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Charm Pack Size: How Many Yards of Fabric Are in a Charm Pack?

To save you the time and trouble of cutting your own squares, different manufacturers have created the charm pack. You get enough fabric on one of these packs to do some serious quilting. But not all packs

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How Many 10 inch Squares In a Yard of Fabric? (+5, 6, 12″)

Being frugal doesn't mean you are a miser. It just simply means that you want to get the most fabric possible out of a yard of material. All that action means is that you do not want to waste your money

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Needle Guard For Sewing Machine (10 Sewing Safety Rules)

Risk and danger are subjective issues. Each person has their own idea of what is or isn’t risky or dangerous. Each person should decide for themselves how they will handle the same issue when it comes

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DIY Sewing Needle Alternative: How to Sew Without a Needle

There will be those times where you can’t find your sewing kit or you forgot to pack it for your holiday or business trip. It pays to learn a few tips and tricks so you can make quick repairs in those

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How to Tape Fabric Together, to Wall, Skin, Wood, and More…

Guys always wonder what a girl’s secret is when their strapless gown stays up without any assistance. It's the same secret men have known for thousands of years. A good tape keeps many things from falling

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Static Electricity On Bed Sheets: Why Do My Bed Sheets Spark?

When you want to shock someone, just rub your feet on the carpet or your hands on some nice static electricity producing fabric. After you do that you should have a fun moment until someone does it back

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15 Tips For Sewing With Heavy Duty Thread and When To Use It

When you have lots of layers to sew or you are working with some fairly thick or stiff fabrics, a heavy-duty thread can be your friend. The key is knowing when to use this thread and how to use it correctly.

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How Big Is a Half Yard of Fabric? (Full 1/2 Yard Dimensions)

Not every project requires a full yard of material. Sometimes you only need a little bit to complete one section of your project. The trouble is that the fabric stores do not sell fabric by the fractions.

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How Long To Cut Elastic For Waist, Hair Ties, Bracelet…

When you are working with elastic you have to cut it just right. Too loose and it won’t work well. Too tight and you may cause other problems like having a lack of comfort and finding it hard to breathe.

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When Do Sewing Machines Go On Sale? (Best Time to Buy + Tips)

Sales are every consumer's best friend. You get to save money and the discounted prices allow you to get a better model than you had planned on. it is always a good idea to keep your eye open for a sale.

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