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How do You Pronounce Janome Sewing Machine? (Singer, Juki)

What is in a name? A lot of if you try to pronounce a sewing machine maker’s corporate brand name. How you pronounce the terms will go a long way in communicating with others and finding the right sewing

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Where to Buy Fabric in San Diego CA: Our Top Fabric Stores

Sewing is fun. It can also be a very relaxing way to spend an afternoon. What makes it even more relaxing is when you know all the good stores to go to in order to purchase the fabric you need. Having

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Waist vs Hip: What is The Difference Between Waist and Hip?

If you don’t know your anatomy, then you might be in big trouble when it comes to sewing your clothes. Also, sewing for men might be a bit difficult as men have larger waists than women but smaller hips.What

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Hem Pleats: How to Shorten a Chiffon Pleated Skirt Easily

Size matters when it comes to fashion having the right length and other dimensions matter. Your look will depend on if you get the length just right. Even with chiffon pleats, the size matter and getting

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What is ITY Fabric and What to Make With It (Helpful Guide)

Helping you look your best! That is what fabric does well. It is more than just a covering. Good fabric makes sure that even out of shape bodies look better than they actually do. When you use good fabric

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What-is-Pocket-Lining-How -to-Fix-or-Mend-Pocket-Lining

What is Pocket Lining? (How to Fix or Mend Pocket Lining)

Pockets are not always given a lot of priority when sewing different clothing items. The reason for that is the pockets are hidden from view and do not usually add a lot to the fashion style of the shirt,

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Cloth Stuck in Zipper: How To Get Fabric Out of a Zipper

We have all been there. Zippers getting caught in a fabric is as common as the common cold. Everyone has this problem so there is no use getting embarrassed about it. Just free the fabric and continue

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Which Embroidery Machine Has The Largest Hoop? (Home 8×12)

Size matters even in embroidery work. But the key to doing great embroidery work is to not go beyond the hoop capacity your sewing machine is built to handle. Going larger is not always the solution you

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Finding a Sewing Pattern for Woodturning Smock (or Artist)

Patterns are not all made the same. They come with different purposes with some working well with knits and others that work well with smock fabrics. Getting the right pattern for your smock is essential

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What is a Serger Used For? (Do I Need a Serger Machine)

It is all in the machine, well almost all. You do need some sewing talent to make sure you create beautiful clothes and more. Using the right machine, like a Serger, will make sure that sewing talent rise

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