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What Can I Use Instead of Felt? (6 Felt Fabric Substitutes)

Some fabrics just don't work out. What you think is a great fabric turns out to be less than desirable when you see the way it looks after it comes out of the wash. This is a problem that happens a lot

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Cotton vs Bamboo: 9 Differences Between Cotton and Bamboo

Fabrics all have their place. While some people sing the praises of one type there is almost the same amount of people singing the praises of another type. Which one is better depends on the people who

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Finding Vera Bradley Fabric by the Yard (Who Sells?)

The top line fabrics can be found by the yard if you look hard enough. That is a good thing because you get the same quality material without paying the upscale price. Don’t be surprised if the material

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What is a Minky And Why Are Minky Blankets So Expensive?

Sometimes names or labels describe a product perfectly. Other times, they are very misleading. Everyone can agree that there is no better term for silk. Yet names like Minky can leave a person scratching

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What Is Polyamide Fabric Material? (Is It Toxic-Safe-Warm?)

Understanding the different fabrics and how they are made will help you design your wardrobe a lot better. Knowing which ones will keep you cooler, warmer, healthier, and safer is a big plus when you want

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Does Bamboo Fabric Stretch? (How to Stretch Bamboo Socks)

When you need to move and move quickly, it pays to have a fabric that moves with you easily. More often than not someone has been embarrassed when the fabric remained in place while they bent over to pick

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What Is Ramie Fabric? (Uses, Advantages, Helpful Guide)

It may be the oldest fabric. You never heard of it. That is if you are not an experienced sewer and rarely deal in fabrics outside of cotton, wool, silk, or synthetics. The good news is that it is a natural

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Suede vs Alcantara: Differences Between Suede and Alcantara

All that glistens is not gold. All suede fabrics are not suede or even made from leather products. Since the industrial revolution fabric manufacturers have been looking for ways to provide leather-like

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Suede vs Canvas: 9 Differences Between Suede and Canvas

When it comes to sewing projects there is always the perfect fabric to work with. No matter where you live you can always find the perfect fabric for what you are creating. That right fabric may not always

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Tencel vs Modal:11 Differences Between Tencel and Modal

The two fabrics in the comparison may be similar but there are subtle differences that set them apart from each other. Those differences are what help influence your decision to use a particular fabric

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