The Huskystar Sewing Machine Review and Price (219, 207, 224)

It's all in the name. If you can find the right name for any product, you could sell a million units based on that label alone. The name means everything as many companies have found out over the years. Huskystar seems like a winner already, if the quality holds up to the name.

The price will be flexible due to the condition and what accessories are included in the sale. If it is a good machine, with accessories, the 219 can command a $200+ price tag. Others may go for $300 and they are well-built machines.

To learn more about the Huskystar sewing machine, just continue to read our article. it has the information you want to know about in order to find a good working model. Take a few minutes to learn about this sewing machine.

Who Makes Huskystar Sewing Machines?


The Husqvarna Viking sewing machine company makes the Huskystar and the latter name is a lot easier to pronounce and remember than the company name. The company is one of the oldest continuing companies in the world having its start in 1689 as an arms factory.

With the decline in demand for weapons, Husqvarna, named after the town it is located in, moved into making sewing machines. This change took place in 1872 and for the past 150 years, the company has been making top-quality sewing machines and accessories.

Over the years the company has seen a change in ownership but those changes did not stop it from being a leader in sewing machine innovations. It designed and promoted several different top-of-the-line models like the Designer, the Orchidea, the Designer Diamond, and the Northern Star to name only a few.

The Huskystar is just another top sewing machine in a long line of top sewing machines produced by this company. There are 9 versions or models of this design name produced by Husqvarna Viking. Each one is made to the Viking standards and should perform well when you take one home.

Are Huskystar Sewing Machines Any Good?

The answer to this question will depend on who you talk to. Some people have great experiences with a sewing machine while others using the exact same model have an entirely different, and less successful, experience.

For the most part, these machines are great for the novice sewer. The owner’s manual is well organized, easy to read and that is important. The way the owner’s manual reads plays a role in any sewer’s experience with the sewing machine.

The Huskystar, for the most part, is a very basic machine. It is not for those people who are very experienced and want to see a lot of features built into the device. The design is more for those sewers who have never touched a sewing machine before and want to learn how to use a sewing machine correctly.

The manufacturing and parts are not substandard allowing these machines to last for some time under normal use. How much you use your Huskystar will determine how long it will last.

Then the value of these machines seems to hold up and most are affordable even when sold as a used machine.

Huskystar Models


There are about 9 Huskystar models that you can purchase from this company. 7 of those machines will be listed here and given a brief description letting you what comes with them and so on.

One bit of trivia about these machines is that their manufacturing was contracted out to Janome for a while. That is a normal business relationship that is found throughout the industrial world. Of course, Husqvarna Viking standards would be used in that contract agreement.

Janome made the Huskystar in Taiwan while the contract was still in effect. From the latest word that contract expired and the manufacturing of the Huskystar moved to China. That move could be because Janome bought our Elna and started making that company’s sewing machine.

Viking was bought out by the parent company of Singer and Pfaff and that owner would make the final decisions. There are still Husqvarna Viking sewing machines made in the Sweden plant so not all of their machines are made in China.

To find out where your model was made just check the different badges to see their origin. The badges should have all the information you need on this topic.

Huskystar 219

A sewing machine’s worth is not just limited to its performance but also to the accessories that come with it at the time of your purchase. This model comes with a lot of accessories that can be used on other models.

The design is simple and for novice sewers just starting out they can relax as the machine does what it is supposed to do and it does it quite easily. This model is a good one for beginning sewing machine users as it is a basic model that keeps everything simple.

Also, the stitch patterns are all placed at the top of the machine making selection simple to do. An easy-to-use lever makes moving from forward to reverse simple. That is probably a good word to use to describe this model.

It is a simple machine designed in a simple fashion to make sure newcomers to sewing machines can feel right at home when using it. A perfect starter sewing machine as it does not contain complicated features that are confusing to use.

Huskystar 207



This model option is probably even more basic than the 219. It comes with 2 dials to help you make your stitch, tension, and other selections. Plus, there are no complicated built-in functions to confuse anyone. When you want a nice sewing machine to handle your basic sewing tasks, you may want to consider this model.

