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List of Breathable Fabrics: Best Fabrics For Hot Weather

Summer – who doesn’t love it? Sunshine, strolls in the park, picnics at the beach… and sweat. Hot weather may be great, but it comes with a dilemma – what can we wear to beat the heat and not end

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Is Suede Warm and Snow Proof? (Does It Keep You Warm?)

It is a winter wonderland, everything looks great. The snow-covered buildings and trees bring a special feel to the day and can make you feel warm all over. That is unless you are wearing suede. You may

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What Fabric are Chinos Made From? (Best Fabric for Chinos)

You hear the name but often wonder what is the fabric behind the style. That is the way it is with a lot of great fashion trends. All you know is the name and when you go to make a clothing item out of

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Is Viscose Breathable in Hot Weather? (Helpful Guide)

Hot weather is returning soon. It pays to be ready and stock your wardrobe with clothes made from the right fabrics. Having the right selection of clothes handy should prevent you from enduring any difficult

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Is Viscose Warm To Wear? (Viscose Warm Weather Tips)

When the weather turns colder is important to find the right fabrics to wear so you do not catch a cold. It is important to wear the right fabric or you will be stuck adding layer upon layer just to stay

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Does Viscose Fabric Make You Sweat? (Does It Show Sweat?)

Sweating is a problem for some people. This natural function of the body can be uncomfortable and a little off-putting to your romantic partner. The best way to keep these problems to a minimum is to wear

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2 Way vs 4 Way Stretch Fabric: What Is And When/How to Use

Conquering those knits can be a tough task especially when you forget which way the fabric stretches. What makes it even worse is that knits can stretch 2 ways and 4 ways and they never tell you which

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What Fabric Are Cargo Pants Made Of? (Best Options)

Fashion has lots of opportunities for you to look good. Not everyone looks great in every available fashion. That is why there are so many different kinds. If humans were one size fits all and one style

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5 Apron Fabric Options: The Best Fabric for Making Aprons

People love to cook. Unfortunately, not all people who cook are very neat when they make their prized dish. They need to be covered and covered well. Thin cotton one size fits all aprons are not the solution

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6 Tips For Sewing With Duck Cloth (Needle and Tension)

Some play hard, live hard and put their clothing through the test everyday. That is why you should consider using duck cloth for many of your sewing projects. Not only is the fabric strong, but it can

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