Is Polyamide Stretchy? (How To Stretch Polyamide Fabric)

There are a lot of fabrics out there that stretch. Some more than others. Each one can be used in many different sewing projects when you want to avoid embarrassing situations. But no fabric can help you when you wear clothing 4 sizes too small.

Is polyamide stretchy? There several different versions of polyamide fabric. Some stretch and others do not. If you get the nylon version then yes, the fabric will stretch for you. In fact, nylon is another name for stretchy polyamide fabric.

To learn more about this material and its stretching ability, just continue to read our article. it gives you the highlights so you know how to use this fabric correctly when you need some stretch in the right places.

What is Polyamide?


If you are not sure what polyamide fabric is, it is a material made from polyamide monomers. In other words, it is a man made product that also includes carbon based molecules.

You may know about it by the products it is used in. Its other names are nylon, kevlar, and Nomex polymer fabric and it is used in items such as women’s stockings, tights, yoga pants, sportswear, riot gear, and firefighting gear.

The material in the right form has a lot of stretch to it and when you wash it the material does pill a lot. Unfortunately, it doesn't breathe that well and it has medium moisture wicking ability.

You can wash it in cold or warm water but avoid hot water as you may shrink the material if the heat gets too high. Avoid the high dryer heats as well.

Can You Stretch Polyamide?


In some forms, you can stretch polyamide. No one wants the riot gear or bulletproof vests to stretch at all. Thus kevlar and firefighting gear have minimal stretch. But when made into nylon then polyamide has lots of stretch to it.

You can use it for a variety of sewing projects wear stretch in clothing is a must. Without that ability to move as you move, nylon would just be another fabric in a world of standard fabrics.

The good news is that when you stretch when wearing this fabric, it will return to its original size right away. That means you should not have any sagging in the wrong places.

Also, the material is tear-proof, abrasion-resistant, and does not absorb a lot of water. This allows you to wear the material in almost any situation your day brings your way.

Does Polyamide Stretch Over Time?


It is possible as some stretchy fabrics do lose their shape after some use. Nylon usually springs back to its original size when you return to a normal position. But a lot will depend on how it was made into a fabric.

Knitted nylon stretches very well and you may see some stretching over time due to wear and tear. However when nylon is woven or tightly spun, then you will not see a lot of stretch in the fabric.

In other words, it is how the fabric is made if it will stretch over time or not. Also, it will depend on how you use the fabric that determines if it loses its shape or ability to spring back or not.

If you are quite active or do those activities that put extreme pressure on a fabric, then you may see some stretch over time. Then how you wash it may contribute to that unwanted stretch.

Man-made fabrics are not as tough as they could be in all situations.

Is Polyamide Stretchy?


Yes and no. It will depend a lot on the quality of the polyamide material and how it was constructed. Plus, it would depend on the manufacturing guidelines used to make the material.

When the polyamide monomer is made into nylon and knitted, then you will see a lot of stretch to the fabric. This is good when you lead a fairly active lifestyle that requires you to do more than walk, sit, or lie down in normal positions.

But do not assume that all polyamide fabrics will stretch. There are some activities that do not require stretch yet need the strength of polyamide to get them through their different situations.

You will have to be careful in your selection of the polyamide fabric as, like natural materials, it comes in a variety of forms and a little knowledge of those forms will make your selection a lot easier.

How to Stretch Polyamide Fabric

They say that the best way to stretch nylon is to shrink it. Yet, nylon is very resistant to shrinking and it may take a little doing to get that task done. Since it is a man-made fiber its design is to retain its shape and resist both shrinking and stretching.

Usually, you would need to see nylon blended with a material that stretches or shrinks before you can do either process with it. Then you need to follow the instructions for the blend fabric.

To get nylon to stretch it should be knitted not woven. The best way to stretch polyamide when it is made into nylon is to soak it in water and put the item on while it is still wet. Let the fabric dry before taking it off.

Another way to stretch nylon is to wet it and then pull it to the size you want and place weights all over the fabric to hold that shape. Do not use heat as heat will melt nylon or other polyamide materials.

Some Final Words

If you want stretchy polyamide material in your next sewing project, just buy nylon or stretchy polyamide that has been knitted. any other form should resist stretching. But be careful as the stretched polyamide fabric may look baggy when you are done.

Plus, it may not stretch that far in length. Your results will be different.

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