It is good for the basics and for learning how to operate a sewing machine. Also, it is a good machine to use when you want to become good at sewing before moving up to the more advanced sewing machines you can buy today.

Threading the machine is not going to be hard. Just follow the diagram in your owner’s manual as that should be a very straightforward task. The operation will be quick and you can just adjust your fabric and begin sewing without any delay.

The key will be in how you insert the needle. Always double-check to make sure the needle is inserted properly before you begin. If you don’t you could have problems that may discourage you from using this easy-to-use sewing machine.

Huskystar 224

The 224 model is probably a step or two up from the 207 and the 219. It too has the built-in stitch patterns listed on the top face of the sewing machine. Since it is a basic machine do not expect to get a lot of those stitch patterns.

The cost of this model may be a little higher than the others. Some reports have it at around $375 to $400. The Huskystar sewing machine brand has been around for a long time now but some people feel that this model looks the best.

There is a streamlined design with the spool pin lower and closer to the body of the machine to help this machine fit in tight places. All the controls are front and center making reaching them for quick adjustments simple and without hassle.

There is a rumor that the older versions of the Husklystar, including the 224, were more powerful than the newer models being produced today. That may be so. If you get a chance to test drive both, you can make your own comparison to see if that rumor is true or not.

Huskystar 225


There is a 225 version mentioned on the Husqvarna Viking website but it may be the same model as the upcoming 215. The reason we say that is because the two numbers are placed side by side in the Huskystar lineup and they share the same image.

When one looks at the different parts available for this series of sewing machines, the 225 is listed separately from the 215 so it is hard to say. The website does not provide descriptions for the sewing machines when you click on the links that lead to them.

When doing a search for reviews, the 225 is not listed in any of them so it may be true that this model is just an update over the 215 and simply has the same features. We will leave the details of this machine for the upcoming 215 description as there are no images available either for this model.

Suffice it to say that this may be a discontinued model that did not sell well under the 225 model number. Or it is just a carbon copy of the 215 and nothing is that special about it.

Huskystar 215

This model from the Huskystar lineup looks a bit more complicated and has a few more dials to it to help you make your settings. Even with the numerous dials, the cost of the machine may be in the low $200s making it very affordable for anyone who wants a simple machine to use.

The spool pin is located on top of the machine and the threading looks to be straightforward as well. There are not a lot of thread guides or other devices you have to put the thread through in order to sew.

Since Husqvarna Viking uses a lot of symbols on its machine, and this one is no exception, you should keep the owner’s manual handy to help you understand all the different symbols used. The 3 dials should not be hard to turn but the hand wheel is a bit on the small side.

Large hands may have trouble turning that wheel. Again, this sewing machine can be described as simple and basic as the bells and whistles found on more elaborate sewing machines are absent here. Novices may like the look and feel along with the ease of use.

Huskystar E20 Sewing Machine


You have to be careful when pronouncing the model number as your listener may hear the letter C instead of the letter E. We mention this because there is also a C20 Huskystar model along with an E20 model.

There is a different design to this model and the reverse lever is wide. That lever is placed at the lower right of the main body. The dials are in interesting locations as well.

Those dials are placed at the top and go into the machine. all you see is the top and a couple of numbers on either side of the top number. A familiar feature is the usual stitch pattern symbols all placed on the top front of the machine. Finding the pattern you want should not be that difficult.

You will need a foot controller if you want to use this machine. That was one of the drawbacks that have been mentioned about this model. Like other Huskystar models, this unit was built with top-quality parts and should last you a long time.

Huskystar E10

Like the E20, there are different E series Huskystar. The problem is that according to the Husqvarna Viking website, there is an ER10 and an EM10 Huskystar model but no E10. However, there are E10 Huskystars made and sold despite this omission.

This is probably a simpler machine when compared to the E20 and it is a great mechanical sewing machine. It does its job and does it well even though it has fewer dials than the E20.

