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Velvet Material Colors: What Color is Velvet? (Red – Blue)

Like the leaves of Autumn there really is no one color of fabrics unless you count original white as a color. Fabrics come in all colors and depending on what is in style for that year. If you want a different

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Vantablack Fabric: Can You Buy Vantablack Clothes?

Not all interesting colors can be purchased. There will be times where you will see a color that just attracts your complete attention. Then you find out you can’t purchase it. There are always different

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Leathaire vs Leather: What Is Air Leather Made Of? (5 Tips)

Manufacturers are always working to come up with a perfect material that mimics natural fibers. it is basically an impossible task as nothing can match natural no matter how hard one tries. Leathaire is

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Does Dri Fit Shrink? How to Shrink Dri Fit Clothes (6 Tips)

You may think that athletic clothing is given extra manufacturing to prevent shrinking. If they are made from 100% polyester or other synthetic materials that may be the case. But if they are a blend you

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Polyamide vs Polyester: 12 Differences And What Is Better

Polyester is polyester. But polyamide is a name for a large family of different materials. Then even within those family groups, there are several sub-sections that further define polyamide fabrics. Even

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Is Polyamide Stretchy? (How To Stretch Polyamide Fabric)

There are a lot of fabrics out there that stretch. Some more than others. Each one can be used in many different sewing projects when you want to avoid embarrassing situations. But no fabric can help you

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Is Polyester Vegan? (What Is Polyester Made of)

A lot of people care about the fabrics they wear. They go to great strides and expense to make sure they are wearing the correct fabric that fits their lifestyle. They also want to make sure their clothing

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Does Polyamide Shrink? How To Shrink Polyamide Clothing

When you go smaller, you want your favorite clothes to go smaller as well. But not all fabrics will agree with that decision. Some of them resist shrinking while others will embrace it. What happens to

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Ultimate Vegan Fabrics List: Is Sherpa-Fleece-Velvet Vegan?

Different lifestyles influence the type of clothing and fabrics one will wear. That is the great thing about having a little freedom and freedom to choose. People get to wear what they want in accordance

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What Is Cupro Fabric? Cupro Fabric Properties and Care Guide

One needs a scorecard to keep all the different fabrics straight. That scorecard should list all the properties of any given fabric making it easier to decide on which one to use in your next sewing project.

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