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Vintage Good Housekeeper Sewing Machine: Review and History

Throughout the many years, different sewing machine manufacturers often made a variety of sewing machines under different brand names. The sad thing is you may miss out on a good machine because you have

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Finding the Best Electric Scissors for Cutting Fabric: 6 Tips

There is a lot of cutting going on in sewing. You just need the right scissors to handle the different tasks. And if your hand gets tired, you should turn to electric scissors to get it all done.Finding

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BabyLock Solaris Sewing Machine: Price and Our Review

Even though there are not a lot of sewing machine manufacturers anymore, there are still lots of sewing machines on the market. A good review will help thin the herd a bit and point you in the right direction

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White Superlock 534 Serger: The Ultimate Guide

What to choose when it comes to sewing every person seems to have their personal favorite. The different features appeal to different people. The White Superlock 534 Serger is no different. It has features

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Ultimate Guide: Dressmaker Sewing Machine Models and History

You may need an ultimate guide to figure out who made what sewing machine and when. The sewing machine industry has changed a lot over the years since the machine was first invented and you need a scorecard

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How Much are Bernina Sewing Machines? Are They Worth It?

Sewing may be your favorite hobby, but you do not want to spend a lot on a sewing machine. That is an okay concern as you can get a top sewing machine for a reasonable price. Bernina has quite a few waiting

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Singer vs Brother vs Janome What Is Right for You

Singer vs Brother vs Janome: What Is Right for You?

We all know that sewing is a hobby that requires a lot of patience. But, nevertheless, you don’t have to test your patience by working on an old or low-quality sewing machine. We usually tend to stick

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