What Is a Spool Pin Felt Used For? (Spool Pin Felt Disc Tips)

It may look insignificant, but the spoon pin felt plays an important role in your sewing process. But that is the way it is with those tiny parts included in your sewing machine. They do not look like much but they certainly help you get your sewing project done a lot faster and with less frustration.

What is a spool pin felt used for? The spool pin felt has lots of uses. First, it keeps the noise down as your spool of thread turns. Second, it lets the spool of thread turn smoothly so you do not have any problems. Third, it protects the surface of your sewing machine keeping it free from damage.

To learn more about spool pin felt and its uses, just continue to read our article. It has that information and a lot more. Take a few minutes, enjoy your cup of coffee, and get caught up on this ‘insignificant’ piece of your sewing machine.

What is a Spool Pin Felt?


This is a small piece of fabric that is found under your spool pin and spool of thread. it is usually circular in design and can be a little thick or a little thin. The spool pin felt is made from felt and it protects your machine from any surface damage your spool of thread may cause if the felt was not there.

The good news is that you do not have to buy this little part, Because it is made from the felt fabric, you can always make your own when the one that came with the machine wears out.

They work best on vertical spool pins and when the spool of thread is heavier than regular thread spools. The other bit of good news is that these little parts are available just about anywhere sewing machine supplies are sold.

Not everywhere as some sewers have had difficulty finding them at Joann, but just about everywhere. Their color is usually red and they can brighten up your machine once put in their proper place. They shouldn’t be that expensive, especially if you make them yourself.

What is a Spool Pin Felt Used For?


As we stated earlier, this is an insignificant-looking piece of your sewing machine. On the surface, it doesn’t seem to add that much to your sewing process but in reality, it does a very big job for you.

It may not look like it but the felt helps keep your spools of thread from going off on wild spins and tangling your thread. That will save you time and from saying a lot of bad words.

Next, the spool pin felt piece helps cut down on any noise the spool of thread may make when you are sewing. The less noise you have distracting you the better your concentration on important aspects of your sewing project.

The third main use of the spool pin felt is to protect your machine. When spools of thread turn, they can rub against that portion of your sewing machine. The friction will help rub off or damage the finish or that small area of your sewing machine.

The damage will lower the value of the machine as well as influence you to spend money to repair the damage.

How to Use Spool Pin Felt


These are not difficult to use and once you have put them in place you can forget about them. They are easy to put on and use. The good thing is that they come with the hole for the spool pin already drilled into it.

The tricky part is to match up the center hole with the size of your spool pin. We have not checked every sewing machine made but it is highly likely that different manufacturers have made the dimensions of the spool pin at different sizes.

In fact, one store does have different spool pin sizes on sale. They range between .155 and .320 and the decimal is important in those numbers. That is something to watch out for when you want to buy a commercially sold spool pin felt replacement.

Even Singer has different sizes as the one at this link does not fit all of the models they make. Unfortunately, this part is also being made out of plastic now and you may need to replace it before you replace the felt.

Check your machine to make sure of the size of your spool pin before you go shopping. That way you won’t waste a trip or money by buying the wrong one. Or buy a lot at one time so you always have spares.

DIY Spool Pin Felt


This is actually one part of your sewing machine that you can fabricate yourself and save some money. All you need is a little scrap felt and the right technique to make that center hole and the work is done.

Or if you do not have felt around your home, you can use quilt batting. One sewer said warm and natural but we are sure you can use other types of batting to create your own spool pin felt.

Plus, you can make them large enough to fit under your thread cones and help those threads move fast, smooth, and easily. If you have a broken spool pin, you can make one out of a wood dowel.

Those dowels come in all sizes and can be found small enough in diameter to fit your sewing machine. To create your own just use your head and a little common sense. If you have a store-bought one in your machine already, just use it as your template when you need to make more.

Experienced sewers can make one or a hundred in no time at all. This is a great idea for your next sewing project if you are between sewing projects. having extra always comes in handy.

Spool Pin Felt Disc


There is going to be no problem finding these little important but small sewing machine parts. They are on sale in most repair shops or dealer centers at the time of this writing. But they may also be out of stock when you check so ask them to order you some.

Or you can go online and use Amazon or one of the many different online sewing parts stores that populate the internet. They are selling them and a quick search will turn up more options than you need. The cost may be cheaper than in-store locations.

But if you are not an avid online shopper, you can check out your local fabric stores run by private individuals, your mall department stores, and your national chains to see if they stock them. Any excuse is a good reason for a trip to the mall or Hobby Lobby.

Again, those local options may be out of stock but have the ability to order some in for you. Do not be surprised if you only find them in red. Why that is so is a mystery but the majority of the ones we have seen are red in color with a couple in black only.

Unless you are buying the decorative doily type in which case the colors may be different.

How do You Fix a Spool Pin On a Sewing Machine?


repairs will be different depending on the model and design of your sewing machine. For those with a retractable spool pin, the repair is somewhat involved. All you will need is your service manual and replacement retractable spool pins.

You have to loosen and remove the cover of the machine and that is where the service manual comes in handy. The spool pins are attached to the cover, not the machine itself. Once you have it off you will see 2 spool pins attached to a little wire.

There is a tension screw between the two pins and you need to loosen that off before removing the old pins. After that is done, slide the replacement pins into place and re-tighten the screw.

Make sure to have the spool pin catch the wire on the little indentation before tightening the screw. Test to make sure the spool pin moves as it should and if it doesn’t just make adjustments to the tension by turning the screw one or the other way.

Replace the cover once you are satisfied and continue sewing. Other spool pin designs will have different methods for replacing them.

Some Final Words

the spool pin felt may not look like much but it provides an immense contribution to your sewing projects. Without it, your sewing time may be extended and you will be a wreck after listening to all of that spool noise.

Never ignore small insignificant parts on your sewing machine. You never know how much you need them until they are gone or broken.

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