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Fitted vs Semi-Fitted Shirt: What Is The Difference?

Finding (or even making) a well-fitting shirt can be a challenge. Not only do you need to consider things like material, color, and style (will it be casual or dressy, short-sleeved or long) you also

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The Sewing Machine Blue Book: Used Machines Depreciation

When it comes to used machines, it is usually what the market will bear when it comes to pricing used machines. Sentimental value may mean something to you but it does little to encourage buyers to spend

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Feathers in Hats: Why and How to Attach Feather to Hat Band

They haven’t died out yet. Feathers in hats still seem to find a place in the fashion world whether they are for costumes or avant-garde designs. The good part about feather son hats is that they can

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Knitting With Embroidery Floss (Helpful Guide and Tips)

It may be thinking outside of the box. The idea to knit with embroidery floss may seem like a crazy idea but some people are trying to get it done. This technique is not just for the free thinkers of the

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How to Get a Free Sewing Machine (16 Ways Worth Trying)

Getting a gift is one of those good aspects of life that boosts the spirits, makes you feel good and more. Getting a free sewing machine may seem impossible but it is a doable objective and yo do not have

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How to Take Drawers Out of Ikea Alex Drawers (Helpful Guide)

Storage spaces are a must. One way to get good storage space is to add a nice dresser with drawers to it. The extra drawers can help you store fabrics, threads, sewing tools and more. With the extra space,

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10 Thick Fabric Types and How To Thicken Fabric

Not all thick fabrics come with great colors and cute designs. Sometimes you have to turn to thin fabrics to get the look you want. That is where having a little experience and a few tricks up your sleeve

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Michaels vs Joann vs Hobby Lobby (Find Out The Best)

Fabric sources do not come in a one size fits all fashion. The different fabric stores all have their good points as well as their faults. The good thing about having multiple sources for fabrics and accessories

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What to Use Instead of a Zipper? 20 Fabric Fastening Options

In sewing, you always have lots of options to choose from. If you do not want to use a zipper then you can pick from one of many alternatives and still have the dress look ideal. You are not stuck using

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Gripper Silicone Gel For Clothing: Options and How To Use

Women have it lucky. Not only do they have a variety of clothing items to wear, but they also have a variety of ways to make sure those items do not malfunction and cause them any embarrassment. Some of

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