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Troubleshooting a Necchi Sewing Machine (Fix & Repair Guide)

The modern needles are just not made to last anymore. Much like new machines as manufacturers look for the cheapest materials to build their sewing machines. Unlike top vintage machines that go on forever,

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Troubleshooting a Janome Sewing Machine (Fix & Repair Guide)

Machines break down. It doesn’t matter who makes them. No matter how good of quality the machine is. Eventually, it wears down and stops working. When that happens it pays to be able to do the repairs

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Troubleshooting Brother Sewing Machine (Fix & Repair Guide)

One of the problems with modern sewing machines is that many models are now computerized. They give out error messages when something is wrong, The problem is that sometimes those error messages are wrong

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Troubleshooting Singer Sewing Machine (Fix & Repair Guide)

Even great sewing machines have problems and break down from time to time. No matter their brand name or the tradition behind them there will always be a model with a flaw or two. Learning to fix those

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Troubleshooting Kenmore Sewing Machine (Fix & Repair Guide)

Things break down. If this was a perfect world nothing would go wrong. Sadly, it isn’t a perfect world and even top Sears appliances and machinery do break down. Learning how to fix your may save you

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How to Remove Thread From Sewing Machine (Stuck or Tangled)

It is a basic task, yet some people never seem to know how to get it done. That is what makes sewing so unique. Even the basic tasks have a correct way and a wrong way to remove a thread from a sewing

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Spool Cap Substitute: DIY Replacement and Helpful Guide

It isn’t news as things break. Even in sewing different parts tend to break at the wrong moment delaying your sewing project till you can fix or replace the part. It is a good thing you are handy and

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Plastic vs Metal: Can I Use Metal Bobbins Instead of Plastic?

The development of plastic has come along way since plastics were first introduced many decades ago in different products including sewing machines. The plastic parts in sewing machines can do a bang-up

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How to Fix Sewing Machine Needle Stuck (Helpful Guide)

80% of all problems on a sewing machine are blamed on the needle. While that may be justified or not, the needle is one of the more vulnerable items on your sewing machine. When sewing you have to be careful

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Noise Troubleshooting: Why is My Sewing Machine Squeaking

They say that a squeaky wheel gets all the grease and it is true. Even when it comes to sewing machines. The squeaky noise means something is off with your machine and you need to take care of it right

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