How Much Fabric For a Pillowcase (King, Queen, Euro)

Simple and easy projects are fun to do. They go by fast and do not take as much time in any part of the process to get done as larger projects take. You get a sense of accomplishment when you can whip out many smaller, easier projects.

How much fabric for a pillowcase? If you are using 45-inch wide fabric then you will only need about 3/4 to 1 1/2 yards of material. The exact amount of material you will need will depend on the size of the bed you have or the pillow you want on your couch or chair.

To learn more about sewing pillowcases and the amount of fabric needed for different sizes, just continue to read our article. It has the figures so you do not have to do too much calculating.

How Much Fabric For a King Pillowcase


If you own a king-size bed or giving a pillowcase as a gift to someone who does, then all you will need is about 1 1/2 yards of 45-inch fabric. This amount of fabric should make a 20 by 36-inch pillowcase.

Adjust the number of yards you will need if you go smaller or larger in fabric width. Pillowcases are pretty standard so you do not have to make any adjustments for the person using them except if they have allergies or asthma. Then use some hypoallergenic material.

For Burrito Pillowcase

If you are making a simple burrito pillowcase, then use one-directional fabric to make sure the design works without a lot of hassle. Since these are smaller than regular pillowcases in some regard, all you will need for the main fabric is 25 inches times the width of the fabric.

If you are using 36-inch fabric, measure 25 inches the other way. The same goes for the 45 and 58-inch widths as well. This is a very easy calculation to make as you are not going to use up more than a yard of material approx.

How Many Yards For a Queen Pillowcase


Queen size, as you know, is a little bit smaller than a king-size pillowcase. To make a 20 by 30 inch queen size pillowcase you will need only about 1 1/4 yards of 45 inch material.

The same factors apply here as they do with a king-size bed. In some cases, all you will need is about 30 minutes to create a great look for your bed and your room. These are easy projects to do and lets you relax as you work.

For Euro Pillowcase

The figure we are about to give you will be for a 26 by 26 inch euro pillow. Adjust your fabric yardage according to the size you are making. These accent pillows do not need a lot of material as they are usually square.

For this particular one, all you need is 3/4 of a yard of the fabric you want to use. Be prepared to round up though as many fabric outlets do not like selling material in less than a yard long. Some may even have a minimum amount of yards you need to purchase

Fabric Needed For Bolster Pillow


For a pillow measuring 20 inches long, 6 inches in diameter, and using 36 inch width fabric, you are going to need a smidgen over 1/2 yard. For a pillow measuring 24 inches long, 8 inches in diameter, and 45 inch fabric, you will need 3/4 of a yard.

If you want to make your own calculations, here is a link to a handy website that does all the work for you. You just put in your numbers and let it work out your yardage.

Fabric Needed For 16x16 Pillow

When you have the right tools, the task becomes very easy to do. Using a fabric calculator a 16 by 16 inch pillow using 36 inch wide fabric needs just under a 1/2 a yard of material.

So if you are made to buy 1 yard minimum at a time, plan on making two pillows and save. The actual figure was .44 yards so you will have some scraps left over if you follow the pattern correctly.

Fabric Needed For 24x24 Pillow


Even though there is only 8 inches difference between the 16 by 16 inch and the 24 by 24 inch pillows, you are going to need almost 1 yard more of material to make a pillowcase for the latter size. 1.33 to be exact, give or take a few inches.

What is good about that fabric yardage calculator is that it gives you the amount of piping you will need to finish off the pillowcase.

Fabric Calculator For Pillows

We have already linked to one good website that calculates the amount of fabric you will need. Here is a link to a fabric chart that lists the inches and for basic square pillows. It also has a small chart for kidney pillows.

This link provides you an equation to follow if you like to work things out in your head for yourself. Then if you want some friendly advice on making calculations click here.

How To Measure Fabric For Pillows


The first thing you need is the total dimensions of the pillow. Remember you need to make two sides for the pillow so double the measurement for the one side. If you are making a 16 by 16 inch pillowcase, you will need 2 pieces that size.

Once you have that figure divide by 36 to get the total amount of yards you will need. The link to the equation website has the details for you.

Some Final Words

Easy projects, like pillowcases, do not tire you out, even if you make ten of them. Just use the fabric calculator and save yourself even more work. Once you get the hang o fit you will have more pillowcase than you know what to do with.

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