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Is Denim Easy to Sew? How to Sew Denim Shorts, Skirt, By Hand

Different qualities, different levels. Those four words sum up what it is like to sew with denim and other fabrics. Your sewing experience depends a lot on the quality of the fabric and its thickness.

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Where Can I Donate Sewing Machine To Charity? (18 Locations)

If your trusty old sewing machine has been pushed aside for a shiny new model, you’ve got a few things you can do with it.If you’ve got the space, storing it away is an option. But unless…. The

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Easy Tips To Remove Fabric Glue From Any Fabric (Or Surface)

Mistakes happen. That steady hand falters, the even pressure fails and a slight bump interrupts the aim. When these glue mistakes happen and your fabric gets the glue in the wrong place, time is needed

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How to Glue Glitter to Fabric Effectively (9 Helpful Tips)

There are probably many clothing items in your closet you do not wear yet refuse to throw away. You just can’t part with them even though you do not like the way they look. One way to change that situation

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Gluing Fabric to Glass Tips: Best Glue and Helpful Guide

It is a neat way to turn cheap glass objects into decorative masterpieces. Gluing fabric to glass is just one way to upgrade the look of just about any household item made from that material. The tick

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How to Glue Rhinestones Onto Fabric Effectively (Gemstones)

Embellishments can be cool. That is if they are applied correctly to any garment you or your family owns. The right embellishments can really upgrade an old dress or jacket but there is a proper way to

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Best Substitute For Fabric Glue (8 Fabric Glue alternative)

What to do when you run out of fabric glue. That is the question that needs to be answered. Especially when you do not have the time or the means to run to your local fabric store and get some more. While

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How To Harden Fabric Permanently (Easy Fabric Stiffener DIY)

Stiffness over comfort. Everyone knows that a stiff speaker is not a very good person to have as a lecturer. They are uncomfortable to listen to. The same situation arises when you have stiff clothes but

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How to Wind a Bobbin With Wooly Nylon Thread (Sewing Tips)

There are only a few methods to wind a bobbin. The method you use depends a lot on the type of thread you want to place on your bobbin. Not every thread should be hand-wound but some need to be wound that

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Cost to Reupholster Outdoor Cushions (Cushion Recovery Tips)

Finding the labor to do this task is not the most difficult part of the process. Many people are willing to work for even a small amount of money. The difficult part is finding the person who has the skills

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