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What Is Batiste Fabric? (Characteristics, Uses, Care, Buy)

There are so many fabrics that it is hard to keep up with them all. Then each one may have a different purpose making it all the more difficult to keep them straight. You need a scorecard to consult to

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Is Slinky Material Stretchy? (Slinky Fabric Uses and Guide)

This material is not that favorite kids’ toy made famous during the 1960s and 70s. The fabric does not climb downstairs nor is it made from metal. Plus, it is not durable enough for children to play

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What Material Are Scrubs Made of? (How Much Fabric and Tips)

Scrubs are not normal clothes. Medical scrubs may have to be registered with a federal agency if you are making them for someone else. 3 agencies in the US govern the construction of medical scrubs which

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17 Fuzzy Fabric Types and Names (Stop Fuzzy Shedding Tips)

Sometimes you are just in the mood to get a cup of hot chocolate, start a fire in the fireplace and wrap yourself into a nice fuzzy blanket. These fabrics are soft, comfortable as well as cozy making sure

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15 Soft-Fluffy-Fabric-Types-and-Names-Helpful-Guide

15 Soft Fluffy Fabric Types and Names (Helpful Guide)

Just about everyone likes fluffy fabrics. They are soft, feel good next to your skin, and can provide a nice barrier between you and the cool air. Plus, they help you relax as these materials fold their

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Acetate Fabric Characteristics, Uses, Examples, and Care

In between fabrics have their place in the fashion world like all other fabrics. They are not completely synthetic and not completely natural. That means that you get the best of both worlds when you use

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17 Types of Stretch Fabric (Full Stretchy Fabric Names List)

Rippppp!! That is usually not the sound you hear when you wear stretch fabrics. The reason you don't hear that sound is that the fabric can stretch to meet your body movements. Stretch fabrics do have

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11 Types of Sheer Fabric And Names (Helpful Guide and Tips)

All transparent fabrics are sheer fabrics but not all sheer fabrics are transparent. usually, while both fabrics appear on the same list, sheers are more semi-transparent than clear see-through. But what

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Cotton vs Poplin vs Twill: What Is Poplin Fabric (Full Guide)

No matter how fabrics are constructed, they have certain characteristics that create very interesting elements and looks. With those unique characteristics and looks, your wardrobe then becomes more attractive

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11 Transparent Fabric Types and Names (Helpful Guide)

See-through is another name for those fabrics that do not have any real texture, consistency, or real color. You can see right through these fabrics and not have any surprises. The major problem is that

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