How Many 10 inch Squares In a Yard of Fabric? (+5, 6, 12″)

Being frugal doesn't mean you are a miser. It just simply means that you want to get the most fabric possible out of a yard of material. All that action means is that you do not want to waste your money as you may not have a lot of money to waste.

How many 10 inch squares in a yard of fabric? The amount of 10-inch squares you can get out of a yard of fabric will depend on the width of the yard. If you are using a 36 by 36-inch yard then the answer will be 9 with 6 inches left over on both sides of that material for seam allowances.

To learn more about how many squares you can get out of a yard of fabric, just continue to read our article. it has that information so you do not have to spend a lot of time figuring it out for yourself.

How Many Squares Can I Get from a Yard of Fabric?

The number you will get will depend on two things. First, what size are those squares you want to cut out of a yard of material? Second, how wide is the yard of material. The wider the yard the more squares you will get.

For example, if the yard is 60 inches wide, the most you can hope for is going to be 18. This total is without leaving a seam allowance if you want to use a perfect 10 by 10 inch square in your quilt.

How Many Square Inches is a Yard of Fabric?


This is just simple basic math and if you can multiply 2 digit numbers by 2 digit numbers then you be able to figure this out without using a calculator. For a 36 by 36-inch piece of fabric, you are looking at 1,296 square inches.

For a yard of fabric measuring 45 inches wide, you have 1,620 square inches. Then a 54-inch wide yard gives you 1,944 square inches and a 60-inch wide yard has 2,160 square inches in it.

How Many 5-Inch Squares in a Quarter Yard

If you are thinking a quarter yard is equals a fat quarter then you will have about 12 5 inch squares to work with. A true quarter yard would be 9 inches by 36, 45 and so one as the width will not change when you downsize the length.

So for a true quarter yard, you are looking at 7, 9, and 12 5” squares approx.

How Many 6-Inch Squares in a Yard


This too is not hard to figure out as you will have 6 rows of 6 6” squares in a 36 by 36-inch piece of fabric. The total for that size of fabric would be 36. A 45-inch wide fabric is a little hard to figure out but it ends up with 42 squares with about 3 inches left over in the width.

A 54-inch width yard would have 54 squares and a 60 inch would have 60 6” squares.

How Many 10-Inch Squares in a Yard of Fabric

The larger the square the fewer the number of squares you will have. For a 36 by 36-inch piece of fabric, you will only get 9 squares. For a 36 by 45-inch, you are looking at having 12 squares.

For a 36 by 60-inch, there should only be 18 squares to work with. The 54-inch option gives you 15 and you should have some room left over for seam allowances.

10-inch Squares in a Half Yard


Unfortunately, you are not going to get a lot of squares when you downsize the total yardage in the fabric. For an 18 by 36-inch piece of material, you are only going to get 3. For an 18 by 45-inch size, you are looking at using only 4 with a lot of fabric left over.

Then a 54 inch wide half yard you will only up your total by 1 to a total of 5 and the 60 inches wide will just give you another 1 and leave you with 6 10” inch squares.

How Many 12-Inch Squares in a Yard of Fabric?

The news isn’t great here either as you will get a total of 6 for a 36 by 36-inch yard of fabric. Then the 45-inch wide will still only get you 6 squares and a lot of extra fabric. The 54-inch wide material should boost that total to 12.

One 60 inch piece will give you 15 12” squares with no extra fabric for seam allowance. The size of your quilt will help you determine how many yards you will need to complete your quilt.

How Many 7.5 Inch Squares are in a Yard of Fabric?


For a 36 by 36-inch piece of material, you should get 16 7 1/2 inch squares. Then the next width up, 45”, you should get 24 squares, and again you should have room for a seam allowance on most of those squares.

A 54-inch wide piece of fabric should produce 28 squares with a little material left over. While a 60-inch wide yard will provide 32 7 1/2 inch squares for you to use.

Some Final Words

Math is not everyone’s strong suit, so it pays to know how many squares you can get from a yard of fabric in advance. That makes it easier to plan your material purchase and helps you figure out what seam allowance you will need.

Keep in mind that these figures are not taking into account the seam allowance but giving you the number of squares for the true square size. The rest will be up to you. Taking the work out of making a quilt makes it more fun to do.

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