Does Dri Fit Shrink? How to Shrink Dri Fit Clothes (6 Tips)

You may think that athletic clothing is given extra manufacturing to prevent shrinking. If they are made from 100% polyester or other synthetic materials that may be the case. But if they are a blend you may see some shrinking take place.

Does Dri Fit shrink? It is possible to see some shrinking when you put your Nike Dri Fit clothing in the laundry. The shrinkage may come when that clothing is a synthetic and natural blend. Hot water and high dryer heat will be the cause of the problem.

To learn more about shrinking Nike Dri Fit clothing just continue to read our article. it may be impossible to shrink the 100% polyester versions but the blends should shrink a little. Keep reading to find out.

Tip 1: make sure to wash Nike Dri Fit clothing in cold water. Hot water may cause some shrinking.

Tip 2: If you want to keep your Dri Fit clothing in perfect condition, do not wash those items with any clothing that has zippers. The zippers can cause damage when rubbing up against the Dri Fit items.

Will Dri Fit Shrink?


It is possible that you may see some shrinking take place when you launder your Nike Dri Fit clothing. Usually, the dryer will be the main culprit in this and if you do not want to shrink your clothing, then you should avoid the dryer.

Hang drying will be the best way to protect your Nike Dri Fit items and keep them in their original size. If you want to shrink the clothing on purpose you are taking a big risk as there is no shut off button that will stop the process.

You may end up going too far and ruining the outfit. It is better to just buy a smaller size of the same shirt and buy that. The reason we say that is because polyester which Dri Fit is made from most of the time, resists shrinking and may only deform on you when the heat is applied.

Tip 3: Avoid exposing your Dri Fit clothing to high temperatures. That level of heat should cause your clothing to shrink if not lose its shape

Does Dri Fit Shrink in the Wash?

Normally, this material should not shrink in the wash but then most people wash those items in cold water to avoid any hot water issues. it is possible for hot water to shrink some Dri Fit clothing items but that would depend on the fibers used to create it.

You have to keep in mind that Dri Fit is only the Nike brand name for its clothing line. It is not a fabric in and of itself. that clothing line is made from cotton, polyester, or a blend of the two.

When it is time to launder this type of clothing you should read the label to see what it is made from and then wash accordingly. Polyester and cotton washing instructions normally do not change from garment to garment.

Avoid the dryer at all costs as that will possibly deform your polyester fibers.

Tip 4: If you want to alter your Dri Fit clothing items, it may be best to take them to a professional seamstress or tailor. They can alter the size without the risk that comes with trying to shrink the material yourself.

Does Nike Dri Fit Shrink in the Dryer?


This will depend on the material used to create the shirt or pants made under this label. If the fibers are 100% cotton or even a cotton-poly blend you can expect the cotton fibers to shrink some under the higher heat levels.

If the shirt or pants are made from 100% polyester expect the fibers to melt on you. After all, polyester is just another word for plastic. heat melts plastic and doesn't shrink it. There may be some deforming taking place if the shirt or pants are made from a cotton-poly blend.

If you use the dryer keep the heat as low as possible unless the cleaning label says otherwise. Your cleaning activities should follow along the lines of how you clean regular polyester and cotton clothing.

Dri Fit is not a new or special fabric created through a time-consuming process. It is merely a brand name to help Nike sell more clothing.

Tip 5: When washing this line of clothing avoid using bleach. the bleach will wear the fibers down weakening them to a point where they will wear out faster. You may even see some color fade to the Dri Fit clothing items.

Can Dri Fit Go In The Dryer?

Technically, you can put them in the dryer but your results may not be as expected. If your heat levels are low or no heat, then do not expect the clothing to be dry when the cycle is done.

If you raise those levels too high, you may see some shrinkage if there are natural fibers blended in with the polyester fibers. Then, you may also see some of those polyester fibers melt or lose their form in some other way.

Polyester may resist shrinking but it does not resist melting. That high dryer heat may melt those fibers and ruin your expensive clothing. If those clothing items are made from cotton then you should be careful as well as cotton can shrink when placed in the dryer.

The best way to get your Dri Fit clothing items dry is to hang dry them. That way you avoid problems.

Tip 6: When washing your Dri Fit clothing you should avoid using fabric softener. The chemicals in the different fabric softeners can get in the way of the moisture-wicking ability Dri Fit clothing has.

Is There a Way to Shrink Dri Fit Shirts?


If the Dri Fit shirts are made with cotton or 100% cotton, then yes it is possible to shrink them. The dryer is the best tool to do this as its high temperatures will relax the fibers enough for them to shrink.

But if your Dri Fit clothing is made from 1200% polyester then there really is no way to shrink them outside of having a professional do the altering. That option may get a bit expensive especially if you have more than one shirt or pants that need to be altered.

Purposeful shrinking, as we said earlier, comes with risks. It is possible to get those clothing items to shrink too far. Plus, when you are using a lot of heat, you can’t stop the polyester from deforming. Polyester does not shrink very well and those clothing items end up being ruined when you try.

Best Way to Shrink a Dri Fit Shirt

If you want the best and safest method then you should take your Dri Fit shirts to the tailors and let the professionals alter the fabric for you. Unless those clothing items are blended with cotton, bamboo, rayon, or wool, and so on, you won’t get the shirts or pants to shrink.

Even then a blend may not shrink that much as the polyester fibers help those natural fibers resist shrinking. When you have a Dri Fit shirt that is too large make sure it is made from 100% natural fibers.

Anything other than 100% and you may end up ruining the clothing. With that said, you still have to make sure those natural fibers have not been treated with a chemical that prevents shrinking.

The other best and safest way to shrink your clothing is to return to the store and buy the exact same thing in a size that fits.

How to Shrink Dri Fit Shorts


We checked the Nike website and there is not one article by the Nike experts that provides any instruction on how to shrink their clothing. What that means is that it is virtually impossible to shrink that clothing line unless it is made from the right natural fibers.

If you want to try and shrink your Dri fit shorts, then the risk is all yours. Try hot water wash and then place the shorts in a hot dryer for a full cycle. if you haven’t ruined those shorts, they may be a bit smaller.

How much smaller will be anyone’s guess as there is no way to control the shrinking process and your shorts may melt or deform on you.

Some Final Words

Just because the clothing line is made by a famous sports clothing corporation doe sit mean that those fabrics have special powers. Those clothing lines, like Dri Fit, are subject to the rules that come with the fibers they are made from.

What this means is that if you want to make Dri Fit clothing smaller you either have them professionally altered or go out and buy a smaller version. The results you get from trying to shrink them may have you wasting your money.

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