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Does Fleece Fray? How to Finish Fleece Blanket Edges or Hem

One of the things you have to watch out for is fraying. That little sewing hurdle can cause a lot of problems for you when you made the perfect little outfit. Or so you thought. Making sure a fabric doesn’t

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What Does Fleece Feel Like? (How To Make It Feel Like New)

When it comes to comfort, you want a fabric that is soft, nice to wear, and doesn't prick you as you move. There are a lot of fabrics out there that meet those requirements. The choice may be hard to make

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Is Fleece Breathable? (Is Fleece Good For Hot Weather)

The weather is turning warm and you have a cute fleece outfit in your closet you still want to wear. What stops you from putting it on and going about your day is the nagging question, will the outfit

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What Is The Best Fabric for Stools? (Bar, Vanity, Kitchen)

Like people, household stools come in various sizes and shapes. Finding the best fabric for them may or may not be that difficult. It will depend on how picky you are and what the room looks like you want

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11 Types of Fabric for Shirts (Best For T-Shirt, Dress Shirt)

You are going to wear the shirt for hours. It is a smart move to buy a shirt made with some of the finest fabrics around. When you go with the best, then you feel good about yourself and you can go to

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Best Fabric for Couches With Dogs or Cats (How To Choose)

Pets are family, but one of the things that take away from their favored status is their claws. Cat and to some extent dog claws are very rough on your expensive and prized furniture. But if you get the

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Best Fabric for Making Curtains (Blackout, Outdoor, Kitchen)

The curtains are wonderful. They may not be soundproof but they do add a little privacy to your life no matter where you are. In the hospital or at home, drawing the curtains helps you retain some dignity

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What Fabric Are Cloth Diapers Made Of? (9 Best Fabrics)

Cotton and other natural fibers have been around a long time. Over the generations they have found their way into every aspect of home life. That is not a bad thing as everyone from babies to adults need

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5 Best Fabrics For Towels (Most Absorbent Fabric For Towels)

When you are creating towels at your sewing machine, it is best to work with the top of the line fabrics. That way you know you are turning out quality results and impressing family and friends with your

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Best Fabric For Baby Clothes (Knit, Cotton, Jersey, Organic)

When it comes to clothing your child but like every other facet of raising a child, everyone has a different opinion on what children should or should not wear. It is your child, you get to make the decisions

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