Velvet Material Colors: What Color is Velvet? (Red – Blue)

Like the leaves of Autumn there really is no one color of fabrics unless you count original white as a color. Fabrics come in all colors and depending on what is in style for that year. If you want a different color all you have to do is be patient and it will arrive soon.

What color is velvet? Red seems to be the most popular color when it comes to velvet. But that does not mean it does not come in different colors like cotton, linen, or polyester. You should be able to find velvet in a color you like but it may not be found in great numbers.

To learn more about the color of velvet just continue to read our article. It has that information so you can make your plans for your next velvet sewing project. It only takes a few minutes to get that information.

Is Velvet a Color or Texture?

This fabric is more of a texture than color. There are over 17 different types of velvet materials and each of those styles can come in a different color if the manufacturer so chooses.

What makes this material so popular is the depth of color that velvet has when dyed. Because it can be dyed there really is no one color for this fabric. With that said, you may only see this material in one or two colors the majority of the time.

Historically both red and blue were the primary colors reserved for velvet as both colors have been found in different royal courts. But it wasn’t the color per se that made the fabric so popular in royal houses. It was the texture that was able to make velvet very popular in clergy and royal robes.

What is Velvet Color?


If you are going to use velvet color to establish a hard and fast determination of the color of velvet then you would be looking at a very muted reddish tint. The velvet HTML color is #7E354D and the blended colors that make this shade of red or purple are RGB: 126, 53, 77 - HSL: 0.95, 0.41, 0.35.

There are different shades or hues to this color and you can see those different shades at this link. You may get a different hue when you turn paint into this color. Shades will depend on what kind of material you want to use.

Velvet color is very attractive and not so brilliant that you need sunglasses to shade your eyes. Plus, it makes an easy to read font color that does not bother your eyes.

Where Does Red Velvet Color Come From?

For food or desserts like cakes and cupcakes, red food dye is not normally or originally used to create the red velvet color. Instead, the bakers use cocoa powder which turns red after interacting with baking soda and vinegar.

For fabric, it will be made from the correct dyes that either independently or combined with other dyes that make that unique reddish color. That color doesn't necessarily have to be red and after it is made into cloth, the dye is added.

That means that while most people are familiar with the red and blue velvet colors, this material can be dyed in any color the maker deems is attractive enough for his product. It also means that traditional dyes are used to create the velvet unique look.

For the source of those dyes, you can have natural ones or synthetic ones. It doesn’t matter the source as long as you are happy with the results.

Is Velvet a Shade of Red?


The color velvet can be considered a shade of red. Its hues lie in that direction. It is actually a cross between red and crimson shades and is not so bright you need to wear protective eyewear.

But that is for the actual color called velvet. If you are looking at the fabric velvet then you will find it in a variety of colors including red. Blue and red happen to be the most used colors throughout history but you will find the fabric in a variety of colors in the modern age.

Except for the velvet color, there is no real velvet color when it comes to making the fabric. It is dyed to whatever shade the manufacturer thinks will sell that year. Fads tend to influence the color of the velvet material.

What is Velvet Black Color?

It is a velvety type shade of black that has a little texture to it. It is hard to describe different shades of black as to some people black is black and there are no real shades to it.

Then other people say it is a very dark kind of black that has a deep and very rich shade of color to it. The term black velvet can be used to refer to a very exquisite taste to alcohol giving that product an edge over its competitors.

Other people will just say that black velvet is not really a true color and that velvet is only fabric. Its definition will be up to your personal use of the term and how you view the color spectrum.

What Color is Velvet Red?


It is a muted shade of red that is not as dark as crimson although it can compete with that latter color if you prefer a darker shade. It is also not as bright as red so it does not stand out or bother your eyes when you look at it.

When used as a computer font it is quite attractive and helps you see the letters on your screen a lot easier. Plus, it makes your website or typing look a lot more attractive due to its unique shade.

If you want a gender description, then it is more feminine in nature than masculine.

What Color is Velvet Blue?

There are 4 types of blue shades described as velvet blue- Cetacean Blue (#060630), Dark Imperial Blue (#0B0B60), Cadmium Blue (#111190), and Bluebonnet (#1C1CF0). You can go to this link to see their RGB & CMYK combinations.

The darkest versions seem to be the most attractive while the lighter versions are more brilliant than the lighter red hues of red velvet. You can make your own comparison at that link and see which shade you prefer.

Which one you will use will also be up to your personal tastes but for the most part, we find the lighter shades more overpowering than the darkest of them all. The red shades appear far more attractive and the blue as a font color does not seem to be really awe-inspiring.

The brilliance of the lighter two shades makes reading words on a screen than the black velvet and red velvet tones.

How to Make Red Velvet Color With Paint


The first thing you need to know is that red is a primary color and you cannot create the red color by mixing other colors together. To make the color look brighter you add specific brighter colors.

To make it look duller, you add specific darker colors. Since velvet red is a duller kind of red color you will want to mix darker colors with the paint. The formulas for this particular shade is RGB: 126, 53, 77 - HSL: 0.95, 0.41, 0.35.

Doing this yourself may save you money but the results may not be exactly the shade of red you want to see on your walls. It is difficult to mix this or any unique shade yourself. It may be best to take the color code to your local paint store as they have the right colors to mix with red to produce velvet red paint.

Velvet Material Colors

There are at least 40 different velvet material shades you can buy. The majority of those shades are produced from red, black, and blue colors. What other colors you mix with those 3 primary ones will provide you with a velvet shade that may be most attractive or a little too dull for your tastes or purpose.

The green, brown, orange and purple velvet colors are all results of mixing those primary colors with some other shade of primary and not so primary colors. Historically. Blue and red were the dominant velvet colors used by different religions and ruling political houses.

Today you can get velvet material in just about any color you want it in. That selection will depend on your choice.

Some Final Words

As it turns out the three primary colors of black, blue, and red are the traditional and base colors for velvet. Thankfully, over the years fabric makers learned how to mix colors and can create velvet colors in just about any shade found on the color scale.

Finding someone to buy those unique colors is another story and a little more difficult.

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