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Is Neoprene Breathable? (Does Neoprene Make You Sweat?)

Not everything has to be breathable unless you live in one of those one-season areas of the world. Then every fabric you wear should be breathable. Breathability is just one criteria upon which to judge

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Does Neoprene Stretch Over Time or When Wet? (How To Do It)

There are those situations where you haven’t worn a pair of pants for a while and when you put them on and stretch a little you hear the sound of a rip in the wrong spot. Some stretch is okay but stretchy

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Is Modal Fabric Breathable? (Modal Fabric Pros and Cons)

The hot weather doesn’t always stop at the end of August. For some people, the need to wear breathable fabrics continues for another month. Finding the most comfortable and appealing material that breathes

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Is Nylon Breathable? (Is Nylon Good For Hot Weather)

Summer means heat. That is when you start to check the closet for the right fabrics to wear. Not every fabric, is perfect for the summertime weather, and knowing which ones work and which ones do not,

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Finishing Leather Edges: How to Hem Leather Pants and More

You can’t forget the little details. These little details are vital to the look and durability of any clothing item you make. Ignoring them means you have not finished your outfit and taking shortcuts.

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Elastane vs Spandex vs Lycra vs Polyester: Which Is Better?

What is in a name? For fabrics, a name can mean status, class, or just a common everyday clothing item. Names tell a person exactly what they are getting when they are shopping for the right fabric for

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What Fabric Is Used For Coats? (Best For Trench, Duffle)

When you are completing your fashion outfit, you cannot ignore your coat. Any ensemble will not be complete if you use the wrong fabric or the wrong style in creating your next coat. Using the right material

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Fleece Warmth Ratings: Is Fleece Warm Enough For Winter?

What to wear. That is the question so many people ask when looking at a closet full of clothes. In winter it becomes even harder to decide as you need warmer fabrics but they do not always come in the

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What Is The Best Fabric For Hoodies? (9 Options And Weight)

You are just trying to stay warm. One of the best ways to do that when you want to be comfortable and casual is by wearing a hoodie. These little clothing items keep the cold out and let you protect the

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What Fabric Are Gloves Made Of? (Oven, Waterproof, Cosplay)

Different duties demand different fabrics. No matter what you are doing, there is a material that is best suited for that duty. Finding the right material for your task just takes a little research. Then

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