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What Is Polished Cotton Fabric Used For? (Tips + Definition)

In the world of sewing, there are more styles of fabrics than days in the year, or so it seems. To both the novice and experienced sewer this can be an overwhelming situation to consider. Every once in

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Can You Cut Elastic In Half Lengthwise? (Keep From Fraying)

When you are working on elastic waistbands sometimes measurements go off or the fabric will not play along. Whatever the mistake it is best to resist temptation and take the easy way out. Sometimes you

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Cloth vs Fabric-Differences Between Textile Fabric and Cloth

Different terms used interchangeably can result in a lot of confusion. Two of those terms are cloth and fabric. While it doesn’t make a lot of difference when you use these materials in your next sewing

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Soft Clothing Material: What Are The Softest Fabrics? Top 9

Comfort is more than just a great mattress on your bed or a plush, thick couch that adapts to your body. It is also found in the fabrics you wear. When you want to be comfortable it is not just a T-shirt

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Quick Dry Fabrics: What Fabric Dries the Fastest? (9 Tips)

You want to wear quick-drying clothing when you get caught in a rainstorm with no extra clothes around to change into. Having fabrics that dry quickly is an advantage and helps keep you on schedule. Plus,

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What Fabrics Shrink vs What Fabric Doesn’t Shrink (The List)

This may be a long list for one category over the other as most fabrics do shrink in some way. While many fabrics are treated to resist shrinking, those treatments are not given to all the fabrics all

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What Is Terylene Cotton Material? (Uses, Mixture, and Tips)

It may be old but Terylene fibers are still useful. By old we mean that the fabric has been around since World War 2 and has been marketed under a different name. Dacron is what this material used to be

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What Does Dri Fit Mean? What Is Dri Fit Made of? Helpful Tips

They may not be the manufacturer, but Nike is the driving force behind their new brand called Dri Fit. It makes sense for sporting goods companies to start having their own clothing lines made as they

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The Ultimate Moisture Wicking Fabrics List (Pros and Cons)

You may have heard the term but may not be sure what a moisture wicking fabric is. That is okay as there are many people in the same boat as you and they want an answer to that very question. Moisture-wicking

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Is Polyester Warm Enough? (Is It Good For Winter and Snow?)

Not everyone is blessed with living in a nice warm climate. Many people have to endure the hardships that come with winter. Those people are always looking for the right fabric that will keep them warm

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