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Can You Return Fabric to JoAnns? (Walmart, Hobby Lobby…)

It's easy to make mistakes in the fabric world because many fabrics feel the same, look close to one another, and have a very good price on them. When you buy the wrong fabric it is good to know if you

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Do You Tip a Tailor? How Much to Tip Seamstress For…

For some people tipping is mandatory and the attitude of different waitresses and waiters is that if they don't get a tip, then their service & friendliness drops. For others, it is a gift for extraordinary

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How to Fix a Tear in Tulle Veil (Repair Tulle Tear Tips)

Not all fabric is like canvas where it takes a bulldozer to create a tear or a rip in it. Some fabrics, you just have to look at them and a tear will appear. Fixing those tears is another story and can

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Can You Dry Clothes in The Microwave? Microwave a Towel Tips

This is a good question because microwaves are seen as convenience appliances that save time and can get things done fast. Especially if it is a guy who needs to dry his clothes quickly. The microwave

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Finding a Lost Needle Tips: How to Find a Needle in Carpet

Looking for that proverbial needle in a haystack takes on new meaning when you are in the middle of a sewing project with a short deadline. Sometimes it is just best to have a few spares handy and let

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Sewers Aid Ingredients and How to Use (Review and Substitute)

Every once in a while things don't go as planned and you need a little help getting your thread, and sewing machine to run smoothly. There are little items that come to the sewer’s aid. When you find

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Fabric Sides: How to Identify Right and Wrong Side of Fabric

People may not like that standard, but right and wrong apply to just about anything you do in life. Even with fabrics, there is a right side and a wrong side to the material. Knowing which is which will

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How to Cut Stretchy Fabric Straight (Helpful Tips and Guide)

Driven to the point of no return. That seems to be the stretch fabrics mission in life. They are hard to work with when you want to make an outfit that has the right stretch for you or your loved one.

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Viscose vs Rayon: 9 Differences Between Viscose and Rayon

Is a name the only difference? Sometimes it is hard to tell because what a fabric is called in one country may be called something else in another. Or the difference may be continent-wide. What name is

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How to Hem Rayon Fabric (Sewing With Rayon Tips and Guide)

The nice thing about some fabrics is that they don't need to be hemmed. This feature helps save you a lot of time and makes your sewing projects go a lot faster. But unfortunately, not all fabrics have

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