing you are

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Cotton vs Flannel: 11 Differences Between Flannel and Cotton

Sometimes it is easy to see the differences between two fabrics. If one is a natural fiber and the other is a synthetic one then the differences are often very obvious. But when the same type of fibers

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Organza vs Chiffon: Differences Between Organza and Chiffon

After you say yes to that long-desired wedding proposal, the hard part comes into play. Deciding which fabric you will have on your own unique wedding gown. Both fabrics are good to use and you most likely

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Linen vs Muslin: 10 Differences Between Muslin and Linen

Finding the right fabric for your next successful sewing project can be difficult. There are so many differences to choose between. Natural fabrics are not doing anyone any favors as they can be as different

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