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Ultimate Guide: Dressmaker Sewing Machine Models and History

You may need an ultimate guide to figure out who made what sewing machine and when. The sewing machine industry has changed a lot over the years since the machine was first invented and you need a scorecard

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How Much are Bernina Sewing Machines? Are They Worth It?

Sewing may be your favorite hobby, but you do not want to spend a lot on a sewing machine. That is an okay concern as you can get a top sewing machine for a reasonable price. Bernina has quite a few waiting

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Singer vs Brother vs Janome What Is Right for You

Singer vs Brother vs Janome: What Is Right for You?

We all know that sewing is a hobby that requires a lot of patience. But, nevertheless, you don’t have to test your patience by working on an old or low-quality sewing machine. We usually tend to stick

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