Like other models on this list, you get the stitch pattern upfront so they are easy to see. Then it is also a good machine for beginners or basic sewing projects. The handwheels are small again providing a possible difficulty for women with large hands.

There are minor problems that come with using this machine as the zig-zag option may skip a stitch or two. This is easily solved when the user re-threads the machine. If you want a budget-friendly machine, the price on this is just under $200 at the time of this writing.

The cost you will pay for this or the other models will depend on where you shop and where you live. We will cover that in the next section.

Huskystar Sewing Machine Prices


The regular prices we have seen at this time range between $189 to $400. It is hard to pinpoint different models and match them up with their regular price as stores and other outlets do not list all the sewing machines for sale. Sometimes the Huskystar models are not listed even though the store does sell them.

The prices we found over at eBay also range, with the E10 going for $75 while an 219 is selling for $229. Other people have reported paying $200 and $400 for their machines and the amount you pay will depend on where you live.

Also, the dealer may be having a sale to clear out old stock so you may be fortunate to get a steal. From all the evidence, this series of sewing machines seem to be affordable and perfect for the budget-minded beginner.

When you buy one of these sewing machines, you are not going to get a lot of built-in features or fancy functions. You are looking at buying a basic machine that may be fun to sew on. You can always look for deals to save on the purchase price and make sure you stay within your budget.

What Other Huskystar Sewing Machine Reviews Say

So far, we have only seen one negative review. The person writing it seemed to have more trouble with the company and their hesitation to abide by the warranty than they had with the machine itself. Their problem was that the machine simply stopped working.

Others have had a more positive experience with their models and many gushes about how they love the operation and the performance of this sewing machine series. It didn’t matter the model number as the users liked their experience with this machine and would not part with it.

A couple of beginner sewers posted their thoughts and they were happy with the results they got. The simplicity of this series seems to make just about every user happy with their purchase.

One person did remark that they felt the company had changed the sewing machines when they made alterations to the lineup. They felt that the company reduced the power on each model in the series and made the newer ones a lot weaker.

If that is true, then you may want to search for an older used model in good condition instead of buying new. The right power is essential to good sewing results.

Download Huskystar Sewing Machine Manuals


Because Huskystar sewing machines are still made today, finding a manual that you can download should not be a problem. In fact, you can go to this link and get one right from the company.

If you search the site you may find more model options as that link takes you to the 219/224 owner’s manual. Then you can go to our go-to download site as they will have quite a few manuals ready for purchase and download.

This link takes you to the 215 manual but we found several links in the results for the same company but different Huskystar sewing machine models. Then there is this website that has a few on hand as well.

Another option would be to check out this website. The manual that link takes you to is for the 207. You may not need a lot of website options in this case as the company and our go-to website have more than enough on hand to cover you when you misplace the one that came with your machine.

Here is the link to the company’s support page so you can make contact with them without any delay.

Finding Huskystar Sewing Machine for Sale

Your first stop, if you are using the internet, should be eBay. They have some good machines on sale right now and their prices are reasonable. Since the machines are listed at different times, keep checking till you find the one you want.

There will be used sewing machine outlets online as well as sewing machine repair shops selling their models. All you have to do is pick the one that offers the best for the right price and is the closest to you.

If you want to buy directly from a dealer, just click on the find a dealer at the top of the link for the support page and you can search for a dealer that is near you. You can use a zipcode or a city & state if you want.

Then there are the usual local places you can try. Yard sales, etc., flea markets, the classified ads, and even your local repair shops. The options you have are many although not unlimited.

Check with friends and family as well if you want to cut your costs down a little.

Some Final Words

When you are starting out as a sewer and new to sewing machines, the Huskystar lineup may be for you. These are basic machines with few features making them easy to learn how to use a sewing machine.

Their performance has passed the consumer test as many users love their machines and are glad they bought them. Of course, not everyone will be perfect so be prepared if you get one that doesn’t perform as advertised.

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