Finding the Best Electric Scissors for Cutting Fabric: 6 Tips

There is a lot of cutting going on in sewing. You just need the right scissors to handle the different tasks. And if your hand gets tired, you should turn to electric scissors to get it all done.

Finding the best electric scissors is not going to be too hard. One of the best places to go for help are the different sewing forums. You can get the brand names of the ones the members find to be the best overall.

To learn more about finding the best electric scissors just continue to read our article. It provides you with both information and reviews on the top scissors that are considered the best.

Tip 1: While AAA battery powered scissors are good, you end up wasting time looking for new batteries when the power runs out. Go with those models that have a rechargeable battery inside to make sure you always have the scissors ready when you need them.

Tip 2: to get the best electric scissors for your different sewing projects, make sure the blades are tough enough to handle both easy and hard fabrics. That way you are covered when you make a switch in the materials you are using.

What are Electric Dressmaking Scissors?


These little devices come with electric power so your hands and wrists do not get tired out when cutting lot so fabric. Unlike their manual counterparts, these shears are not heavy nor do they come with long blades that may not be easy to manipulate.

These electrical dressmaking shears should have a rounded tip and a pointed tip to them. As well as having either an electrical power cord or rechargeable battery bring the power to their tiny motors. Sometimes you have shears that use AAA batteries but these are more of a hassle to use.

If you have the power cord model, you may need to use an extension cord as these power cords are not generally very long. The trick to using these electrical models is to make sure you keep the blades nice and sharp. Local repair shops should be able to do that for you.

Tip 3: Go with brand name scissors. They are usually the ones that are made from the best construction materials around and should last you a lot longer than off brand models.

What to Look for in Electric Scissors for Sewing

To find a good pair of electric scissors, you should get some helpful tips. The reason for that is that there are a lot of electric scissors on the market today and it can be difficult to find good electric scissors that do the job and last.

Here are some tips to guide you:

  • 1. Brand names - Whether you like a corporate brand name or not, these electric scissors are built tough and made from good materials. The brand names have a reputation to uphold and they usually make the best electric scissors around.
  • 2. Blade strength - You want to make sure the blades are strong enough to handle all sorts of fabrics. See what metal they are made of making sure they have the strength to handle heavy fabrics and more.
  • 3. Price - Make sure the scissors cost a reasonable price. Not all expensive scissors are good and not all cheap scissors are bad. Sometimes finding the right price is a bit of a trial-and-error experience.
  • 4. Power supply - Power corded models are good. They give you a steady stream of power without the worry of when they will run out and you have to change batteries or recharge them. Rechargeable are next in line as they can charge up when you are doing other sewing or life tasks.
  • 5. Weight - You want to make sure that the electric scissors are not going to weigh your hands and wrists down. You want to be able to move smoothly, swiftly without getting too tired.
  • 6. Comfort - The top scissors should fit comfortably in your hand. The handles should be curved a bit and give you enough room to move your hand when you need to change position. The handles should also be flexible and not hard or stiff.

Tip 4: Go with those scissors with ergonomically designed handles. They should have a more comfortable feel and fit to your hand.

Best Electric Scissors for Fabric - Our Top Recommendations

One of the interesting observations that can be made when doing the best ten or our recommendation lists is that someone will always disagree with the selections made. The best electric scissors are going to be the ones you like the most.

Here are our recommendations for the best electric scissors for fabric. You never know, you may see something that you like and is better than the pair you currently use:

1. Black & Decker SZ360 3.6-Volt NiCad Cordless Power Scissors

This top electric scissor comes from a company that knows how to make top tools. They have been doing it for some time now. These top electric scissors come with a 3.6 volt motor that should cut through the heaviest of fabrics with ease. Check latest price here >>


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Their ergonomically designed handle should be easy and comfortable to hold no matter which position your hand is in. Once you get used to the handle, you can put the included shoe blade in and cut a lot of fabric.

The battery gives you 70 minutes to make your cuts before you need to power it up again. Its universal blade makes this a handy tool to have around the home as that blade enables those scissors to cut through a variety of objects including cardboard.

With the strong construction materials this set of electric scissors should last you a long time. Then with the cordless design, you have complete freedom of movement. Get your cuts done from any angle you happen to be in. Read more here >>


  • 70 minutes of use time.
  • Tough blades that stay sharp longer.
  • Very durable and tough.


  • Hard to find replacement parts.
  • Hard to find a charger.
  • Some difficulty in charging i some models.

2. Hi-Spec DT30325, 3.6V Multi Cutter Set

All it takes to use these simple electric scissors are three little steps. Press the safety lock button first. Then press the trigger to get the scissors moving. Finally, release the safety lock button but keep pressing the trigger. Your fabric will be cut in no time. Check price >>


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On top of that, you have a 3,6 volt motor providing the power you need to make sharp clean cuts all the time. Not only do they cut a variety of light fabrics, these scissors will cut denim with ease.

Not only that you have a pair of lightweight electric scissors that are comfortable to hold as you work. Your hands should not get tired while you work. Then the cordless design provides you with unlimited angles you can cut from.

After you charge up the battery, you get about 70 minutes of use time. More than enough to make sure your fabric is the right size and ready for sewing. 70 minutes equals about 500 feet of cutting carpet. Read more >>


  • Cuts a variety of fabrics including carpet.
  • Comfortable to hold and lightweight.
  • Powerful little motor.


  • Holding trigger takes a lot of pressure.
  • Extra blade may not be sharp.
  • Safety button hard to press.

