Troubleshooting a Necchi Sewing Machine (Fix & Repair Guide)

The modern needles are just not made to last anymore. Much like new machines as manufacturers look for the cheapest materials to build their sewing machines. Unlike top vintage machines that go on forever, you may be faced with lots of troubleshooting with modern sewing machines

One of the go-to fixes when it comes to Necchi or other sewing machines is the threading. If it is not done correctly you may not be able to sew until you discover the problem. Always double-check to make sure your machine is threaded correctly.

To find out more about how to troubleshoot your Necchi sewing machine just continue to read our article. It covers some of the more common problems you will come across when you sew. Our article also gives you the fixes you need to solve those common problems.

Necchi Sewing Machine Won't Sew


If you own a vintage Necchi sewing machine, you may come across the issue of the machine not sewing. One reason for this is that the vintage machines are victims of the fine craftsmanship that when into building them.

These machines have very sensitive tolerances where even a little corrosion stops them from working. When we say little, we mean little. Some times you just have to lubricate the machine and leave it overnight so the oil can penetrate far enough to solve the issue.

One of the problem on older Necchie sewing machines is that the oiling diagram does not show all the oiling points. They also do not tell you to remove the end cap and do oiling in that section.

Another cause for not sewing could be that you threaded the machine wrong, the needle is broken, or there is a problem in the bobbin area and your machine needs cleaning.

Change the needle, rethread your machine, or do a good cleaning to get the machine working again.

Make sure you have plugged the machine in and that there have been no fuse or power failures that stop electricity from getting to the machine. Oh, and don’t forget to turn it on.

Free Necchi Sewing Machine Manual Download

This may be hard to find for some people as there are many out there trying to make a buck off their scanning the different sewing machine manuals. We found a lot of links to websites you have to pay for the item.

One free website is located at this link. You can view the manual if you want, download it, and even share them with others. Here is another free location but the website does not have a large number of manuals to choose from. Yours may be missing from the list.

This link also had some free manuals available. It is in a small magazine and you have to click the PDF button to get the process going. We also found a couple of individual manuals that were available for free- the model 3537 and the model 4795. It is possible to search to see if other Necchi manuals are at that location as well.

One thing is for sure, there are a lot of websites that will charge you as much as they can get away with. One was charging between $15 and $20 for their copies. The site sending you directly to Pay Pay was charging only $10 per copy.

Necchi Sewing Machine Needle Won't Move


There is a long laundry list of things that could cause this problem. And you have to keep checking them all until you find the right one. To start, check your threading. This is one of the go-to causes that may interfere with your needle.

Re-thread your machine just in case and make sure it is not the problem. The other go-to fix is to clean your machine. Get the lint and old thread out of the bobbin area, the needle plate region, the sewing hook, and the feed dogs.

A good cleaning goes a long way in keeping your sewing machine operating. But that may not still fix the problem as you may need to oil it. You should keep a record you can refer, to make sure you lubricate your machine and maintain it regularly.

That way you will know at a glance if those issues are the problem or not. Also, use sewing machine oil only. Any other oil will mess up your machine. You could have broken parts as another source of this problem.

In this case, you should let the repairman handle the fix especially if your machine is still under warranty.

Necchi Machine Bobbin Problems


If it isn’t the thread or the needle most likely the source of your troubles is the bobbin or bobbin area. This is another common spot for troubles to rise and stop your sewing project in its tracks.

If you hear a noise coming from the bobbin area it could require cleaning. You may not think that dirt and lint could cause so many issues with a sewing machine but these devices are finely tuned and little inconveniences can create big problems.

Then a loose bobbin case can create some havoc for you. Just make sure that it is the bobbin case that is loose. If it is check the hinged latch locks and see if they are in their correct positions.

Just remove the bobbin case by turning the handwheel till the needle is at the highest point it can go and then pull the hinge tap before removing the bobbin case. Re-insert the case and make sure to hear that click.

Next, if the bobbin thread is creating loops the problem lies in the upper thread tension. Make the right adjustment and you should solve that problem in no time. Or if the bobbin thread is not coming up, you may have trouble with the bobbin winding spindle.

To solve this problem make sure your presser foot is up and that the bobbin winder spindle is in its right location, all the way to the left. These are not the only issues you will find with your bobbin.

The bobbin thread tension sometimes is the culprit. To check the tension and see if it is set right, hold the thread end in your fingers and let the bobbin dangle. Snap your wrists a couple of times and if the bobbin doesn’t drop a 1/4 or 1/2 inch each time you have the tension too tight.

There is a tension screw on the bobbin to turn to loosen or tighten the tension. Just do not turn it too far or you will miss the right setting.

Necchi Sewing Machine Tension Problems


This issue may come about because the top and bottom tensions are not set at the same level. Double-check your tension knobs to make sure you have them set so that you have them on the same page.

The trick is not to put too much tension on either thread. If you do then the thread tends to break on you. If your machine has tension discs inside, you may want to have someone look at them to see if they have worn out.

If they are you should have a qualified repairman replace them for you. Check your thread, as well as badly threaded sewing machines, may cause you to have the wrong tension even though the dials are set right.

A lot of tension problems will depend on the model your Necchi is. If you have an owner’s manual check to see if they cover this topic and follow its instructions.

About Necchi


After returning from combat in World War 1 Vittorio Necchi and took over the family business that was making cast iron parts for other machinery. His wife’s request for a sewing machine gave him the idea that he could make his brand of sewing machines and thus the Necchi sewing machine brand was born.

It took 5 years but in 1924 he was able to set up his first sewing machine factory and employed 40 people. By 1945 the company was making 1,000 machines a day and exporting them to over 10,000 retailers.

Today Necchi machines are built in Taiwan by Janome and other sewing machine companies.

Some Final Words

Fixing your Necchi sewing machine should not be a problem. Common issues are usually always easy to fix and you should not call in a repairman for them. If you can’t fix the problem yourself then take the device to a qualified repairman.

Sewing machines are to finely tuned to be entrusted to the household handyman to work on. You need expert knowledge and experience to fix uncommon problems especially when the machine is under warranty.

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