How Long To Cut Elastic For Waist, Hair Ties, Bracelet…

When you are working with elastic you have to cut it just right. Too loose and it won’t work well. Too tight and you may cause other problems like having a lack of comfort and finding it hard to breathe. Elastic can be tricky to work with.

Different people have different solutions and one way to cut elastic to fit your waist is to measure the elastic to your waist then add an inch or two for the overlap. For hair ties and bracelets you should cut the elastic to the length you want.

To learn more about this topic just continue to read our article. It has the information you want to know about in order to get the right length for your different elastic sewing projects.

What Length Elastic for Waist

This depends on your preference. Some people cut to the size of the waist then add an inch to that measurement. Other people tend to cut it shorter to make sure they get a snug fit. When they cut it shorter they go about 1 inch less than the actual waist size.

The length you cut it will depend on your preference or the person’s preference you are making the pants or skirt, etc.

How Long to Cut Elastic for Scrunchies

For the average scrunchie or hair tie, you are looking at cutting the elastic about 8 to 10 inches long. But some people do cut it a little shorter and go with 7 inches. The basic rule of thumb is that you cut the elastic to the length you want.

The length will depend a lot on the amount of hair you have on your head. You want it to be pretty and tight enough to hold your hair in place but not so tight that you are uncomfortable or feel any pain.

How Long to Cut Elastic for a Bracelet


The first step in this process is to wrap the elastic around your wrist and see what is comfortable for you. You should have at least 12 inches on the elastic but that length will range depending on the size of your wrist.

Some people go 10 1/2 inches and others work according to the size of the beads you are placing on the bracelet. The 10 1/2 measurement is usually good for a 7 to 7 1/2 inch bracelet.

Length of Elastic for a Crib Sheet

If you are using 1/4 inch elastic then a good length will be between 60 and 70 inches. Some people measure in yards and they say to use 2 1/2 yards of elastic to make sure you have enough material to go around the sheet.

Those lengths should get you a 62 to 65-inch crib sheet. But it will have a very snug fit. If you want a looser fit go for a longer piece of elastic.

How Long to Cut Elastic for Hair Ties


For an average-sized person, you need to cut the elastic about 25 inches long. For smaller people, you should make your cut that fits your body style and how much hair you want to tie down.

You can get away with using a 9-inch piece if you want. it will depend a lot on the style of the hair tie you want to make. If you are larger use a little common sense and cut the elastic so you will be comfortable and not stressed about pulling your hair because the hair tie is too tight.

Elastic Length for Baby Bloomers

The amount of elastic you need will depend on how large you are making the leg holes. For average size baby bloomers, you are looking at cutting a 7-inch length per hole. Adjust the length according to the size of the baby you are making the bloomers for.

If you are making the waist then 17 inches is average but you really should measure the baby’s waist first and make the length according to that measurement.

Elastic Length for Cloth Diapers


Like any other clothing item, it will depend on the size of the diaper you are making. The average size requires about 4 1/2 inches of elastic length. For larger sized diapers you need to go to 5 inches in length.

Then for smaller sized diapers, you can cut the length down to 4 inches long. There is going to be no one size fits all lengths of elastic and you have to play the length by ear.

Elastic Waist Size for Newborn

All babies are not the same size when they are born so the measurement we give you will fit some children and will only be approx. for others. The desired length for many newborn babies is 14 inches of 1/4 inch wide elastic.

Again, you should measure the baby’s leg, arm, and waist dimensions before you get started on creating the clothing item for him or her. Because babies grow you may want to make those openings a little larger than usual.

How Long to Cut Elastic for Baby Headband


If you are making a headband for a newborn baby then you should cut the elastic length to about 14 inches. if the child is a little older and up to one year then you can go to 17 inches. For a toddler, you can extend that length to 19 inches.

If you are interested in making headbands for older children, teens, and adults, then the measurements should be 20, 23, and 24 inches respectively. Always measure twice and cut once even if it is a surprise gift.

How Long do You Cut Elastic for a Face Mask?

7 inches per ear loop is what seems to be the standard size for adult face masks. That is using 1/4 inch wide elastic. Of course, since every adult, teen, or child are not always the same size, you can play around with that measurement to make sure everyone is comfortable and yet have a snug mask to wear.

Children’s size can be about 6 inches long approx. Just make sure they are comfortable to wear and do not cut off any breathing.

How Long to Cut Elastic for Ear Loops


This will depend on the project you are making. For face masks, they say 7 inches is good for adults and 6 inches is good for children. But because one size doesn't fit all, you are going to have to measure the person who is going to wear those items that come with ear loops.

The goal is not just the right length but for the user to be comfortable at the same time. Use your best judgment when making your cuts. You can always go long and cut more off but you can’t go short.

How Long to Cut Elastic for Child's Face Mask

On average you are looking at cutting the elastic at 6 inches. But since all children do not grow at the same pace, you will have to be ready to be flexible. With some children who grow at a fast pace, you may be making new face masks every month.

For those children who grow at a slower rate, you may only have to make one and it is done for some time.

Elastic Length Deformation


Elastic is not a perfect fabric to work with. With a lot of stress placed on it, the material can stretch over time. When the elastic is new it can return to its original size and still be worn or used. But if it is stretched too far then it may gain at least an inch in length and not be any good.

How much your elastic will stretch over time and use will depend on the stress that is placed upon it and for what length of time it remains overstretched.

Elastic Size Guide

The size of the elastic length depends on the project. If you are making tutus for your budding ballerina then you want to have the elastic 2 inches smaller than the actual waist size. if you are making clothing for newborns and a little older babies, then the length can be the same as the waist size.

For ear loops, count on 7 inches in length per loop, and for waistlines for older people look to cut it to your preference, either an inch longer the waist size or a little bit shorter.

Some Final Words

Elastic is a great fabric as it allows you to make very creative clothing. Once the elastic is in place you won’t need to use a belt.l The key is to make sure you cut the elastic to fit the person wearing the clothing item. You want them comfortable not gasping for breath.

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