3. Stalwart Cordless Power Scissors

Two blades are better than one. When the fabric gets too tough for one blade, just change it out and use the other. Both blades should handle a variety of fabrics without really trying that hard. In addition to that, the blades are easy to switch. Check latest price here >>


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Once you have the blades taken care of, the cordless design lets you carry these scissors wherever you go. They are small and compact in size and do not take up a lot of room in a bag, suitcase or your car’s trunk.

When the power goes out, you will need to wait for about 3 to 5 hours before the battery is ready to be used again. Your use time will depend on the type of material you are cutting with this pair of electric scissors.

This easy to hold electric scissor comes with a 3.6 volt battery to meet your cutting needs. Its comfortable grip should not tire your hand out even after cutting for some time. Read more >>


  • Easy to carry because of small size.
  • Comes with 2 blades.
  • Easy to hold and comfortable grip.


  • 3 to 5 hour charge time.
  • Material gets caught in the back of the blade.
  • Makes a loud noise.

4. WORX WX081L ZipSnip Cutting Tool

One of the nice features about this electric scissor is that it holds a charge for months. You can charge it up and forget about it. Then come back months later and still use it without recharging it again. Check latest price here >>


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In addition to that, the round cutting edge makes short work of your fabrics and other materials you need to cut. Its l pound weight makes sure your hand does not get tired holding it. That lack of weight also makes this device easy to maneuver.

On top of tall that, the blade is self sharpening. You do not have to replace it when it gets dull. That is because it never gets dull. Then with the easy-to-use safety button and trigger your hand should not feel any fatigue when using this device.

Plus, its design lets you cut from a variety of angles without having to move your fabric. It's an easy to use electric scissor that shortens your cutting time immensely. Read more >>


  • Self sharpening blade.
  • Holds a charge for a long time.
  • Weighs only 1 pound.


  • Less than an hour of use time.
  • A bit fragile and weak in construction.
  • A little pricey for what you get

5. Hawkforce Rechargeable Battery Cordless Power Scissors

This electric scissor comes with a powerful 4 volt battery that may be second to none. 2 sets of blades come in this set, giving you a spare when you need one. Also, the 2 batteries makes sure you can keep on cutting when one dies from over use. Check latest price here >>

After you charge one battery for an hour, you get an hour of use time. This means you get continuous use time if you charge the other battery right away. To get the blades moving, just push the safety button long enough to open the trigger. Once that is done you are good to go.

Then the blades handle different fabrics. They are interchangeable using a button system to pull them off or put them on this electric scissor. With its ergonomically designed handle you should be able to cut for hours without hurting your hands.

Weighing less than a pound they are easy to manipulate and cut your fabric. Plus, they only measure 9 inches so they do not take up a lot of storage space. Read more >>


  • 2 batteries for long-term use.
  • Short charging time.
  • Cut different fabrics with ease.


  • Can be very noisy.
  • Too many vibrations through the handle.
  • Weak blades and can bend.

Tip 5: Check all the sources you have before you buy. Amazon may be a good deal but it takes awhile to get the scissors to your door. Sometimes shopping the old-fashioned way gets you what you want faster.

Where to Buy Electric Scissors


One of the easiest places to purchase electric scissors is Amazon. This company has lots of models available in all shapes, sizes and colors. Amazon is the go-to place to get a good pair of electric scissors if you like buying over the internet.

If you do not trust the internet or do not have a credit card, then you may want to try Walmart, or other big box stores. They should also have a good selection for you to choose from.

Finally, you can try those fabric or sewing supply stores that dot the different neighborhoods. If they do not carry them, they should be able to point you in the right direction.

Tip 6: Size does matter. That includes the motor. The 3.6 volt may be the standard size but there are larger more powerful electric scissor motors that can help you save time while still cutting cleanly.

How do Electric Scissors Work?

For the most part electric scissors work like regular scissors. The only real difference is that their motor handles pushing the blades back and forth in place of your hands. Each electric scissors comes with either a power cord, use batteries or a rechargeable battery.

These power sources get the 3.6 to 4.0 volt motors moving so all you have to do is guide the scissors in the direction you want your cuts made. That is all there is to it. There is less work involved using these scissors than in using manual ones.

The key to using a good pair of electric scissors is being able to handle the safety features. The button that protects you from accidental starts is sometimes too tough to push.

The reason for that extra stiffness is that the manufacturers want to make sure children cannot hurt themselves when they are curious about the scissors.

How to Use Electric Scissors


These electric scissors are not that difficult to do. Even a child can operate them safely with the right instruction. The first thing that needs to be done is to power up the battery if it is not already charged.

Then slip the battery into its place and you are ready to go. Most electric scissors come with a safety button that needs to be pushed first before the trigger can move. This protects you and others from accidental operation.

Once you have the trigger pulled, you just guide the blades in the direction you want them to go. The scissors should do all the work for you. The key to using these scissors is to keep your eye on the time.

You do not want to be mid cut when their power goes out. Make sure you have enough power to complete your cutting tasks before this situation arises.

Some Final Words

Sewing can be a fun hobby especially when you have the right tools to use. Finding one of the top electric scissors for cutting fabric isn’t that difficult. You just need to know what you are looking for and where to look.

Not just any brand of scissors will do. Not all are good and some may be too expensive to purchase. With a little research you should be able to go home with a great pair of electric scissors.

These top scissors make your sewing life a little easier that is what you want. That way you are not too tired when you family comes home and wants to spend time with you.

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