What Does Dri Fit Mean? What Is Dri Fit Made of? Helpful Tips

They may not be the manufacturer, but Nike is the driving force behind their new brand called Dri Fit. It makes sense for sporting goods companies to start having their own clothing lines made as they are competing with other sporting goods companies doing the same thing

What is Dri Fit made of? Dri Fit is made from microfiber polyester fibers that help move the sweat quickly from your body to the exterior of your clothing. The name Dri Fit is the brand name used by Nike to market its innovative clothing to athletes around the globe.

To learn more about Dri Fit just continue to read our article. It has the information to help you understand what this fabric or clothing line is all about. Even if you do not like Nike, it may be a great upgrade in athletic clothing

What is Dri Fit Technology?


According to the Nike website, Dri Fit technology involves using polyester fabric in innovative ways to help move moisture from your body to the outer edges of the fabric.

Also, the microfiber material helps distribute the sweat you produce evenly over the garments so that you stay drier longer. This construction is supposed to work with the body’s natural cooling system to ensure that the sweat is moved away fast.

Plus, the fabric does not get weighed down by sweat. The even distribution factor helps the sweat evaporate before it is absorbed into the fabric. This clothing can be used as a base layer on long hikes, or when the weather turns colder.

Its ability to move the moisture away allows you to remain dry even when others are sweating up a storm. With this technology, Nike is saying that it is okay to sweat again when you work out. The clothes are on your side and they should not produce a foul odor.

The drawback to this clothing will be its ultimate cost.

What Does Dri Fit Mean?

If you pronounce the first word correctly, you will understand what Nike is shooting for when it used those terms to name its new clothing brand. Dri should be pronounced ‘dry’ so what Nike is saying is that these clothes will fit you and keep you nice and dry.

That is basically what the name means. Nike is conveying an important message to its customers in hopes that they will pick their clothing line over the clothing line of their competitors. Adidas calls its similar clothing line ‘Climacool’, while Reebok calls its athletic wear ‘PlayDry’.

As you can see, Dri Fit sends a better message than those two competing clothing lines. You know exactly what you are going to get when you purchase and wear those clothes. The other two names just do not bring the same message or have the same impact as the term Dri Fit does.

All that term means is that when you are wearing these clothing items is a dry set of clothes that fit you like a glove.

How Dri Fit Works


It is a very simple process. The Dri Fit clothing items absorb the moisture your body produces as it heats up. Then it acts quickly to move that moisture through its fibers to a point where the air can evaporate it.

The microfiber polyester is designed to be very breathable so you should be able to get good airflow. That airflow will help keep you cooler and help your body sweat less. You stay dryer as you work out.

This material works the same whether you are in an air-conditioned gym or living in a very hot and humid environment. This clothing line is designed to help you in your daily life as there are some regions of the world where sweat appears after walking 5 to 10 minutes to the store.

It is not just for workouts or athletic games. You can use Dri Fit in almost any casual situation when you want to be cool and still look your best.

Is Dri Fit Cotton?

Nike does make a Dri Fit cotton T-shirt but before you celebrate and think that it is 100% cotton, check the label. While it is called Dri Fit Cotton 2.0 the T-shirt is not made from 100% cotton.

In fact, it is made with 58% cotton fibers and 42% polyester fibers. This blend does the same thing as regular Dri Fit clothing but it is not pure natural fibers next to your skin. Also, while Nike offers over 1,000 Dri Fit products only about 7 are made with any cotton ingredients.

On top of that, those 7 are made for women. There was a cotton T-shirt for men and it may be still available, some people say it isn’t. But that is the only cotton product available under the Dri Fit label (at the time of this writing).

You may be hard-pressed to find this line of clothing in this fabric except as a blend. But don’t give up, you may find it in your local Nike stores.

Is Nike Dri Fit Polyester?


The majority of this clothing line seems to be made of 100% polyester or some form of a cotton-poly blend. Even Nike’s website called the material used in this clothing line microfiber polyester. So expect a lot of polyester choices while getting limited cotton options.

One reviewer asked the question ‘what is so special about Nike’s polyester that makes it different from any other polyester fabric? This is a question that even Nike’s website did not answer. We also ask that question as Nike uses words like ‘innovative’, ‘high-performance construction’, and similar terms to describe this fabric.

Yet, they do not go into any detail concerning what they mean by these descriptive terms. All polyester wicks away moisture as does microfibers, so it is hard to see what makes this version of that fabric better than other versions.

But you be the judge, the polyester in these clothing items will make them lighter than say 100% cotton fabrics and that may be the difference.

Is Dri Fit 100 Polyester?

It seems that is what that part of the Dri Fit clothing line is made from. One reason they are made from polyester is that the material dries the fastest. In some tests, polyester dried 17 minutes faster than 100% cotton.

That can be a big difference when you are in a competitive race and need to stay dryer while you race or play against another team. This material can also be found with an extra UV protective element for when you are out in the sun all day.

That UV protection is found in the golfing shirt line of this brand. Even with that protection, the material is generally 100% microfiber polyester. As we said the Nike website describes the material as microfiber polyester and did not mention cotton anywhere.

One of the drawbacks to this line of clothing is that people with sensitive skin may not be able to wear shirts and pants, etc. There may be an allergic reaction as polyester, even in this form, is still made from petroleum products and harsh chemicals.

What is Dri Fit Made Of?


