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Spool Cap Substitute: DIY Replacement and Helpful Guide

It isn’t news as things break. Even in sewing different parts tend to break at the wrong moment delaying your sewing project till you can fix or replace the part. It is a good thing you are handy and

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Plastic vs Metal: Can I Use Metal Bobbins Instead of Plastic?

The development of plastic has come along way since plastics were first introduced many decades ago in different products including sewing machines. The plastic parts in sewing machines can do a bang-up

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How to Fix Sewing Machine Needle Stuck (Helpful Guide)

80% of all problems on a sewing machine are blamed on the needle. While that may be justified or not, the needle is one of the more vulnerable items on your sewing machine. When sewing you have to be careful

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Noise Troubleshooting: Why is My Sewing Machine Squeaking

They say that a squeaky wheel gets all the grease and it is true. Even when it comes to sewing machines. The squeaky noise means something is off with your machine and you need to take care of it right

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Why-is- My-Sewing-Machine-Smoking-Smells-Like-Burning

Why is My Sewing Machine Smoking? (Smells Like Burning)

Where there is smoke there is not always fire. Sewing machines are like other machines. If they are not well taken care of then just about anything can happen. That includes seeing smoke rise out of your

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Serger Won’t Make Chain: Fixing an Overlocker Not Stitching

When in doubt, you can always blame the needles. They play such an important role in sewing that if anything goes wrong, you have a built-in excuse by blaming the needles. If that doesn’t work, you will

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Why Does my Serger Thread Keep Breaking? (Lower Looper)

Sewing is not a perfect hobby. The way sewing machines are made nowadays, it almost takes a genius to thread them. If you get one item wrong you can have your sewing project delayed for some time as you

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Finding Brother SA156 Bobbins (Compatible or Equivalent)

Like sewing machines, bobbins are not all the same. When you need to buy a new bobbin don’t just take any generic brand on the shelf. They may not work for your machine. The assumption is not a good

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Troubleshooting Bernina 830 Record Tension Problems

Bernina sewing machines are seen as the top of the line sewing machines. Their finely tuned precision machines that one would think are trouble-free. But even the best machines have a few difficulties.Bernina

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What is an HA-1sp Needle? (Serger HA 1sp Needle Equivalent) 

When it comes to sewing, one of the most important tools you need is the needle. Using the wrong needle can have you spending more time sewing. The wrong needle can also ruin your sewing machine. Picking

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