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How to Take Apart a Sewing Machine (Janome, Singer, Pfaff…)

The first step in any home sewing machine repair starts with the cover. Unfortunately, the system to remove the cover has changed over the decades and different brands have different ways of doing this

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Singer Sewing Machine 401A Troubleshooting (Fix & Repair)

Even Singer sewing machines break down or have problems with dirt and oil. As good as the sewing machine may be not one of them are immune to the common problems or a rise in the dirt levels. A little

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Finding an External Bobbin Winder for Viking Sewing Machines

Not all bobbins are made the same. That means when you go to wind them, your external bobbin winder may not work. Not that the device is broken but simply, it was not made for the class of bobbin you are

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Fix Tin Lizzie 18 Problems: Quilting Machine Troubleshooting

Even industrial sewing machines have problems. They may be built better, have better parts, better service warranties and so on but these industrial sewing machines can and will break down on you. It is

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Potted-Motor-vs-Belt-Singer -Sewing-Machine-Grease-Wicks

Potted Motor vs Belt: Singer Sewing Machine Grease Wicks

It is possible that most sewers don't care what kind of motor is inside their sewing machine. As long as it works they are fine. But there is a difference between sewing machine motors and that difference

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Mounting Brackets: How to Attach Sewing Machine to Table

When you need space, the old drop-in sewing tables came in handy. Not only did they protect your sewing machine when it was not in use, but it also provides extra tabletop space when needed. But times

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What Can You Use Instead of Sewing Machine Oil – Substitute

You will find that some people are very strict in their sewing machine use and only use sewing machine oil. While others will say alternatives are okay to use. Some people will have success with alternatives

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Sewing Machine Slow Motion: How to Fix a Slow Sewing Machine

When you buy a sewing machine, you should always create a good checklist. This checklist helps you find problems, including reasons why your sewing machine is moving a little slow. With fast identification,

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Bernina 770 Troubleshooting: Fixing Bernina 770 QE Problems

Computerized sewing machines and their error codes. The advancement in technology is not always for the better as you have new problems and new codes to deal with. The benefits of technology, especially

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What Is a Spool Pin Felt Used For? (Spool Pin Felt Disc Tips)

It may look insignificant, but the spoon pin felt plays an important role in your sewing process. But that is the way it is with those tiny parts included in your sewing machine. They do not look like

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