If you want to get right down to the very basics, Dri Fit clothing is made for the most part from polyester. There may be some cotton in the cotton-poly blends the company offers but the majority of items are made from 100% polyester.

When you look past the hype and the brand name, as well as the company name, you will see that the polyester used for this material is still made from those same petroleum products and harsh chemicals all other polyester fabrics are made from.

There is no real difference between the materials used for this clothing from any other polyester clothing line. If you are allergic to harsh chemicals or petroleum products then it would be best if you found an alternative brand to wear.

Selling under the Nike name does not change any element that is found in polyester. And no one has come forward to say that there are many different ingredients used for this clothing line when the polyester is made for it.

Microfiber vs Dri Fit

This comparison will be the same as comparing Dri Fit to polyester. They are the same product and Dri Fit is merely the brand name that uses microfiber in its clothing construction. The positive and negative properties found in microfiber will be present in this clothing line also.

The Nike website states that this clothing line is made from ‘high performing’ microfiber polyester so it is up to you to figure out what high performing means and if it is better than other microfiber outfits.

To make sure that there is no confusion, Dri Fit does not refer to a brand new fabric that has been creatively manufactured by clothing experts. It is Nike’s brand name for a clothing line they say will keep you drier than its competitors’ clothing lines.

Is Dri fit Better Than Cotton?


That is hard to say as two different materials are being compared. If you take the cotton-poly blend segment of the Dri Fit brand then you would be hard-pressed to see much of a difference.

If you are comparing the polyester portion of the brand with cotton then you may feel that the Dri Fit polyester line has a faster drying time, does not absorb as much moisture as cotton does, and keeps that moisture well away from your body. Something that cotton is not very good at.

Also, the polyester version of Dri Fit should be lighter than 100% cotton and even though the difference may only be a few ounces. That difference does mean something to some athletes.

On top of all that, the polyester version of Dry Fit may last longer than a 100% cotton shirt or sweat pants. Polyester is known to last a long time and that characteristic is not eliminated when it is made into this clothing line.

What is Dri Fit Cotton?

From our research, Dri Fit cotton is merely a blend of cotton fibers and polyester ones. We did not see any 100% cotton shirts or pants although that does not mean Nike does not make them. Although their website did not mention cotton when talking about the construction materials for this clothing line.

We did find cotton-poly blends advertised on Amazon as Dri Fit cotton shirts and the blend was 58 - 42% in cotton’s favor. Most likely, you will not find 100% cotton in the Dri Fit clothing line.

The clothing’s success is based on the moisture-wicking performance of polyester and cotton does not have that ability. Adding cotton to the mix helps the Dri Fit clothing feel softer, smoother, and better than the 100% polyester versions of the line.

Plus, it may make it easier to keep the clothing clean with the added cotton. Any way you slice it Dri Fit cotton is only a blend and not 100% natural.

Dri Fit Cotton vs Polyester


There are no real special differences between these two items. Dri Fit cotton is blended with polyester so the only real advantage it would have over 100% polyester would be its soft feel.

All the properties found in 100% polyester will be found in the polyester portion blended in with the cotton fibers. So the performance of either will be fairly close. The one exception would be that the Dri Fit cotton may absorb more moisture than the 100% polyester fabric.

The polyester material may last a little longer than the Dri Fit cotton clothing line and that would be due in part to the inability of cotton to last forever. All polyester fibers wick away moisture so the comparison would be about equal in that category.

The only other place the cotton blend would come out on top would be in the breathing category. Cotton always breathes better than polyester so the Dri Fit cotton blend would be cooler and have better airflow than the polyester material.

What is The Best Dri Fit Material?

Considering that Dri Fit clothing is made, for the majority of its products, out of microfiber polyester, the answer to that question would generally be microfiber polyester.

But if you are not a fan of that fabric or have sensitive skin and cannot wear it, then you may say that the Dri Fit cotton line is the best fabric. The reason for that decision is that cotton makes just about any fabric or clothing item better.

Its softness and easy to clean nature make it ideal for athletic clothing that needs to be washed frequently. With the cotton-poly blend found in the Dri Fit cotton line, you are getting the best of both worlds. The positives of the synthetic microfiber combine with the positives of cotton to overcome any weaknesses either material has.

When it comes to judging which fabric is the best, then that is a decision that is up to you. Everyone has a different opinion and what is best for them may not be that good to someone else.

What is a Dri Fit Shirt?


A Dri Fit shirt is part of a clothing line offered by Nike to its many customers. These shirts are made for different sporting events, including golf, and work hard to keep you cooler and drier as you play or compete.

Some shirts, like the golfing option, come with UV protective coatings to help keep the sun from damaging both you and the shirt. Besides cotton, you may see some of these shirts blended with other synthetic materials like spandex, nylon, and so on.

The blends to help make the shirts move when you move and be more versatile. You can wear them for more activities than just athletic opportunities. Being made mostly from synthetic fibers, you can count on these shirts to last a long time.

Plus, they do come in a fine array of colors and designs to keep you looking good all day long.

Some Final Words

What does Dri Fit mean? Those words mean that Nike is striving to create the perfect sportswear for its many customers. The company uses up to date technology to help weave the fabric in such a way that you get better performance while staying drier.

This clothing line is not a new fabric that has recently been invented but more of an upgrade to already existing fabric. Nike uses its money to try and get you the best performance from clothing when you need it.

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